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The digital magazine about creative culture and the people that make it matter.


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    THe bittersweet blog - tomm polosclint clark - cube - the creative class of 2012

    Ryan SteeleleadS the caSt of the new film

    Five Dances

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    Our cover features lead actor/dancer Ryan Steele from the new film Five Dances. We sit down with director Alan Brown and his cast of actor/dancers to talk about making the film, having no plan and speaking for the first time.


    bliPsBLEEPCheck out our reviews of some of the lates


    shows on Broadway and who you wont be

    able to take your eyes off of in the casts. We

    also take to to Scott Alans live CD recording

    in Manhattan.


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    bleepininsideIts May and that means its time for graduation. BLEEP contributor Alex Wright takes us through her grad school experience with the rest of her class.

    THE CLASS OF 201213

    Cube has been making sweet music in southern Texas for a while and they are about to hang up their hats as a band, they are playing one last show together. Find out all about how they started and where theyre headed next.


    Clink Clark has given his brand of jewelry to celebrities. Now its time for you to find out all about it.


    Snow Queen. Photo by Rose Lincoln

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    One of the amazing things about art is its ability to cross boundaries. A painting can inspire a hit Broadway musical, a rock star can win an Oscar for scoring a film and writer can craft an imaginary world that comes to life as an amusement park. Art is something that transcends the boundaries of industry and genre.

    Our cover story is a prime example of this. Director Alan Browns new film merges cinematic storytelling with story told through dance. After hiring some of the best working dancers in New York, he is merging a true-to-life story about dancers with the art they create.

    The convergence of different mediums is what makes art an ever-changing and ever-important facet of society. While the big Broadway houses may be filled with bankable stories based on movies and pop music may be auto-tuned to digitized perfection, the world is perpetually on the cusp of the next great talent that will change artistic directions around the globe. I truly believe these great artists are the ones that know how to exist where different mediums converge. Its in that convergence where an artist will find resonance.

    The fusing of different forms of art excites me. It means the possibilities of creative expression are continuing to expand. Im proud that this issue celebrates people like Alan Brown who are bringing different art forms together while retaining the integrity of both mediums. Five Dances isnt a glamorized version of the industry like a certain prime-time television show about Broadway with waitresses living in large Manhattan apartments and directors using giant production numbers to try out a new song for a new, yet-to-be-financed, musical. Rather, Brown allows the real life of dancers to come through and, in that restraint, creates something real and poignant. Thats art.

    Letter from the Editor

    -Ryan Brinson Editor-in-Chief

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    Check out our feature about TP with TP podcast creator Tomm Polos to find out.


    This months Blogger We Love is simply delicious. Take a peak at whats inside her kitchen and find out all about this bittersweet vegan.

    BLOGGER WE LOVE 50 Our quiz in each issue where we ask one of our creative people the tough questions about love, life and whether or not theyd want to win an Oscar or an Olympic gold medal.


    Tough name to say, easy food to eat. We check in at the intersection of good tasting food and good taste in design in The Big Easy.


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    Editor-in-Chief Ryan Brinson Editor at Large Julie Freeman

    Design/Decor Editor Lisa Sorenson Culture Editor Rachael Mariboho Business & Audience Development Manager Sarah Rotker

    Cartoonist Ben Humeniuk Social Media Team: Jessica Acklen

    Cover Photography by Ryan Brinson

    Contributors: Danielle Milam Nathan Robins Alex Wright Amy Stone Holly Renner Colton Scally

    Featured Photographers: Matt Tolbert

    All articles and photos are the property of the writers and artists. All rights reserved.

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    know about it as it happens

    bliPsBLEEPThe number of bad plays running in New

    York at any given time is staggering, but once in a while, a truly brilliant work of theatre emerges. Cybourne Park already proved its a force to be reckoned with by winning the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for drama but its just now getting to show Broadway audiences why.

