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  • Black & White 2010

    Volume 10, Issue No. 2 February 2010


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    Black & White 2010

    Contributors Loreto Scicluna, writing

    Joseph Sultana, photography

    Paul Stellini, artwork, design consultancy

    Some material was published originally on

    Copyright 2010 Loreto Scicluna and Joseph Sultana for their contributions to this publication.

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    Black & White 2010

    Club honours Zammit Cup


    League Champions

    1969/70, 1970/71, 1971/72, 1972/73, 1973/74


    G.F.A. Cup Winners

    1973/74, 1986/87, 2000/01, 2002/03, 2006/07

    Independence Cup Winners

    1965/66, 1969/70, 1970/71, 1971/72, 1987/88


    Super Cup Winners

    1998/99, 2000/01, 2001/02, 2003/04

    Jum il-Helsien Cup Winners

    1981/82, 2000/01

    Second Division Champions

    1963/64, 1965/66, 1981/82, 1984/85, 1998/99

    Esso Cup Winners

    1958/59, 1970/71, 1971/72

    Galea Cup Winners

    1966/67, 1967/68, 1969/70, 1972/73

    British American Ins. Cup Winners

    1969/70, 1970/71, 1971/72

    Cutajar Cup Winners


    N.S.B. Cup Winners


    N.A.T.O. Cup Winners


    President’s Cup Winners


    Good Conduct Cup Winners

    1966/67, 1988/89, 1992/93, 2005/06

    Contents issue 2

    04 president’s welcome President Mr. Sammy Rapa pre-match message.

    05 phil slater, exclusive column Assistant coach Phil Slater’s column.

    06 the black & white The cover of past editions of the Black & White magazine.

    08 match action & being there Photos and match report from our clash against Kercem A.

    12 fixtures, results & line-ups All the 2009/10 fixtures, results, line-ups and scorers.

    16 the numbers game All the 2009/10 facts and figures you need to know.

    17 youths update A roundup of the Club’s other teams.

    18 the blacks’ story The Galea Cup win in 1966 against Victoria Hotspurs.

    20 head-to-head Introducing our next opponents, Sannat L. and Xewkija T.

    24 meet the blacks We profile veteran Brian Meilak.

    26 the blacks fan zone The Blacks die-hards at the Sannat Ground and Gozo Stadium.


    10 74 YEARS

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    Black & White 2010

    Gheziez kollegi,

    Nibda biex insellem lill-players, lill-coaches, membri tal-Kumitat, u intom tifosi tal-Blacks ghall-mod sportiv li wrejtu nhar il-Hadd fil-loghba tant kombattuta kontra Kercem Ajax. Urejna min ahna u bi sportivita` kuragguza irnexxielna niksbu rebha ohra importanti fil-Kampjonat.

    Pero importanti nifhmu li ghad hemm hafna loghob ghad-disposizzjoni taghna u allura hemm bzonn ta` iktar koncentrazzjoni u support minn kull min ghandu ghal qalbu t-team taghna. Ghaldaqstant, irridu nuru kull maturita` fil-loghba li jmiss kontra c-Champions renjanti, Sannat Lions. Niehu l-opportunita` inheggigkom sabiex taghtu kull support lill-benjamini taghkom. Perswaz li bis-support taghkom, hbieb tieghi, kapaci nimxu flimkien il-mixja li twassalna flimkien ghal skop uniku.

    Filwaqt li nselli ghalikom, nirringrazzjakom minn qalbi, u niltaqghu nhar il-Hamis fil-Gozo Stadium.

    Sammy Rapa

    President, Ghajnsielem F.C.

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    Black & White 2010

    I was asked last week to prepare an article for this magazine and it is both with honour and pride that I do so.

    Let me very quickly provide some details about my past.

    I was born in an Industrial town in the north of England. The town was a main centre for coal-mining and steels works. It was a very tough area and its people were generally quite poor and possessed only the very basic essentials for a simple, yet hard working and honest life style.

    In 1972, I joined the Police Force and served therein for 32 years, until my retirement just over 6 years ago. For 20 years I was a mem- ber of a Murder Squad, which of course, dealt solely with crimes of murder. You can imag- ine, I’m sure, the horrors and sadness that I was confronted with and there is little point in this article, entering into all the graphic details of murder cases.

