body paragraphs i can create strong and focused body paragraphs

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  • Body ParagraphsI can create strong and focused body paragraphs.

  • Unity and CoherenceCharacteristics of effective paragraphs:1. Direction strong topic sentence2. Support evidence from text3. Unity Focused 4. Coherence logically connected

  • Topic SentenceThe purpose of your paragraph should be summarized in one sentence that begins your paragraph.

    Your topic sentences in each paragraph should outline your paper and directly explain the why of your paper.

    Your topic sentences should not chronologically move through the plot

  • Focused Body ParagraphEverything in your paragraph must be connected.

    If the purpose of your paragraph is to talk about how the Columbia Orator taught Douglass that slavery was not logical,You should not have sentences about his mistress.You should sentences referencing the stories he read.Each piece of evidence needs a follow up that thoroughly explains how the evidence supports the original claim found in the topic sentence.

  • Exercise #1Circle the letter of the point that interferes with the unity of the paragraph.

    This means, identify the sentences that doesnt belong in the paragraph.

    One of these things are not like the other

  • 1. Topic sentence: Some restaurant customers make trivial complains in the hope of getting a free meal.

    A. some customers gripe when service is a bit slow.B. Many complain if they have to make a trip to the emergency room because of food poisoning.C. Other customers grumble if the coffee is not piping hot or the iced tea is not cold.

  • 1. Since all the sentences are already about complaints, you need to identify what type of complaints can be characterized as trivial. A. slow serviceB. food poisonC. too hot, too cold

    Remember, you are looking for something that is NOT trivial.

  • Reinforcing Unity: The summary sentenceThis is what Ive been calling the Follow Up.

    summary sentence that echoes the topic sentence.

    Explains why the evidence illustrates the claim made in the topic sentence.

    does not repeat topic sentence

  • Analyzing Paragraph Unity Underline Topic SentenceDouble underline specific point that is made about that topic. Find two sentence that interfere with the unity of the paragraph (off topic sentences) Underline the summary sentences.

  • Coherence: Holding the Paragraph TogetherUse transitional expressions to help connect the sentences together and show a relationship between the ideas.

    help you juggle multiples tasks without detracting from the ideas you express.

    Show the path of your logic and the movement of your ideas through time and space.

  • Using Transitional ExpressionsUsing the list from Some Common Transitional Words and Expressions, fill out 1-12 and 1-10 on the Using Transitional Expressions handout.

  • RepetitionRepetition of key words and ideas helps to bring your point home strongly.

    Remember, it is better to over explain your ideas instead of making yourself unclear.

    For the handout, underline key words in the paragraph.

  • Paragraph ExamplesOther than length, how are the two paragraphs different?

    Make a list on the back of the packet.


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