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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 1/31</p><p>Events This Week</p><p>The Embassy of the Republic of Poland</p><p>cordially recommends to view</p><p>The Graphic and Fine Art of</p><p>Jerzy Janiszewski</p><p>presented by the</p><p>Exhibition on display</p><p>from December 9, 2011</p><p>throughJanuary 22, 2012</p><p>Opening reception</p><p>in the presence of the artist</p><p>FridayDecember 9, 2011</p><p>7:00-10:00 p.m.</p><p>limited space, RSVP required:</p><p>(202) 638-3612</p><p>Charles Krause/Reporting Fine Art</p><p>1300 13th Street NWSuite 105</p><p>Washington, DC 20005</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 2/31</p><p>NAACP DC Branch</p><p>1000 U Street, NW, Suite 100</p><p>Washington, DC 20001</p><p>(202) 667-1700</p><p></p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 3/31</p><p>Join The DC Center for the opening ofJUXTAPOSITIONS, a photography exhibition by</p><p>queer artist P.B. Groszmann. Groszmann's work conveys the diversity of the LGBT experience through a collection</p><p>of photographic series surrounding the topics of "Gaiety," "Joy," "Memories," and "Histories/Herstories."</p><p>Friday, December 9, 6:00-8:00 p.m.</p><p>The DC Center for the LGBT Community</p><p>1318 U Street NW</p><p>Refreshments will be served at the opening. All works will be available for purchase; proceeds will benefit The DC</p><p>Center for the LGBT Community. JUXTAPOSITIONS will be on view through January 2.</p><p>RSVP on Facebook</p><p></p><p>Waverly Street Gallery4600 East-West HighwayBethesda, MD 20814</p><p>(301) 951-9441</p><p>Entrance and parking on Waverly Street.</p><p>One block from Bethesda Metro station.</p><p>HOLIDAY SHOW</p><p>All-Member Multi-Media Show</p><p>(December 6-31)</p><p>Opening Reception</p><p>Friday, December 9, 6:00-9:00 p.m.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 4/31</p><p>Jewelry, pottery and wearable art; paintings, prints and photos; sculpture and mobiles - all will</p><p>be presented by Waverly Street Gallery members in their ever-popular holiday show. The gallery</p><p>will abound with unique works of original designs that make wonderful holiday gifts. Meet the</p><p>gallery members at the festive opening reception where their culinary skills will be offered as</p><p>well as their artistic ones.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 5/31</p><p>Please join the Center for American Progress and WashingtonMonthly for a special presentation:The Teflon Presidency of Barack Obama </p><p>December 9, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.</p><p>A light lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m. Center for American Progress1333 H Street NW, 10th Floor</p><p>Washington, DC20005 </p><p>Admission is free. Space is extremely limited. RSVPrequired. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basisand not guaranteed.</p><p>RSVP to attend this event</p><p>Distinguished Panelists:Jonathan Alter, Washington MonthlyFaiz Shakir, Vice President and Editor of ThinkProgress, Centerfor American Progress</p><p>Moderator:Paul Glastris, Editor, Washington Monthly</p><p>President Obama has something going for him that few punditsrecognize - he's a Teflon president. Entering the presidentialelection year, the word "scandal" does not mar his presidency.</p><p>Yes, there are the "birther" inanities, uproars over "policy czars,"and empty allegations of corruption. But even the Solyndra affairseems to have fizzled without the mainstream press invoking the"s" word on a front page.