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  • 206 bonesAnna Karenina A Bell for Adano 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1974 1984 1984 Amsterdam

    A Million LittlePieces

    7th heavenBlake

    A Confederacy ofDunces Aesop's Fables American Gods A Christmas Carol

    A Bend in theRiver A Christmas Carol

    A ClockworkOrange 1977

    A ClockworkOrange

    A ClockworkOrange Disgrace A New Earth

    7th heaven Breakfast ofChampions

    A Death in theFamily Against the Grain

    Angels andDemons

    A Confederacy ofDunces

    A Dance to theMusic of Time

    A ClockworkOrange Catch-22 1984

    A Confederacy ofDunces

    A Confederacy ofDunces G. Anna Karenina

    8th confessionDecline and Fall A Fable

    Alice's Adventures inWonderland Animal Farm A Fine Balance A Passage to India

    A Prayer for OwenMeany

    Crime andPunishment 52 Pick-up A Farewell to Arms A Farewell to Arms Heat and Dust As I Lay Dying

    A darker domain

    His Dark Materials

    A Good Scent froma StrangeMountain

    An Explanation ofthe Birds Anna Karenina

    A Prayer for OwenMeaney

    Alice's Adventuresin Wonderland

    A Tale of TwoCities David Copperfield

    A Bend in theRiver

    A Series ofUnfortunateEvents A I Lay Dying Holiday

    Cry, the BelovedCountry

    A darker domainJonathan Strangeand Mr Norrell

    A Summons toMemphis Animal Farm Brave New World A Suitable Boy

    All Quiet on theWestern Front

    A ThousandSplendid Suns

    For Whom the BellTolls

    A Canticle forLeibowitz

    All Quiet on theWestern Front

    A Portrait of theArtist as a YoungMan Hotel du Lac East of Eden

    A darker placeLegacy A Thousand Acres Atlas Shrugged Breaking Dawn

    A Tale of TwoCities Anna Karenina

    A Tree Grows inBrooklyn Lolita

    A ClockworkOrange Animal Farm

    A Prayer for OwenMeany

    How late it was,how late Freedom

    A good womanLes Misrables

    Advise andConsent

    Aunt Julia and theScriptwriter Catch-22

    Adventures ofSherlock Holmes Atonement

    All Quiet on theWestern Front Lord of the Flies

    A Confederacy ofDunces Beloved

    A Tale of TwoCities In a Free State Light in August

    A most wanted manLetters to a YoungPoet Alice Adams Blindness

    Crime andPunishment

    Alice's Adventuresin Wonderland Austerlitz Animal Farm

    One HundredYears of Solitude

    A ConnecticutYankee in KingArthur's Court Blood Meridian

    A ThousandSplendid Suns Last Orders

    Love in the TImeof Cholera

    A most wanted manLibra All the King's Men Boy's Life Eclipse Animal Farm Beloved

    Anne of GreenGables Siddhartha

    A Dance to theMusic of Time Cannery Row


    Life and Times ofMichael K Middlesex

    A mother's hopeLittle Dorrit American Pastoral Brave New World Emma Anna Karenina Brighton Rock Atlas Shrugged

    The Catcher in theRye

    A Dark-AdaptedEye Catch-22 Animal Farm Life of Pi Night

    A prisoner of birthLittle Women Andersonville Briarpatch Ender's Game

    Anne of GreenGables Catch-22 Brave New World The Great Gatsby

    A Dry WhiteSeason Crash Anna Karenina Midnight's Children

    One HundredYears of Solitude

    A thousand splendidsuns Moby-Dick Angle of Repose

    BridesheadRevisited Fahrenheit 451 Atonement Cider with Rosie Catch-22

    The Lord of theRings

    A Fairy Tale ofNew York

    Crime andPunishment

    Anne of GreenGables Moon Tiger

    Say You're One ofThem

    A week in DecemberPost Captain Arrowsmith Candide Harry Potter Birdsong Clarissa Charlotte's Web

    The Master andMargarita

    A Far Cry fromKensington David Copperfield Atlas Shrugged Offshore The Good Earth

    About faceRebecca Beloved Catch-22 Jane Eyre Bleak House Cold Comfort Farm

    Crime andPunishment

    The Wind in theWillows A Farewell to Arms Der Struwwelpeter Atonement Oscar and Lucinda

    The Heart is aLonely Hunter

    Alex Cross's trialRemembrance ofThings Past Breathing Lessons Cigarettes Life of Pi Brave New World Cranford Don Quixote

