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<ul><li> 1. Tool 7.1 Action Planning Template Goal: To implement C-Scope curriculum in order to increase TAKS math scores at Spearman High School. </li></ul> <p> 2. Action StepsPersonsTimeline Needed Evaluation ResponsibleResources Survey regardingAlexis Beck August 2010Survey Return ofscores, E-mail and surveyscurriculum, andmailingcourse passingaddressesratesCreate survey for comparable districts E-mail and mail surveysFollow up before due date with districts to ensure return of surveys Data analysis ofAlexis Beck August 2010Data fromData compiledcomparable TEA website in a neat districts in manner Region 16 Data from DisaggregatereturnedTAKS data surveys Compile survey resultsCourse passing ratesAnalyze coursefrom other passing ratesdistrictsDisaggregate Alexis Beck August 2010Local data Data compiled local datain a neatmanner Disagregate TAKSTeacherdata lesson plans Analyze course passing ratesAnalyze locallesson plans Create andAlexis Beck August 2010 Program toFeedback frompresentcreate graphspresentations presentations forvarious stakeholders </p>