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Leaflet review

Leaflet review

Have you realised your intentionsIn the leaflet I feel that the vast majority of my intention have been realised. For example I have been able to provide a great deal of information in both the articles and the info graphics that I have produced in the booklet. It was one of my intentions to ensure that the leaflet contained enough information to be able to ensure that people who knew little on the subject would be able to gain a great deal of information about it. I also feel that the intentions were achieved when I planned to make the leaflet be visually appealing. I feel that I have achieved this through the use of brighter colours perfectly aligned text and many images to portray the information in a way that will make it attractive to potential readers. However I feel that I could have geared the leaflet slightly more towards being sport related by having one of the info graphics about spot specifically rather than just nutritional information.

How appropriate was it for the target audienceTarget audience: 18-35I feel that I was largely successful in targeting my work towards the intended audience. I achieved this by using a lighter colour palate when designing the background of my leaflet as it would typically appeal more to the audience that way. I also used fancy and informal text in the booklet as this is a typical trend in media that has a similar target audience. I have not got a particular gender that I have chosen to aim the leaflet at but have however unconsciously aimed it more towards a male audience as I review my work. I have done this by giving only examples of male athletes and using blue as the background colour and as although it is not a strong dark blue which is most commonly thought of as a masculine colour it is still a blue and there will be symbolism still with the use of that colour. If I were to redo the project I may have to alter this to make it appeal to my audience better.

How was the content of the leafletThe content of the leaflet was very good quality for the most part. The infographic content was probably the best in the entire booklet due to the punchy and key information that was conveyed within them as it gave the readers a very clear way to gain information about the subject quickly. The content of the multi page article was also rather strong as it gave a great deal of information about different athletes which meant that I could relate the topic to the real world. The weakest content within the booklet in my opinion would be the fact file as the facts within it are very long and n large paragraphs which may put some readers off. I feel that if I was to make some improvements I would consider making the facts slightly shorter.

How effective was the style of the bookletThe style of the booklet is very effective for the purpose as it is a rather informal style that allows readers to feel relaxed which helps the leaflet be more attractive for potential readers as it will look more exciting than a very informative booklet. The font styles also fit with the backgrounds as they are in an informal and fun style. This helps to not only make the booklet look more exciting but also it makes the booklet look more consistent. If I could revise the house style of the booklet in any way I would make the background colour more gender neutral as this would allow the booklet to look more appealing to a wider audience.

What skills have I used during the projectDuring the planning and production of the booklet I have used a wide range of skills. For example when constructing he infographics I had to use many different Photoshop skills in order to construct them such as shape manipulation (the outlines of the headings on the single page infographic), rotoscoping (the fruit on the single page infographic) and spot healing (the images that needed parts removed or changed). These skills also expanded into work in the program inDesign where I had to use my skills with text manipulation to ensure that all the text was even, fit around the images that I placed to accompany the images and looked right on the page.

How have my skills developedFrom the time that I started the project I feel that I have developed my skills in certain areas as I have progressed along the course of the project. The most significant improvement in my skills has been in inDesign as, before the project began, I only had a basic knowledge of the program and have been able to learn many new skills such are paragraph manipulation and wrapping text around images in different ways to make it fit with different images on the page. This was evident in my fact file as I have used these developed skills in this part of the booklet. However I have also further improved my skills on Photoshop as I feel that I have become more efficient in terms of use with the program as I have used the program a great deal during the project.

How could I improve my projectIf I was given a chance to redo certain areas of the project I feel that some aspects would benefit from change. This is due to both my own opinion and the feedback that I have received on the project. The first area that I would improve would be the fact file. This is due to the feedback I have received that has informed me that the fact file would benefit from more punchy facts and a few more images as it has a large amount of text for a fact file and may, therefore, do better with the facts being shortened and the ratio of text to images being fixed within the fact file. I also feel that the main article could be improved by adding a few more images to accompany the text as a visual representation as this would cater to the target audience more. As previously mentioned I would also change the colour scheme of the leaflet to a more gender neutral colour as this could make it appeal to a larger audience and attract more people to read the leaflet.


Updated colour schemeImage added into space

Planning and preparationI feel that the planning I did for the leaflet was essential in construction of the leaflet. This is due to the fact that it allowed my to have several aspects of the project prepared before the construction of the leaflet began. I feel that I made a largely effective plan to follow as my leaflet was constructed in line with the schedule I set out and all the assets that I needed were completed. The schedule that I made allowed me to keep the project to a good standard and also work on the time frame that I was given as it separated what I had to do each lesson to finish the project on time. I also used planning when I gathered research for the the leaflet and the content within it. This made it so that during the production I did not have to check all my facts as I was constructing and use a lot of time as I already had all the facts that I needed. I also had done research into infographics and fact files as a source of inspiration so that I already had ideas in my head about what to do so that I did not have to spend the time during the construction of the booklet.

Time managementI feel that I have managed my time well during the course of the project as I was able to complete the project within the time that I was given whilst still allowing time for review and improvement on key areas if it was necessary to do so. I feel that this time management was thanks in large part to the planning of the projects as this allowed me to manage my time easily and make sure that I could complete it on time.

Reviewing work in progressTo review my work in progress I used two separate methods to obtain feedback to see what I had done well with the project and what needed improving. The first method that I used was to create surveys for people to leave feedback on the leaflet. I placed this leaflet online on social media so that I could get a lot of responses to gather a large amount of information about my leaflet. I made sure that many of the questions were very open so people could write a lot about what they thought of the leaflet. This allowed me to gain more specifics about why people thought what they did and also gain some examples of possible improvements. The second method that I used was peer review. This was done through getting my classmates to analyse the different aspects of the leaflets and say what they liked and disliked about them. This was useful as it allowed me to gain an insight from someone who was doing a project similar to mine as they may have thought of aspects that I overlooked. I feel that these two forms of feedback were very effective as they allowed me to gain an insight from different points of view so that I could have the project reviewed in ways that I would not have thought of personally.

Technical competences and creative abilities The technical aspects of my leaflet are apparent in pretty much every page of the leaflet. For example I have created a border on every page that gives it a brush effect on the outline of the page. This was created by screenshotting the design on the veganuary website. This means that the idea from a creative standpoint is rather unoriginal but I felt that it was technically proficient enough to benefit the book aesthetically. Another technical point of the leaflet would be the creation of the rotoscoped foods on the single page infographic. I did these by rotascoping round images of fruit and using the colour overlay option to give them an almost cartoon look to them. In terms of creative abilities this made the infographic stand out as it did not just use regular images but used unusual cartoon designs as representation and therefore showed some creative skill. Another technical aspect of the project would be the spacing of the text. This was done in the infographics to make the text more clear for the reader. This was done by editing the tex


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