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  • Border Patrol Volume 4, Issue 2

    February 22, 2016

    Lee-Bourland Camp 1848


    Commander’s Note:

    Our camp’s Sweet Heart Soiree was our high-

    light. It is always good to get together with SCV,

    UDC and OCR friends around the 8th, 3rd, and 4th

    Brigades. There is nothing like relaxing , having

    some good food, good music and only concen-

    trating on not peeing while you laugh. We almost

    took a moment in time that “assaults to our

    Southern Heritage” were not happening, to enjoy

    ourselves. But when anyone started to have a

    conversation, you could tell what was on our

    minds. Take a look around the room and dance

    floor, we were representing a very distinct period

    in America’s history. An outsider might call it

    “one sided”, but there is the distinction within

    our very organizations’ names “Confederate”.

    NO, we were not portraying any Northern Ball.

    We were the sons and daughters of Confederate

    Veterans having a soiree in Southern Hospitality

    stile, which I would hope that our ancestors

    would have enjoyed also.

    The rest of the month has been taken up with

    Mardi Gras parties , Ash Wednesday, birthdays,

    valentines, Federal Holidays (thank you Northern-

    ers, any holiday is a good holiday), anniversaries,

    meeting registration dead lines, Lenten season

    and lunches, bird houses, cat hairballs and any

    thing else you can think of that makes this life in-

    teresting with good health.

    Last week I had three members in the hospital.

    This week they are all out of the hospital. But one

    is still surrounded with more nurses than you can

    shake a stick at. Let’s keep Lloyd Epperson and

    his wife Elida in our prayers.

  • Coming Events:

    Mar 4—6 Irish Festival Fair Park Dallas

    Mar 5 Confederate Battle Flag convoy around Ft. Worth to Denton

    to McKinney to Dallas to Ft. Worth

    Apl 2 Living History Day Camp Ford, Tyler, TX 9 am to 4 pm

    Apl 9 Medal of Honor Parade, Gainesville, TX 10 AM

    Apl 16 CV Memorial, Fairview Cemetery, Gainesville, TX 2 PM

    APl 30 Doc Holiday Saints & Sinners downtown Denison

    Apl ?? Confederate Memorial Day by UDC Dallas 6 Greenwood

    Cemetery, Dallas, TX 2 PM (pending verification)

    Apl 29-May 1 Jefferson Civil War Days, Jefferson, TX

    May 7 Bonham Heritage Days, Bonham, TX 10 AM- 4 PM

    May 13-14 Forts Muster, Ft. Worth Stockyards

    May 28 Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery Memorial Day,

    opn 9am strt 10am (pending verification)

    May 29 Rose Hill Cemetery Ardmore, OK 2 PM

    Jun 3-5 SCV TX Division Reunion Kerrville, TX

    Jun 25 Gilliland Grave Dedication Rosston, TX

    Jul 4 Patriotic Songfest, First Presbyterian Church,

    Gainesville, TX 6 PM hotdogs, 7 PM Singing

    Jul 7-10 SCV National Reunion Richardson, TX

  • I’m going to put this article in this newsletter knowing full well

    the print is at least 2 years old. But it is good information and

    thanks to The Marshal News Messenger and Daylina Miller the

    article here should stir up some current information about the

    old gunpowder magazine. I could not find any other up to

    date information. Waiting to hear from anyone.

    Jefferson gunpowder magazine tours offered during candlelight homes event By Daylina Miller Dec. 4, 2014 at 10 p.m.

  • In 1863, the Confederacy built three structures in Jefferson to store gunpowder that was manufactured 15 miles away in Marshall. The powder was loaded onto steamboats and shipped downstream to Confederate troops. On April 14, 1865, federal troops took over the little buildings and used them for troop encampment. Now in 2014, the Jefferson ordnance magazine, which sits on the bank of the Big Cypress Bayou bordering "Diamond Don" Rainey's property and train depot, is the only one left in Texas and one of few still stand- ing in the United States. A rare opportunity to see the magazine is being offered free by the Jefferson Historic Foundation during the 32nd Annual Candlelight Tour of Homes. Only small groups can be taken to the magazine so people interested in seeing the building must show up at candlelight headquarters at the Murphy Building, 116 W. Austin St., 30 minutes before each candlelight tour. Tour hours are 5 to 9 p.m. today, Saturday and Dec. 12-13, and 3 to 7 p.m. Dec. 11. In 2009, a flood of the bayou caused the bank in front of the powder magazine to erode within a few feet of the foundation. The threat of losing the structure in the next flood or heavy rain is looming. The JHF is submitting grants and collecting donations for $350,000 to build a re- tainer wall to prevent the building from being encroached by the river. In Au- gust, the United Daughters of the Confederacy gave the JHF a $12,000 grant to help preserve the site, but more is needed. "It will look like a wharf, a little bit," said Skip Torrans, vice president of the JHF. "We hope to have access off the water to do some tours but it won't be uni- versal access." Another issue, Torrans said, is the magazine is on private property so there is no regular public access. Polly and Frank Moren Jr. are the landowners, and JHF members said they hope to work out a deal with them to make the area more accessible for tours. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a fresh study of the river ban erosion issues. Torran said this is the first phase of a larger initiative. "We have a huge responsibility to save this thing," said Miriam Blair, JHF board member. "We have members all over East Texas and Louisiana who are trying to keep it from falling into the river." The building was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1995, and this past summer was listed in Preservation Texas' Most Endangered Historic Sites 2014 list.