</p><p>This lack of scandal is now drawing attention in Washington. Inhisnew cover storyfor the Washington Monthly, Jonathan Alter</p><p>steps back and asks why it is that Obama has turned out to be aTeflon presidentand how, in a tight race, that could help hisreelection. Please join Alter and Think Progress editor Faiz Shakirfor a panel discussion on The Teflon Presidency of Barack</p>;lid=106762&amp;elq=b90fda948c2d4edab2f7bb166bca508a;lid=106762&amp;elq=b90fda948c2d4edab2f7bb166bca508a;lid=106574&amp;elq=b90fda948c2d4edab2f7bb166bca508a;lid=106574&amp;elq=b90fda948c2d4edab2f7bb166bca508a;lid=106574&amp;elq=b90fda948c2d4edab2f7bb166bca508a;lid=106574&amp;elq=b90fda948c2d4edab2f7bb166bca508a;lid=106762&amp;elq=b90fda948c2d4edab2f7bb166bca508a</li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 6/31</p><p>Obama", cosponsored byWashington Monthly.</p><p>Nearest Metro: Blue/Orange Line to McPherson Square or RedLine to Metro Center</p><p>For more information, call(202) 682-1611.</p><p>Annual Souk and Olive HarvestCelebration</p><p>Saturday, December 1011:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.The Jerusalem Fund</p><p>2425 Virginia Avenue NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20037</p><p>Experience the ambience of a Middle Eastern souk right here in</p><p>Washington, DC! Enjoy music, coffee, food, henna painting, a</p><p>raffle while browsing through textiles, pottery, jewelry and</p><p>gifts from the Middle East.</p><p>Celebrate the annual olive harvest in Palestine by purchasing bottles offair-trade, extra-</p><p>virgin olive oil imported from Palestine. Support the Herbawi factory in Hebron, theonly remaining keffiyeh factory in Palestine, by purchasing their keffiyehs being sold at</p><p>the souk.</p><p>The event is free and open to the public. Families welcome!</p><p>In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, we will be providing durable andreusable Jerusalem Fund shopping bags available for $2 each in lieu of disposable plastic</p><p>bags.</p>;et=1108760029256&amp;s=11706&amp;e=001rwQ58U0fYSzU_Lv5w0NfexhQ7HXEEOYnw0e6KdPmKPzDiqRy3P4vV_oMBh19MTl_eJGEFNL9WQtW-yha9W02Mk24VASd_oIl2_xzAK2R0yeFOF7xo39uyz7Ek4wubgby98kEojvLjfRoJldUv0jJ8T0IKQOmpgIxJb1YFGLrvrQ=;et=1108760029256&amp;s=11706&amp;e=001rwQ58U0fYSzU_Lv5w0NfexhQ7HXEEOYnw0e6KdPmKPzDiqRy3P4vV_oMBh19MTl_eJGEFNL9WQtW-yha9W02Mk24VASd_oIl2_xzAK2R0yeFOF7xo39uyz7Ek4wubgby98kEojvLjfRoJldUv0jJ8T0IKQOmpgIxJb1YFGLrvrQ=;et=1108760029256&amp;s=11706&amp;e=001rwQ58U0fYSzU_Lv5w0NfexhQ7HXEEOYnw0e6KdPmKPzDiqRy3P4vV_oMBh19MTl_eJGEFNL9WQtW-yha9W02Mk24VASd_oIl2_xzAK2R0yeFOF7xo39uyz7Ek4wubgby98kEojvLjfRoJldUv0jJ8T0IKQOmpgIxJb1YFGLrvrQ=;et=1108760029256&amp;s=11706&amp;e=001rwQ58U0fYSzU_Lv5w0NfexhQ7HXEEOYnw0e6KdPmKPzDiqRy3P4vV_oMBh19MTl_eJGEFNL9WQtW-yha9W02Mk24VASd_oIl2_xzAK2R0yeFOF7xo39uyz7Ek4wubgby98kEojvLjfRoJldUv0jJ8T0IKQOmpgIxJb1YFGLrvrQ=;et=1108760029256&amp;s=11706&amp;e=001rwQ58U0fYSzU_Lv5w0NfexhQ7HXEEOYnw0e6KdPmKPzDiqRy3P4vV_oMBh19MTl_eJGEFNL9WQtW-yha9W02Mk24VASd_oIl2_xzAK2R0yeFOF7xo39uyz7Ek4wubgby98kEojvLjfRoJldUv0jJ8T0IKQOmpgIxJb1YFGLrvrQ=</li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 7/31</p><p>The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development is an independent 501(c)(3)non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., that maintains three programs. The</p><p>Palestine Centerhosts educational briefings and publishes analysis of the Palestinian experienceand U.S. policy in the region. The Humanitarian Linkprovides short-term grants on a quarterlybasis to humanitarian organizations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and surrounding</p><p>refugee camps. The Jerusalem Fund Galleryhosts art exhibits, workshops, film screenings,concerts and more that showcase the rich artistic heritage of the region.</p><p>Selin Balci - Interact and Transform</p><p>Ryan Hoover - Sculpting with Satellites</p><p>(December 10, 2011 - January 21, 2012)</p><p>Opening Reception</p><p>Saturday, December 10, 7:00-9:00 p.m..