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  • Blackwood Primary School Nursery Class

    Pre-School Talk August 2015*

  • Nursery Staff

    Ms. McMillan(Head Teacher)

    Mrs. Hogg (Depute Head responsible for Nursery)

    Mrs. Strom (Nursery Teacher)

    Mrs. Gilmour (Early Years Team Leader)

    Mrs. Curley (Early Years Worker Ladybird Group)

    Ms. Kelly/Miss McCall (Early Years Workers Butterfly Group)

    Ms. Marshall(Early Years Worker Spider Group)

    Miss Middleton (Early Years Worker Busy Bee Group)

    Miss Morgan(Early Years Worker Caterpillar Group)


  • Nursery Hours

    Morning Sessions 8.45 am 11.55am.Doors open at 11.45am for collection

    Afternoon Sessions 1pm 4.10pmDoors open at 4pm for collection

    Drop off and collection are within the session times!

    Please make sure that the members of staff know who iscollecting your child. Please inform Mrs. Gilmour who will write the changes in the red book!*

  • Nursery Toy Fund

    The weekly charge is still 2.50 per week.

    Parents/carers are requested to register with Parent Pay and pay the money to the nursery online if you have a problem please speak to Mrs. Strom.

    The money is used to buy snack, resources and pay for trips.


  • Becoming a member of the Nursery Circle termly meetings during the Nursery day rotates between morning and afternoon.

    Joining the Parent Council meet monthly normally the first Wednesday in the month.

    Helping with the lending library(PVG required).

    Accompanying your child on outings.

    Supporting fundraising eventsHow can I help?*

  • Independence

    Actively encourage your child to put on and take off their own jacket and shoes and put their outdoor shoes in their shoe box. Shoes with velcro are easier for children to put on and off!

    Actively encourage your child to find their own badge on the snack table at the start of the nursery session. This encourages name recognition.

    Actively encourage your child to self-register using their snack card. This encourages independence skills. Your child may need to self-register in primary one.

    Encourage your child to remember to go to the toilet at nursery and wash their hands afterwards. Encourage your child to blow their own nose. These are good hygiene skills to develop for going to school.


  • Toileting

    Children in the playroom go to the toilet by themselves. Towards the final term we will start to use the school toilets to get the children used to going to the boys or girls toilets.

    Accidents a member of staff will change them if permission has been given. As the year progresses we will be encouraging the children to start to change themselves.

    Please make sure your child has a spare change of clothes in their bag.

    If your child is still in nappies or pull ups please speak to Mrs. Gilmour.

  • Nursery CurriculumCurriculum for Excellence Early Level this level will continue in primary one. Information about outcomes and experiences will be sent to your childs primary school.

    Photographs of what the children have been doing at Nursery will continue to be displayed in the playroom but will also be found in the individual achievement folders. The achievement folders will be sent home twice during this year.

    Floor book showing what the children have been doing in the Nursery will be out regularly on the snack table at the start of the session. Please talk to your child about what they have been learning.

    The cloakroom will contain the learning experiences we will be concentrating on during the focuses. We will also be asking for activities we could include in upcoming focuses.

    The monthly nursery rhymes link into the handwriting programme that the children will be involved in in primary one.


  • Nursery DaySetting up the playroom with the children

    Welcome Time

    Free Play staff planned learning experiences

    Tidy up Time

    Together Time e.g. stories, songs

    Group Activity Time e.g. looking at achievement folders, news time, social time, tooth brushing


  • End of the SessionThe children will be sitting in their groups at the end of the Nursery session and the children should be signed out and then collected from their key worker.

    Please use this time to speak to your childs key worker about any concerns or information that you would like to know about your childs progress.

    Letters will generally be given out at the end of the session. We are hoping to put copies of the letters that have been given out on the nursery section of the website.*

  • Outdoor Play

    Please make sure that your child is properly dressed to take part in outdoor activities by making sure that they have the following:

    Sun cream applied before coming to nurserySun hat that protects their head, neck and ears from getting burntA suitable jacket for the weatherHat, scarf and gloves when the weather is coldSuitable outdoor footwear when it is wet and coldPlease make sure all items are labelled with your childs name!*

  • Keeping You InformedWeekly Notice board on snack table and on entrance window

    School and Nursery Newsletters

    Letters about events etc.

    Questionnaires and Question of the Month.

    Nursery section on School website-


  • Who Can Help your Child?

    Speech and Language TherapistMs. AllenEducationalPsychologist Ms. ImrayEarly Years Specialist Support Teacher*

  • Information Sharing Protocol/Named PersonIn order for members of staff to discuss your child with other people an information sharing protocol form must be completed.People we may talk to include speech therapist, health visitor, community paediatrician and educational psychologist.

    We will normally inform you if we are going to speak to other people.

    Each child from 10-14 days until they start school requires a named person under the Children and Young Peoples Bill (2014). This person will be your childs Health Visitor. *

  • Pre-School YearDuring this session your child will be take part in the visual screening programme. All children will be checked unless the parent/carer opts out.

    If you are unsure of your childs catchment primary school, please speak to Mrs. Strom. If you are unsure of the school you may wish your child to go to e.g. please make an appointment to visit the schools.

    Registration for primary school will take place in January 2016. If your child is coming to Blackwood Primary School we will be asking you in December to select an appointment. Other schools will inform us of their own enrolment procedures.


  • Pre-School YearDuring this session if permission has been given fluoride varnish will be applied twice during the year dates will be given when known.

    If your child is a January or February birthday you will be invited to a meeting to discuss your childs progress and whether you wish your child to be considered for a deferred entry to school (your child must be registered for school in January regardless of the decision you may make). If your childs birthday falls out with these months and you are concerned about their readiness for school you can request a meeting with your childs key worker.

    As Mrs. Strom is not group committed she will be working with children to both support and challenge their learning. *

  • First Aid/Medication/Allergy

    Members of staff will treat children if they are hurt and administer medication on completion of medical forms and any necessary training.

    If your child has an accident you will be asked to sign an accident form and given the opportunity to have a copy for your records.

    Medical forms MUST be re-checked and signed every 28 days. It is the adults responsibility to make sure that the medication is in date and not the members of staff.

    Any allergies must be discussed with staff. *

  • General Information

    Car Parking Please do not park in the Staff Car Park. It is advised that you park your car in the Community Car Park and walk round to the Nursery entrance.

    Access to school grounds through gate before the car park (if coming from Thornton Road), crossing with the lollipop person and through gate at front of school or ramp entrance (community entrance). Entrance to the Nursery is through the Nursery entrance which is beside the main school entrance.

    Sickness Policy please phone in if your child is ill. If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea they should be absent from Nursery until they have been clear for 48 hours.


  • General InformationEntering the Nursery please press the buzzer and wait for the click before pulling the door.

    Please make sure that if you are using their own bag that it is small and fits on your childs peg NO LARGE SCHOOL BAGS!

    Children MUST have soft indoor shoes that they have to change into for Nursery. Make sure your childs name is on them and that they fit securely. It is easier if the shoes have velcro! On gym days it is advisable that girls wear trousers.


  • AbsencesIf your child is absent then please either phone the school and leave a message on the school answer machine (01555-892438) or email the school (

    If you know in advance that your child will be absent then please inform Mrs. Gilmour who will give you an absence form to complete.

    We follow SLC Absence Policy if we do not know why your child is absent then you will receive a phone call from the school.

    We follow SLC policy regarding attendance at nursery.


  • Bringing Th