    To Kill aMockingbird A Fatal inversion

    Do AndroidsDream of ElectricSheep? Beloved

    Paddy Clarke HaHa Ha

    The Measure of aMan

    Aliens love underpants! Remembrance ofThings Past

    Collected Stories(Jean Stafford)

    Crime andPunishment Lord of the Flies

    BridesheadRevisited Crash Ender's Game Walden A Fine Balance Don Quixote Blood Meridian

    Possession: ARomance

    The Pillars of theEarth

    All the colours ofdarkness


    Collected Stories(Katherine AnnePorter) Cryptonomicon

    Memoirs of aGeisha

    Bridget Jones'sDiary

    Crime andPunishment Fahrenheit 451 War and Peace A Flag for Sunrise Dune Brave New World Rites of Passage The Road

    All the colours ofdarkness Star Maker Dragon's Teeth

    Do Androids Dreamof Electric Sheep? New Moon

    Captain Corelli'sMandolin David Copperfield

    Flowers forAlgernon A Girl in Winter Fahrenheit 451 Cat's Cradle Sacred Hunger

    The Sound and theFury

    Arctic drift

    The Cairo Trilogy Early Autumn Don QuixoteOne HundredYears of Solitude Catch-22

    Dinner at theHomesickRestaurant

    Gone with theWind

    A GlastonburyRomance

    Fear and Loathingin Las Vegas Catch-22 Saville

    The Story of EdgarSawtelle

    Assegai The Diary of aNobody Elbow Room Einstein's Dreams

    Pride andPrejudice

    Charlie and theChocolate Factory Disgrace Goodnight Moon

    A Good Man inAfrica

    For Whom the BellTolls

    Crime andPunishment Schindler's Ark

    At my mother's knee ... :and other low joints The Fountainhead Empire Falls Ender's Game

    Sense andSensibility Charlotte's Web Don Quixote

    Green Eggs andHam A Gun for Sale Foundation David Copperfield

    Something toAnswer For

    Azincourt The Glass BeadGame Foreign Affairs Fahrenheit 451

    Slaughterhouse-Five Cloud Atlas Dr Zhivago Harry Potter A Handful of Dust Heart of Darkness Don Quixote Staying On

    Bad luck and trouble The Hitchhiker'sGuide to theGalaxy Gilead Faust

    The Adventures ofHuckleberry Finn Cold Comfort Farm Eugene Onegin

    I Know Why theCaged Bird Sings A Heart So White His Dark Materials Dracula The Blind Assassin

    Beautiful peopleThe Leopard

    Gone With theWind Fool On The Hill

    The Catcher in theRye

    Count of MonteCristo Frankenstein Invisible Man

    A High Wind inJamaica Infinite Jest Dune The Bone People

    Being Elizabeth

    The Leopard Guard of HonorFor Whom the BellTolls

    The Chronicles ofNarnia

    Crime andPunishment Germinal Jane Eyre

    A History of theWorld in 10 1/2Chapters Invisible Man East of Eden


    Biscuit Bear The Life andOpinions ofTristram Shandy,Gentleman His Family Foundation

    The CuriousIncident of the Dogin the Night-Time David Copperfield

    Go Tell It On theMountain Les Misrables

    A House for MrBiswas Lolita Emma

    The ElectedMember

    Blind eye The Man WithoutQualities Honey in the Horn Gravity's Rainbow The Da Vinci Code Dracula Gulliver's Travels Life of Pi

    A Journey to theCentre of the Earth Lord of the Flies Ender's Game

    The EnglishPatient

    Bloodline The Pillars of theEarth

    House Made ofDawn

    Henderson the RainKing

    The GoldenCompass Dune Heart of Darkness Little Women

    A Kestrel for aKnave Lord of the Rings Fahrenheit 451

    The FamishedRoad

    Bones The RaggedTrouseredPhilanthropists Humboldt's Gift His Dark Materials The Great Gatsby Emma

    If On a Winter'sNight a Traveller Lolita A Kind of Loving Moby-Dick Fight Club

    The FinklerQuestion

    Book of the Dead

    The Selfish Giant In This Our Life House of Mirth

    The Hitchhiker'sGuide to theGalaxy

    Far From theMadding Crowd Jane Eyre Lord of the Flies A Legacy Naked Lunch

    For Whom the BellTolls The Gathering

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