    My interest, experience and expertise in Pathological matters increased, particularly within the field of “Trauma Injury” (Bullet and knife wounds mainly) and with the help of Police sponsorship, I obtained a Police Di- ploma Doctorate Degree in Forensic Pathol- ogy.

    Whilst my title “Doctor” appears on my Passport and Driving Licence, I think it a little conceited to use it in every day life. I prefer to be called just plain ‘Phil’.

    I had football trials as a 15 year old at Hud- dersfield Town, Newcastle and Aston Villa and prior to joining the Police I was offered an Apprentice Pro place at Aston Villa but my mind was made up….it was the Police for me.

    I played for the British Police team as well as a few non league clubs in England and finished playing in 1995. During my playing days I undertook an FA coaching course and ob- tained a coaching qualification.

    Tragedy struck my personal life 7 years ago and the dream of retirement abroad that my wife and I had jointly held was shattered. Only last year did I feel sufficiently strong to undertake our dream, but sadly, on my own.

    After much research and travelling I decided to live in Ghajnsielem on Gozo. I had never even been to Gozo before! So it was a very nervous person who arrived here on 15th July 2009, not knowing anyone.

    I introduced myself at the football club and very quickly I was appointed coach for the U/14’s squad. Let me state quite clearly, my

    gratitude to that group of boys, who, despite a few minor hiccups, have gone on to become a very good football team and more impor- tantly for me, to become my very special friends.

    Then I was requested to ‘help out’ with the coaching for the 1st team. We are, just now, reaching our full potential. We do have a very realistic chance of winning the championship but at the moment we need to keep our feet on the ground, work hard and take each match as it comes. We will take nothing for granted and I personally, will give 150% effort and commitment to our cause.

    Coaching with the 1st team brought me into contact with Alex Spiteri who has since be- come a valued and trusted friend. Regarding Alex, I want to say this to all of you:- Whether we win the championship or finish bottom of the league, the village of Ghajnsielem will never find a man with so much enthusiasm, loyalty and dedication to it’s football club.

    Recently, I have undertaken to attempt to form a ladies team. There is a league on Gozo for ladies and what pride it would cause if our new team could be champions next season. They have a long way to go yet to reach the required standard but they have been a pleas- ure to work with. They respond to all aspects of training and are improving rapidly. The lady “Blacks” are on the march!

    Ghajnsielem is a special place for me. I can’t give you a good reason why, but it is already in my heart. Make no mistake, my blood already flows “black & white” and, God willing, I intend to be around for many years to come, maintaining an input into both the football club and the village community provid- ing that is, that the football club and village want me to do so. So many people have been unbelievably kind to me. The list is too big to name them all but through this article may I say to you all “Thank you from the bottom of my heart” for the manner in which you have both wel- comed and accepted me.

    Come on you Blacks!!

    Phil Slater

    phil slater exclusive column

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    Black & White 2010

    the BLACK & WHITE through the years

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    Black & White 2010

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    Black & White 2010

    ghajnsielem f.c. 2 Alex Simoncic, Rodrigo Cariaga

    kercem ajax 1 Joseph Debrincat

    G.F.A. First Division, Second Rd.

    Match played at the Gozo Stadium

    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    Referee, Clayton Pisani

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    Black & White 2010

    Ghajnsielem F.C.: 30 Joseph Grech, 3 Ferdinando Apap, 4 David Debattista 5 Alex Simoncic, 6 Joseph Buttigieg (c), 7 Brian Meilak, 9 Joseph Attard, 10 Rodrigo Cariaga 15 Martin Cremona, Stefan Azzopardi (2 Robert Grima), 18 Thiago dos Santos.

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    Black & White 2010

    Ghajnsielem F.C. edged Ker- cem Ajax 2-1 in a tricky en- counter that even at this junc- ture of the season could have compromised the Blacks’ title aspirations. The numerous Blacks supporters at the Gozo Stadium had their eyes focused on one-time nemesis, Alex Si- moncic, the transfer window signing from Nadur Y. The new number 5 in Ghajnsielem’s Starting XI, unfazed by the ex- tra attention, did what he probably expected to do: he led the Blacks to victory. Part of the Serbian midfielder’s reper- toire will only be in display in the coming outings, when the forwards and the supporting midfielders get used to his superior vision and passing range. The team will only benefit from his leader- ship when he feels comfortable enough in the Club to fully assert