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Boat plumbing is easy considering there are no pipes. The pipes in a yacht are replaced by flexible hoses which is easier to use


<ul><li> 1. Yacht Sales &amp; Marketing. Simplified BOAT PLUMBING Presented by:, the #1 Listing &amp; Marketing Portal for Yachts &amp; Boats for Sale. </li></ul> <p> 2. Boat plumbing is easy considering there are no pipes. The pipes in a yacht are replaced by flexible hoses which is easier to use. Here are a few guidelines for your on-board water system. Boat Plumbing 3. Boat Plumbing Guidelines Tanks are best mounted low in the boat as it will be simple to add extra tanks given the available space. You can choose either a rigid polyethylene tank or flexible tank. Make sure that the vent of the tank is not higher than the fill to avoid overflow and use Teflon tapes on all threaded fittings. Water hose that supplies drinking water should be non toxic, non-contaminating, taste free and approved by FDA, common choice being PVC reinforced with polyester braid. For draining purposes, the best option is reinforced rubber hose. 4. Boat Plumbing Guidelines Contd.. Boats can have either an electric pump or manual pump. Manual pump is preferred as they reduce water wastage. 5. Some water systems have an accumulator. Large accumulators have pressurized bladders in them, but most small ones are just empty tanks tied into the line downstream of the pump. The pump runs and fills the tank from the bottom, compressing the air trapped inside the tank. The pressure from the tank allows small amounts of water to be drawn without the necessity of the pump running, thus reducing pump cycling. Boat Plumbing Guidelines Contd.. 6. To operate a water heater you will need a pressurized water system. Only metal fittings must be used to plumb water heater. Head sinks must be plumbed to drain into the bowl of the toilet to avoid flooding. Shower pans should include a discharge pump which can be automatic or connected to a switch. The through - hull discharge outlet should always be above the water. If you are installing a deck wash pump, use a Y- or T- connector to tie into an existing inlet line. To keep the hose from collapsing use tough rubber suction. The intake line should have a strainer to filter off debris Boat Plumbing Guidelines Contd.. 7. Yachts/Boats for Sale @ We feature thousands of new and used boats for sale and yachts for sale including motor yachts, sailing yachts, cruiser boats, sailing boats, motor cruiser, luxury yachts, power yachts and cruiser yachts for sale. With more than 200 yacht brokers listed with us and with their yacht listings being over 1000, we have yachts and boats of various makes listed with us. Some of these include seabourn, sea ray, sun seeker, hatteras etc.. Please contact us at: 3 Diamondleaf|Irvine|CA-92618|p: (949) 436-9268| e:|w: </p>


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