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A Case for BlackStone Discovery!


  • 1.A Case For BL ACK S TON E DISC OVER Y BLACK ST O N E D ISC O VER Y. C O M650. 3 31 . 3 000 2009 Blac kStone Dis c ov ery I nc. Rapi d Response M et hodol ogy i s a t r ademar k of Bl ackSt one D i scover y.

2. E X H I B I T A: Our Rapid Response Methodology RAPID RESPONSE METHODOLOGYIs Your Secret Weapon. We Keep You In Control BlackStone Discoverys proprietary Rapid Response ensures a quick-start and adaptable approach that keeps you in control as requirements change.123 How can our Rapid Response Methodology makeACCELERATE D ELI VER CuS TOMIzEa difference for you? uNDERS TANDING RESuLT S S OLuTIONS By employing a consultative approach to meet your LISTEN Leverage technology Analyze data setunique e-discovery and document management needs. Frameissues Managechanges Guide through options Share best practices Produce data Optimize processBy designing custom solutions for managing your Develop needs analysis Guaranteequality Finalize project designsensitive data sets.24/7 COMMuNICATION AND ADAPTABILITYBy delivering on your requirements, while keeping you, your data, and your team in control. By finding the information that matters.BlackStone Discovery. We turn chaos into control. 3. E-Discovery and Data Analysis Meet and Confer Technology Strategies Data Filtering, Taggingand ProcessingE X H I B I T B:Native File Review Hosted Database Solutions Data Collections and Forensic Services Whatever You Need, Keyword Searching Weve Got Your Back.Workflow and Case Designs Meta Data Identification and Extraction Why do so many of the Top 100 law firms and Fortune 500 companies trust BlackStone Discovery?OCR, Coding and IndexingWe manage the ever-changing landscape of technology so you dont have to.De-duplication of Files and E-mails We deliver a complete range of services (Custodian or Global)from forensic collections through trial support. We provide seasoned project managers that extend yourData Conversion to TIFF and PDF team and deliver your projects on time and on budget. We guarantee our work every step of the way. Blowbacks and Digital Printing BlackStone Discovery. Maximum results. Zero surprises. Import/Export Data to anyDatabase SolutionHigh-Volume and Specialized Copy Services Trial Support: Exhibits and Binders 4. E X H I B I T C:Your Local Discovery Partner That Stands Out From The Rest. We offer the best of Silicon Valley.The expertise to leverage technology for yourgreatest advantage.The 24x7 energy that fits Silicon Valleys entrepreneurial culture.The dedicated team who thinks anything is possible. The camaraderie of professionals who know what it takes to win.BlackStone Discovery. We rest our case.