Bob Tiell Director of Career Services JFVS Louisville Director of Career Services JFVS Louisville.

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Bob Tiell Director of Career Services JFVS LouisvilleAARP KY/JFVS 50 Plus Career Workshops SeriesBackgroundAARP KY50 Plus DemographicBoomersCollaboration Launched 2006Promotes Workforce DevelopmentPart of AARP Statewide InitiativeFormatQuarterly Series on Range of Topics Panels, Networking, Q & AJFVS as Host SiteUse of Existing StaffAARPs 10,000 Member Local Distribution ListOther Customary Distribution ChannelsWorkshop ExamplesPLANNING FOR THE SECOND HALF OF YOUR WORKLIFE Viewing the Next Stage of Work through a New LensFIVE BIG REASONS NOT TO RETIRE Why Continuing To Work Can Enhance Your Overall Well BeingCREATING A CAREER ACTION PLAN Continuity Or Change? Whichever Path You Take, a Plan Is Critical SURE-FIRE TIPS: FOR THE MATURE WORKERS EMPLOYMENT SEARCH Nuts and Bolts Issues to Consider When Mounting a Career or Job Search Workshop Examples Cont. WHAT DO EMPLOYERS LOOK FORThe Changing Workforce through Employers EyesCAREER PATH OPTIONS FOR BABY BOOMERS Creative Ways to Explore Career Options at the Third Stage of Life ARE YOU 50+ AND WONDERING WHAT YOUR NEXT CAREER STEP CAN BE? PLUS A MINI JOB FAIRAARP KY/JFVS RE-CAREERING UNIVERSITY The Changing WorkforceMajor OutcomesMore than 400 Workshop ParticipantsJob FairSpurred Creation of JFVS Boomer Task Force50 Plus Workforce Consortium Resulting in New Resource GuideWork Search Assessment Tool SiteHelped Secure and Solidify JFVS One Stop Career CenterForged Linkages Between IAJVS and AARP National Leadership Other ResultsNow in 3rd YearSpurred Wider Interest on Local LevelBroadened JFVS Service Delivery to 50 Plus PopulationJFVS Boomer ExpoExample of Successful CollaborationCosts No Workshop ChargeOrganizations Absorbed Staff & Overhead Costs Set Stage for National Initiative Resulting in Grant Next Steps


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