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<p>Blogging :Kids Edition</p> <p>You might wonder... How to Make a Blog for Kids?Here are a few guidelines to amaze your kids with wonderful blogs! Lets begin!!</p> <p>1. Choose a NicheMost bloggers have a specific niche, whether it is cooking, gardening or even daily rants and raves. Consider choosing a niche that both your child and you are interested in and can do together. </p> <p>Ask your little one for ideas on the domain name. You want to select something that is easy for people to remember. Even if you cannot think of something fun and creative, your child may have the perfect name for your blog and domain.2. Decide on the Perfect Domain Name</p> <p>It is sometimes difficult to come up with topics on a daily basis, so sit down together with your child and try to come up with a list of different creative posts you can complete with one another. Get plenty of input from your little one to make sure he or she feels involved.3. Come Up With Creative Posts</p> <p>4. Work Together on Projects for Posts</p> <p>Do not forget to work with your child on each post</p> <p>You may have to do most of the typing if your child is a bit young</p> <p>Be sure to take plenty of pictures of the different activities</p> <p>Your readers will love to see all the fun activities they can try at home too</p> <p>Starting a blog for kids is not complicated, but you do need to figure out a few things ahead of time</p> <p>Blogging For Kids Under 13: Advantages and Disadvantages</p> <p>ADVANTAGES</p> <p>It provides them with an opportunity to write each day</p> <p>Great way for kids to grasp vocabulary and understand written communication</p> <p>Provides opportunity to write about things they consider substantial</p> <p>Will also enhance their keyboard skills</p> <p>More advantages...Boost their self-confidence because they know what they write will be read by othersExcellent way for your kids to learn about being good neighbors and good citizensHelps them develop their social skillsWonderful way to teach children what is appropriate and inappropriate</p> <p>But, there are disadvantages...</p> <p>It is up to the parents and teachers to make sure that safety is always a consideration</p> <p>Since kids like to use their blog as a sort of public diary. They will talk about things that happen at school, in their families, and among their friends, which could be dangerous</p> <p>What about Promoting 21st Century Skills throughBlogging?</p> <p>Working on 21st Century Skills...</p> <p>Creativity</p> <p>Initiative</p> <p>Information, media, and technology literacy</p> <p>Productivity</p> <p>Social skills</p> <p>Leadership</p> <p>Communication</p> <p>I would...Set assignments so they can present it in a creatively and engaging wayAllow them to express their concerns, expectations, and beliefs through a class blogMake them critics of their works and classmates</p> <p>Dr. Patricia Fiorello. (N/A). 4 Ways to Start a Blog for Kids. Retrieved from Kids Learn to Blog on June 12th, 2016:</p> <p>Dr. Patricia Fiorello. (N/A). Blogging For Kids Under 13: Advantages and Disadvantages. Retrieved from Kids Learn to Blog on June 12th, 2016:</p> <p>References</p> <p>Thanks!Any questions?</p> <p>You can find me</p>