</p><p>Hamiltonian Gallery</p><p>1353 U Street NW</p><p>Washington,DC20009</p><p>Hamiltonian Gallery is pleased to announce two</p><p>concurrent solo exhibitions by Hamiltonian Fellows, Selin</p><p>Balci and Ryan Hoover. Although Balci and Hoover</p><p>implement distinct artistic practices, both artists present</p><p>new works of precisely controlled media, imbued with theirruminations on the structures of interpersonal relationships,</p><p>international affairs, and geography.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 8/31</p><p>SELIN BALCI- Interact and Transform</p><p>Selin Balci applies an acute scientific laboratory practice</p><p>to create her current body of works on paper and board.</p><p>Balci researches simple microorganisms in the lab and</p><p>records the manners in which they interact with one</p><p>another, as well as the colors and aesthetics those</p><p>interactions produce. Balci then creates an artificial living</p><p>environment with limited space and nourishment in a Petri</p><p>dish. Based on her research on colors and behavior, the</p><p>organisms are selected and placed in the Petri dish.</p><p>The simple living organisms are forced to compete and to</p><p>dominate a particular area. Eventually, the</p><p>microorganisms live in harmony. Balci then literally transfers</p><p>the microorganisms to paper or clayboard where shemakes aesthetic decisions about form and color. Selin</p><p>Balci's works are beautiful records of the battles and</p><p>construction of borders, as well as the treaties between</p><p>entities.</p><p>To Balci, these qualities, situations and conflicts echo the</p><p>full scope of the human condition. In an artificially</p><p>constructed living platform Balci is the impresario and her</p><p>performers are hostile, yet fragile microorganisms.</p><p>RYAN HOOVER- Sculpting with Satellites</p><p>In his new body of work, Sculpting with Satellites, Ryan</p><p>Hoover explores multiple modes of space - from the lived</p><p>space of the his neighborhood, to the abstracted spatial</p><p>language of GPS, into the Cartesian space of 3D modeling</p><p>software, and back out into compositional and physical</p><p>space of drawing and sculpture.</p><p>The works in this exhibition include sculptures and drawingson Plexiglas that began as walks through the artist's</p><p>neighborhood, in which he tracked his travels via global</p><p>positioning. The GPS data was processed through a</p><p>computer script written by Hoover that plots this data into</p><p>3D modeling software, scaling the points within a</p><p>Cartesian cube. This generates a path through space,</p><p>where the width is modulated according to the speed at</p><p>which Hoover was walking. Ryan Hoover then translated</p><p>each digital model into a sculptural rendering by using a</p><p>variety of computer-aided machining techniques.</p><p>Also included in this exhibition are sculptures that areselections from the paths, chosen as studies, and created</p><p>as physical objects by milling and laminating. Hoover then</p><p>continued to work with these pieces in a sculptural</p><p>manner, employing an aesthetic sensibility that is also</p><p>rooted in a non-linguistic understanding of space,</p><p>material, and form. The result is a suite of smooth, white</p><p>undulating shapes that twist and change direction.</p><p>Hoover's process ebbs and flows between manipulating</p><p>his materials with his own hand, and manipulating the</p><p>works through an intermediary tool to better understand</p><p>space.