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Pet Retailers- Learn how to use blogging to market your business and engage with customers and potential customers


  • 1. Blogging Basics for Pet Retailers September 12, 2012The Word Is Out What You Need To KnowAbout Blogging Consumers Are Increasingly Researching Or Discovering Information About Brands On The Internet Via Blogs Blogs Have Become A Primary Source For Information And Recommendations As Well As A Way For You To Expose Your Brand Blogging Is A Platform That Is Actively Used By Over 181 Million People (Nielsen Data For October 2011) 53% Of Total Internet Users Went To A Blog As A Source For Information And Education About Products And Services Offered.Creative Business Consulting Groupwww.cbc-group.net1

2. Seminar Overview Why Does Blogging Matter For Your Pet Business? How To Start A Blog How To Create Effective Blogging Strategies And Policies For Your Business Next Generation Blogging Techniques That Your Business Can Utilize Today Case Studies Of Successful Retailers And Brands Use Effective Blogging Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netCompanies Use Blogs To Showcase ThoughtLeadership And Expertise Why Blogging Matters For YourCompany: Participation In Blog Writing Can Help Improve Team Spirit And Company Morale Writing A Blog Makes One Stay Up To Date On Important Industry Ideas And Initiatives Blog Writing Makes Businesses Pay Attention From the Consumer Point Of View Not A Personal Point Of View Blog Comments Means Readers Are Engaged With Your Business Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.net2 3. What Is A Blog?Definition: Communication Software That Permits Anyone WhoCan Type To Post Content To A Web Site Or Blog Home Page A Type Of Web Site The Content Is Displayed Like A Journal Type Of Informal 2-way Conversations Content Can Be Anything The Author Chooses To Write Or Post, As It Is Referred To In Blogging Terms Easy To Update All Entries Are Stored In Chronological Order Blogs Use Lots Of Links To And From Other Blogs, Websites And Web Links Making It A Robust Form Of Search Engine Optimization Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netThere Are Numerous Benefits To Blogging OnBehalf Of Your Retail Organization Blogging Is A Timely Marketing Activity Companies Can Post And Respond Quickly Low Barrier To Entry & Cost Retailers That Blog Are Seen As ALeader In The Industry And Have AStrong Brand Affiliation Consumers That Engage Socially WithBrands Are 50% More Likely To Buy Companies That Blog Regularly HaveImproved Search Engine Rankings Blog Content Can Enhance NewsletterContent Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.net3 4. The Best Ways To Start Blogging; Start Slow Monitor A Group Of Relevant Blogs Use A Blog Search Engine And RSS Reader To Locate And Subscribe To A Dozen Or So Relevant Blogs Evaluate Blogs On Your Industry, Competitors, Experts, Etc. To Learn How People Blog, What They Write About, And How They Engage Their Readers Comment On A Group Of Relevant Blogs Visit Some Of Your Chosen Blogs, Add Relevant Comments, And Engage In The Conversation Going On Inside These Blogs - This Is An Important Part Of Online Networking And May Help Get Your Blog Noticed Down The Road Create Your Own Blog And Start Posting Content Only After Youve Engaged In Steps 1 And 2 For A Reasonable Time Period Do I Advise Entering The Deep End Of The Blogging Pool Creative Business Consulting Groupwww.cbc-group.netChoose Your Blog Software Based On TheCapability You Need Many Blog Software Programs Are Free Blogger (Owned By Google) Is Free Www.Blogger.Com/Start Wordpress Is Free, But You May Have To Pay For Some Features. Www.Wordpress.Com Typepad Micro -Not Free, But Has Great Features. Www.Typepad.Com/Micro Creative Business Consulting 4 5. Six Steps To Achieve Blogging Success Have A Strategy And A Plan Provide Valuable Content Be Transparent Utilize Your Employees AndFans Listen And Respond Measure Your ResultsCreative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netStep 1: Make A Plan; Create Goals And Utilize AStrategy To Help You Achieve Those Goals What Are Your Stores Goals For Using A Blog? Enter The Conversation Use An Additional Platform ToAmplify Messages Transition To A Digital Company Create More Loyal Followers Engage Current CustomersMore Effectively Showcase Knowledge Base OfCompany Drive Sales To Website Or BrickAnd Mortar LocationCreative Business Consulting Group 5 6. Step 2: Provide Valuable Content; Always Share Tips & Tricks Answer Questions Tell A Story Peek Behind The Scenes Cover Events For Those Who Cant Attend Be Timely Create Regular Features Maintain An Internal & External Event Calendar To Help You PlanCreative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netStep 3: Be Transparent About Who You Are OnYour Blog Clearly Indicate Who You Are On Your Accounts And When Commenting On Other Sites Do Not Delete Negative Comments Be