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  • staff Text Box NOTES: Initially, for this technique you will likely need to order an additional RC laboratory analog (Straumann part # 025.4101) to be embedded in stone in the medicine cup. Once embedded, this analog can be used for future cases as well.

    The abutment currently being used to support the temporary may be a permanent (titanium) abutment as opposed to the plastic abutment shown in this case.

    Important when preplanning for your case, on the day of your impression, you will likely need a Straumann torque wrench to remove the current abutment.

  • staff Text Box NOTE: An open tray impression post is shown in this example, your impression post may look different if it is a closed tray impression post.

    staff Text Box Duralay, GC Pattern Resin, composite, or a temporary resin material could also be used if desired.

  • staff Text Box Following your impression the laboratory should be instructed to mimick the contours of the subgingival tissues with a Strauman Eckon CAD/CAM abutment. These abutments can be fabricated in titanium or Zirconium. Request that the laboratory place the facial shoulder postion 1.5mm below the gingival margin with the interproximal positions 1mm subgingival and the lingual margins at the gingival margin position or 0.5mm below. This will allow for ease in cement removal at the time of crown seating. Save the analog embedded in stone for future custom impression posts.


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