</p><p>Increasingly, we are surrounded by objects that are</p><p>digitally designed and created. Assisted by GPS, we travel</p><p>down roads that were also plotted by GPS. Unmanned</p>;et=1108935621578&amp;s=2256&amp;e=001tSO0MubM34dQC0L4d8kI6OtBUhEbYAYTPL5-YO5Ek5yDft3SNbVE8zABemIaDWx0_1DoP1pJJNOLdslo39TBv2BrktRse46StePgGZ7wm2ltc2ZhULogJDNU9XyJudKtAkGjgb8y8PVJ6YUqvOL14Pot-Nto0QOS;et=1108935621578&amp;s=2256&amp;e=001tSO0MubM34dQC0L4d8kI6OtBUhEbYAYTPL5-YO5Ek5yDft3SNbVE8zABemIaDWx0_1DoP1pJJNOLdslo39TBv2BrktRse46StePgGZ7wm2ltc2ZhULogJDNU9XyJudKtAkGjgb8y8PVJ6YUqvOL14Pot-Nto0QOS;et=1108935621578&amp;s=2256&amp;e=001tSO0MubM34f28i0953qUzl7WijSR1_0JQ7HnFHOH92-wbweQpPZuEZh-x-0-FgPisaf1rAFS-cRKUsdVb_wPiAGrWXEDi52P-U4dJHzlST3C_mI80ZraUbSSZ6rdjlSUFXfCfsvyDSI04q3cI2IfRquIZMCe79fh;et=1108935621578&amp;s=2256&amp;e=001tSO0MubM34f28i0953qUzl7WijSR1_0JQ7HnFHOH92-wbweQpPZuEZh-x-0-FgPisaf1rAFS-cRKUsdVb_wPiAGrWXEDi52P-U4dJHzlST3C_mI80ZraUbSSZ6rdjlSUFXfCfsvyDSI04q3cI2IfRquIZMCe79fh;et=1108935621578&amp;s=2256&amp;e=001tSO0MubM34dQC0L4d8kI6OtBUhEbYAYTPL5-YO5Ek5yDft3SNbVE8zABemIaDWx0_1DoP1pJJNOLdslo39TBv2BrktRse46StePgGZ7wm2ltc2ZhULogJDNU9XyJudKtAkGjgb8y8PVJ6YUqvOL14Pot-Nto0QOS</li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 9/31</p><p>aircraft is the focus of Ryan Hoover's initial interest for this</p><p>project. Navigated by GPS, drones have become a</p><p>powerful force in US foreign policy, and a growing factor in</p><p>domestic life. By translating GPS data into a physical</p><p>object, Hoover presents the data in a more</p><p>comprehendible, sensorial space.</p><p>HAMILTONIAN GALLERY is a new dynamic space in the</p><p>heart of the growing Washington DC contemporary art</p><p>district. The gallery focuses on innovative works by</p><p>emerging and mid-career artists. In conjunction with</p><p>Hamiltonian Artists, the gallery will promote new artists,</p><p>aiding in their further development. Through our</p><p>dynamic exhibitions and gallery programs, we seek to</p><p>broaden the cultural dialogue within our modern</p><p>community.</p><p>Executive Educations Annual Holiday Party</p><p>Saturday, December 10, 5:30-8:00 p.m.Rafik B. Hariri Building</p><p>Fisher Colloquium (4th Floor)</p><p>Georgetown University</p><p>37th and O Streets NW</p><p>Washington, DC 20057,</p><p>We welcome you to join us in celebration of the holiday season with Executive Educationclients, faculty, alumni and students.</p><p>RSVP:</p><p>;ebtv=C&amp;eid=2455416216&amp;client_token=noqueue</p><p>Note this event is for adults only.</p><p>Business or festive attire encouraged.</p><p>ParkingPlease enter the university through the Canal Road entrance. Guests may park for free in the</p><p>Southwest Garage or Leavey Center Garage located on campus. Note parking in the LeaveyCenter Garage through the Reservoir Road entrance will result in parking fees.</p>;ebtv=C&amp;eid=2455416216&amp;client_token=noqueue;ebtv=C&amp;eid=2455416216&amp;client_token=noqueue;ebtv=C&amp;eid=2455416216&amp;client_token=noqueue;ebtv=C&amp;eid=2455416216&amp;client_token=noqueue;ebtv=C&amp;eid=2455416216&amp;client_token=noqueue</li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 10/31</p><p>This week at The Fridge...</p><p>Join us on Saturday, December 10, 8:00-11:00 p.m. for the opening of Part and Parcel. Come see whatProject Dispatch has in store for you this holiday season.</p><p>The Fridge</p><p>Rear Alley, 516 1/2 8th Street SE</p><p>Washington, DC 20003</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 bMichael Events This Week 9 December 2011</p><p> 11/31</p><p>Enjoy 12 days of holiday shopping specials and events, $2 flat rate</p><p>parking at select garages, dining specials, entertainment and more</p><p>festive fun in DCs best shopping neighborhood!</p><p>The event will also offer gourmet Hot Cocoa Tastings from Fleurir Hand Grown</p><p>Chocolates, Degrees Bistro and Haagen-Dazs, plus pet adoptions from Lucky Dog</p><p>Animal Rescue.</p><p>MERRIMENT IN GEORGETOWN KICK-OFF PART...</p></li></ul>