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security, protection & risk management for private clients


  • security, protection & risk management for private clients

  • London based with international specialist expertise and knowledge.

    Boutique in our approach but global in our thinking & operational capabilities.

  • Blackstone Consultancy is a fast growing, innovative company providing

    tailored security solutions across all aspects of your private & business world.

    Our success is achieved by working in partnership with our clients. By thoroughly understanding your security

    needs & concerns, we work to reduce, avoid or completely remove these risks, with all opportunities maximised.

    Risk management

    Risk is omnipresent and managed daily in all walks of

    life without any conscious effort. However, when

    threat, hazard and loss are perceived, the risk maybe

    unacceptable. Professional experience and judgement

    should be sought to ensure that proportionate counter

    measures are employed to mitigate the risk.

    Blackstone will consider your security concerns and

    define the risk before allocating resources that are

    applicable and effective. We pride ourselves on acting

    in a swift an efficient manner, ensuring that any

    perceived risk, threat or loss is responded to quickly.

    This risk may be avoided or transferred to Blackstone

    as we assume the physical security responsibilities

    through allocating Close Protection or Residential

    Security Teams, conducting risk assessments,

    technical sweeps or reviewing operating procedures.

    Security audit & risk assessment

    If you are unaware of any security risks or threats that

    you may be exposed to, we can conduct a security audit

    and risk assessment reviewing your existing security

    and operating procedures.

    This is a highly recommended and proactive approach

    to ensure any future risk is significantly reduced, or

    completely removed.

    A security audit and risk assessment encompasses all

    aspects of your private and business worldor certain

    elementsincluding physical security for you and your

    family, your property and assets, to ensure your digital

    information and communications are completely


    Wherever in the world our clients security

    is at risk, we are on hand.

    security, protection & risk management for private clients

    Blackstone Consultancy views your security

    requirements as a whole, on a national and

    international scale, offering a service tailored to your

    exacting requirements.

    London based with international specialist expertise and knowledge.

    Boutique in our approach but global in our thinking & operational capabilities.

  • Specialist security services tailored specifically to the requirements of each

    individual or situation.

    Close Protection & Protective Surveillance. Safety for you and your family. Executive Protection. The provision of Close Protection Officers servicing travelling business executives Residence Security Team. Securing your fine art, jewellery, bloodstock, pets and motor vehicles as well as your home and grounds. Security Trained Chauffeurs. Drivers with specialist security background and skills, who are culturally aware and respectful (with prestige hire vehicles if required).

    With high value yachts becoming increasingly popular with our clients, we are able to offer a Maritime Consultancy service that works alongside our shore side operations. With the increased risk of organised crime and restricted areas due to piracy, yacht owners and corporate clients are more cognisant of the need to respond to a multitude of threats. Services range from escorted travel, asset conveyance and ship security officers through to security liaison officers.

    With the threat of corporate espionage and intrusive surveillance on the rise from both media and criminal elements, Blackstone Consultancy offer a specialist service to identify any vulnerabilities in your information and communications systems. If you perceive that you have or are being monitored, we deploy IT investigators and Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Teams, to locate and identify any attack. In addition, we provide secure communication platforms including email, mobile phones and landlines.

    Protective services Technology for

    private property

    Maritime services Information &


    A complete security auditing service which will indentify areas where enhanced security measures are required. We design, supply, install and commission full integrated security systems which provide assurance to their users at all times. Our combined systems give true global security which can be controlled locally or remotely via the internet at all times. We work for our clients on private residences and across any property portfolios around the world.

    security, protection & risk management for private clients

  • specialist security services

  • protective services

  • Blackstone Consultancy employs only the highest calibre of Close Protection Officers. All personnel are Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved, ex Royal Military Police or British Police Specialist Units

    including diplomatic & Royalty protection group.

    Security Trained Chauffeurs & Drivers A professional driver to transport you safely to and from your

    private or business destinations, with the necessary training,

    tactics and procedures in defensive driving, to prevent kidnap

    or attack on the vehicle and risk to passengers.

    Close Protection & Protective surveillance Organised crime gangs and opportunist criminals are active in

    every country today and the risk to wealthy families is a

    growing concern. Close Protection officers will ensure any

    threat or harm to you or your family is mitigated. If preferred,

    we would use Protective Surveillance methods, whereby you

    are observed from a distance allowing you to feel protected and

    safe but this is not apparent or visible to the general public.

    Our clients have included wealthy individuals and families,

    prominent and high profile businessman and royalty.

    Executive Protection Travel to hostile environments, or countries where civil unrest

    poses a high threat to business executives. Blackstone

    Consultancy has current and extensive experience of operating

    within these extreme conditions. From the initial planning,

    intelligence gathering and risk assessment, through to the physical

    protection and safe guidance of personnel, Blackstone protection

    teams will ensure the business is conducted without hindrance,

    allowing the client to focus on the task at hand. Working with both

    business and media executives, recent consultancy work has

    included projects in Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Eastern Europe.

    Residential & Asset Protection Besides to the technical security equipment on your residential

    property, a Residential Security Officer or team can be

    allocated to mitigate against crime and intrusion. A vigilant

    watch is maintained 24 hours a day working in conjunction

    with local law enforcement agencies. Whether a crisis is a

    malicious attack or an accidental fire, the officers respond

    quickly reducing the risk of death, injury and damage. This

    service is available at your main residence or any other

    property that may be left unoccupied of period of time


    High public profile & celebrity protection Blackstone Consultancy has vast experience of working with

    prominent celebrities such as major recording artists and movie

    stars. We offer a discreet, professional service, allowing the

    individual to conduct their daily business or make public

    appearances without fear of threat or harm.

    24/7 protection & security for your private life or business

    anywhere in the world.

    security, protection & risk management for private clients

  • Full turnkey package

    Blackstone Consultancy prides itself on providing a

    comprehensive service supplying the most advanced and

    innovative equipment to secure your home.

    We conduct an in-depth survey, produce detailed reports

    and 3D drawings that result is a full turnkey package to

    supply, install and commission all equipment.

    Whether it is the design and implementation of a panic

    room or the complete revision of existing features

    throughout a residential or commercial property, we

    ensure the correct and appropriates system is installed,

    that is discreet and in keeping with the aesthetic style of

    the property.

    Sophisticated digital technology protecting your private property & valuables.

    Risk Assessment, audit and advice

    If a full system upgrade or new security infrastructure

    design is not required, we offer an assessment and audit