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  1. 1. Background Bonafide Marketing solutions, a newborn to Bonafide Communications, official media sellers for beIN Sports and Cartoon Network. Bonafide Communications has been catering for the Egyptian markets advertising needs since January 2007, helping advertisers reach their core consumers effectively and efficiently while communicating to the rest of the Arab world, and have worked hand in hand with various media leaders as owners and operators and established a successful relationship that has been going on ever since the start. Bonafide Marketing solutions established in 2014 with a strategy to provide full marketing solutions to serve the clients needs in BTL advertising. Our main focus is to create an edge to our clients through tailor made creative ideas that best suits our local market.
  2. 2. To be the 360 agency producing and integrating value- added solutions in the region and set the standard regionally. Vision
  3. 3. Our values drive us and define us. Everything we do comes out of the intellect, experience, sensibilities, eccentricities and humanity of our people Were searching for values in every thing we do thus it has a good impact on people We follow best practices and methods so our clients get maximum benefit in their relationship with customers . Mission
  4. 4. Brand Activation. Outdoor Activation, In store activation, Sampling, Door to Door. Road Show. Event Management - planning and organizing. Outdoors. Giveaways. Design. Printing & Production. What do we do ?
  5. 5. Our Clients
  6. 6. Nesquik - ISP Activation
  7. 7. BRITISH COUNCIL - Mall Activation
  8. 8. Shave Code Sampling ( 37k Sample in 30 Min )
  9. 9. Wyeth Nutrition ( Nestle )
  10. 10. LINKdsl Road Show
  11. 11. LINKdsl Activation
  12. 12. Rich Bake Sampling
  13. 13. ABRAJ MISR (The Gate booth)
  14. 14. Nestle ice cream (sham el nesim activation)
  15. 15. Wyeth Nutrition ( Nestle ) ISP