  • "Ten feet square and nearly 15 feet tall, this brick building was con- structed with walls one foot thick at its lower level," Preservation Texas writes of the magazine on its website. "The walls include air spaces that formed a ventilation system to keep the interior brick dry and inside temperature stable." "More than 90 percent of the structure is original, with careful repairs undertaken in 1992. Serving a supply network linking Shreveport, Marshall and Tyler, the ordnance magazine in Jefferson was once part of a complex of buildings on the edge of town that have all but van- ished."

  • This is a good photo by T. Poriot. I do hope someone can tell me that

    the gunpowder magazine is not at the bottom of that creek.

  • Members and Their Confederate Ancestor

    Ansley, Reynolds: Pvt David Andrew Johnson Co K 39 th

    Inf AL

    Armstrong, Chad & Charles: Col Jms G Bourland TX Border Rgt 8 th Cv Red River of TX

    Britain, Blaine B: Pvt Ambrose Sevier Latham Capt. Collins Co A Frontier Cv TX

    Britain, Clint D: Pvt Ambrose Sevier Latham Capt. Collins Co A Frontier Cv TX

    Cassidy, Bill: (Fthr side) Pvt Hugh Cassidy Co F 26 th Inf SC

    (Mthr side) Jerimiah Hurst 8 th Cv GA

    Davis, Brian: Pvt Josiah Davis Brannen’s Co 12 th Wrght’s Cv State GDS GA

    Dillard, Robert: Pvt Wm Reece Bourland Co H 9 th Cv TX

    Dunbar, Thomas: Pvt Thomas Goodrich Dunbar Co B 14 th Inf TN

    Epperson, Lloyd: Pvt Leander Molinton Epperson Co D 2 nd

    Mntd Rifles AK

    Fenner, Farrell & Jameson: Pvt Houston Warren Roberts Co F 16 th Inf AL

    Hamilton, Gary: Pvt Jms Thomas Victory Co D 1 st WP Lane’s Partisan’s Rangers TX

    Herman, James: Sgt Wm M Hermann Co G 6 th Inf AL

    Mann, Jerry P: Pvt Alfred Mann Co A Fitzhugh Rgt 16 th CV TX

    Montgomery, Ronnie: 2 nd

    Lt. John Calvin Montgomery, SR. 1 st Mntd Rifles TX

    Newton, Norman: Pvt Charles Samuel Newton, Capt Jms P Douglas’ Co Art TX

    Tyler SCV Camp’s namesake is Jms P Douglas who is from Tyler, TX

    Peek, James: Pvt Jms W Peak Co F 8 th

    Dibrell’s Cv TN

    Reed, David: Pvt Rueben Blankenship Co D 18 th Inf AL

    Reed, Hunter: Pvt Michael Lorance 2 nd

    Co Cv TN

    Riley, Bill: Pvt Wm Chisum Co A 38 th

    Inf TN consolidated to 22 nd


    Roundtree, Bob: Pvt Jesse Ballard Roundtree Co E Morgan’s Rgt Cv TX

    Scott, Timothy: 2 nd

    Lt Joseph B Scott Co E 10 th Cv MO

    Scott, Tyler Alec: 2 nd

    Lt. Joseph B Scott Co E 10 th Cv MO

    Scott, Truman Lee, Cadet: 2 nd

    Lt. Joseph B Scott Co E 10 th Cv MO

    Scott, Tucker Dwayne, Cadet: 2 nd

    Lt. Joseph B Scott Co E 10 th Cv MO

    Scott, Trevor Ray, Cadet: 2 nd

    Lt. Joseph B Scott Co E 10 th Cv MO

    Thompson, Johnny: Pvt Wm Rufus Sypert Co E 2 nd

    Inf TX

    Tisdale, William: Sgt Augustus William Atwood Co G 8 th Inf MS

    Waters, Charles: (Fthr side) Pvt Jms M Waters Co G 47 th Inf GA

    (Mthr side) 5 th Sgt George M Aston Co C 9


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