    Clybourne Park isnt your average play about racial inequality. Its a poignant look at the ever-changing face of racism over decades of time. But what sets this play apart from so many heavy and over-labored plays about race is that this play is a comedy. Its hysterical and shocking in a way that makes the audience feel they shouldnt be laughing at the joke but cant help themselves.

    The brilliance of Bruce Norris play is the balance between the harsh reality of past and present racial tensions and the comedy in the cast of characters. It blends and mixes in a way that allows the audience to breathe in the story, and more importantly, to really consider it.

    clybourne park

    FoLLow bleep

    Cast member you wont be able to take your eyes off of: Christina Kirk

    Why: She steals the show even when shes not in the center of the action. More than just comic relief, Christina is the glue that keeps the characters together.

    p DONTMISS ITwith all the broadway shows

    opening before the tony cut-off, we sift through

    some of the biggest and highlight the

    artists you should be looking out for.

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    clybourne park

    taking the leap

    Cast member you wont be able to take your eyes off of: Angela Grovey

    Why: While the ensemble is the star of Leap of Faith, its Angela Grovey that made me feel the spirit. She doesnt need to be the main character because when she starts dancing, she is the most charismatic person on stage.

    The problem with Ghost is a simple lack of editing. Its just too much. Having said that, the ensemble is a terrific group of dancers, Caissie Levy and Richard Fleeshman are both stellar and the production utilizes video screens better than any show has before. Its a hit in London and may be here too.


    Cast members you wont be able to take your eyes off of: Carly Hughes and Moya Angela

    Why: DaVine Joy Randolph is earning the accolades for her brilliant turn as Oda Mae Brown, but its Carly and Moya that bring her scenes to life. They are the dynamic duo of the psychics office and they never miss a beat. Ill go as far to say that Carly and Moya deserve their own spin-off show.

    Continuing the slew of films being turned into Broadway musicals, Leap of Faith is the story of a crooked pastor scamming his way through small towns church folk. Raul Esparza may be the main draw of the show, but the true star here is the ensemble. The choir is the pulse and redemption of this gospel show.


    Cast member you wont be able to take your eyes off of: Aleks PevecWhy: Audiences may be flocking to see Ricky Martin and Elena Roger star in the superb revival of the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic, but in the large (and very talented) ensemble, its Aleks that will captivate you. He dances as if its the first and only time he will ever take that stage, and that unbridled exuberance is what makes him so dynamic to watch.

    Of all the revivals on Broadway this season, perhaps Evita is the most true-to-form. No gimmicks, no forced technology and no overwrought reworking, Evita succeeds in the strength of the cast, Rob Marshalls choreography and the timeless music thats made Evita a classic.

    peter and the starcatcher

    Cast members you wont be able to take your eyes off of: Well..the entire cast actually.Why: This show breaks with conventional stage shows in that the line between the ensemble and the principle cast is nearly indistinguishable. While they each have specific characters to play, the entire cast spends most of the play on stage, working together to create the scenes, transitions and story that make this show so brilliant.

    Its brilliant. Just go see it.


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    The Broadway Inspirational Voices (BIV) is a choir made up of singers from the Broadway community and are committed to providing children access to high quality and engaging music arts programs and resources. Beginning on May 9, 2012, Broadway Inspirational Voices will be holding an online auction to raise funds for these valuable arts education outreach programs. The auction will last for 15 days. The fund-raising drive culminates on May 24th, shortly after our Spring Concerts on May 20th & 21st.

    Contact us at to take advantage of promotional opportunities for your business or to pledge your individual support.

    broadway wants you to bid

    scott alan: live at birdlandScott Alan has made his name for himself for writing

    songs that singers like to sing. Across the country, Broadway-hopefulls have been singing his songs and uploading videos to YouTube. That culminated in Alans first live album recording at Birdland in New York City on April 30th.

    Flanked by some of Broadways most talented singers, Alan unleashed a best-


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