Yourself, Be Real Avoid Ghost Writing Dont Force Anyone Have An Employee Social Media Policy Be Sure Bloggers You Work With Adhere To FTC PolicyCreative Business Consulting Group 6 7. Step 4: Use Your Best Assets To Help Write YourBlog; Employees & Fans Tap Into Your Best Assets .YourEmployees Employees Know Your Business The Best Customers Want To Hear From Them Let Your Fans Tell And Share In The Story Give Them The Scoop Share The Experience Invite Guest Bloggers Feature Customer Testimonials To: Highlight Experiences With Your Store Recognize Creative Uses Of Your Products Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netStep 5: Listen And Respond To Blog CommentsAnd Questions Every Day Enter The Conversation On Behalf Of Your Company Answer Questions That Customers May Have Listen To Customer Feedback To Improve Your Business Crowdsource Share Responsibility Of Posts With Other Stakeholders Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.net7 8. Step 6: Measure The Results Of Your Time AndEffort What Should You Measure? Customer Interaction Inbound Traffic Outbound Traffic Web Links Social Media Links Direct Customer Calls Business ReferralsCreative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netThe Dos And Donts Of Blogging Do: Get A Professional To Help Design Your Blog; First Impressions Matter Post 1 To 2 Times/Week Identify Yourself By Name In All Blog Posts Use Photos To Create Connections With Readers Remember That What Youre Producing Needs To Have An Impact And Have Real, Shareable Power To It Use Industry KeywordsCreative Business Consulting Group 8 9. The Dos And Donts Of Blogging Dont: Dont Try To Be Google News Dont Oversell On Your Blog Dont Overlook Creating A Company Policy For All Bloggers To Follow Dont Hesitate To Improve Blog Exposure By Using Facebook for WordPress plugin Dont Forget To Link! Creative Business Consulting Groupwww.cbc-group.netWhat Can You Do Today To Draw Attention ToYour Blog Tomorrow? Packaging Will Provide Inspiration To Readers Blogs Will Focus onPackaging Content In Different Formats Like Podcasts, Video AndInfographics To Reach A Wider Audience Generating Traffic To Your Blog From Alternative Sources RSS Feeds, Email Marketing Campaigns, Company Website And Social Networks Key To Developing An Established Readership Of Subscribers ToYour Blog Rather Than Those Who Happen To Land On It By WayOf A Search Engine Blogs Will Help Define And Build Brands Laser-focused on a very narrow niche Offer original content at the same time as curated content withcommentary Mundane is out; Marvelous is in. Be prepared to dazzle your readers. Creative Business Consulting 9 10. Who/What Else Is Out There For You To Use?Tumblr:Tumblr Is A Micro-blogging Service If YouAre Looking To Provide Content In AllTypes Of Media Formats Text, Audio, Video, Photo, Chat, Etc. Has Good Customizing FeaturesInstagram:Instagram Is A Free Photo-SharingProgram And Social Network Allows Users To Take A Photo, Apply ADigital Filter And Share It With OtherInstagram Users They Are ConnectedTo On The Social Network Integrates (And Owned By Facebook) Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netWho/What Else Is Out There For You To Use?Pinterest:Another Photo Sharing Site. Create Pinterest BoardsTo Generate Shares Pinterest Provides More Referral Traffic To OtherSites Than Google+, Youtube And LinkedinCombined Users Spend 16 Minutes On SiteGoogle +:Amalgamation Of Existing GoogleServices Including:Multiple Video ChatsContact GroupsFind Content Based On InterestsGroup Text MessagingPhoto Uploads Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.net10 11. Case Study: Daily Mail Newspaper - London, UK The Daily Mails Website Covers AllThings News, Gossip And Viral Online Daily Mail Automatically RearrangesThe Content On Their HomepageBased On How Many People AreClicking On Which Articles. Expanded Concept Of ArticleClustering. Its A Tactic That AllowsThem To Create Viral, Meaty ContentFaster Than Ever Before Clustering Is To Write A Huge Piece On A Hot News Item, And Constantly Use That Same Information Whenever They Cover The Story Again.Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netCase Study: Tory Burch Tory Burchs Blog Is One Of TheMost Fully Developed Retail Blogs Full Of Linkable Interesting Content Rotating Photos/Videos Up To Date Fashion News Behind-the-scenes (InsiderInformation) Fashion Inspirations Interviews And Spotlights With KeyFashion/CelebritiesCreative Business Consulting Group 11 12. Case Study: Pet Blogs United Compiles Popular PetBlogs Create Community AroundPets Utilize Google Connect ToEngage Followers Utilizes Other Blog ContentRegularly Encourages Members ToVisit Other Members BlogsAnd Leave Comments Monetizes Blog With PaidAdvertising Creative Business Consulting Group www.cbc-group.netCBCG Can Help You Engage With Your OnlineCustomers Help You Identify the Long-TermBusiness Opportunities CreatedBy Using Social Media Teach You How to Cre