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Bite magazine is a business and current affairs magazine for the dental industry. Content is of interest to dentists, hygienists, assistants, practice managers and anyone with an interest in the dental health industry.


<ul><li><p> BiteBETTER BUSINESS FOR DENTISTSISSUE 63, FEBRUARY 2011, $5.95 INC. GST</p><p>PR</p><p>INT </p><p>PO</p><p>ST </p><p>AP</p><p>PR</p><p>OVE</p><p>D N</p><p>O: 2</p><p>5500</p><p>3/07</p><p>512 </p><p>Race to the bushBrad Race has found the future of dental laboratories in outback New South Wales</p><p>Joining forces The pros and cons of joining a multi-discipline super clinic, page 22</p><p>Location, location Whats the best spot for a dental practice? Find out on page 26 </p><p>$100 millionWhat Dental Corporation got for Christmas (plus other news, page 8)</p><p>Tools of the tradeThe tool that makes you almost as good as your therapist, and more </p><p>Stroke! Stroke! How rowing helps make Dr David Houston a better dentist</p></li><li><p>LEDs be independent</p><p>120 Y</p><p>ears</p><p> W&amp;H</p><p>. </p><p>Help </p><p>us su</p><p>ppor</p><p>t SOS</p><p> Child</p><p>rens</p><p> Villa</p><p>ges!</p><p>H</p><p>Regardless of which unit or drive you are using, new Alegra LED turbines light</p><p>your way with their very own light supply. The secret? A built-in generator. The</p><p>light? Neutral, white and pleasing. The downside? No other device comes close by</p><p>comparison. The Alegra LED series: now available from your specialist retailer.</p><p>2010 A-dec Inc. All rights reserved.AA487_Inkredible1442-25</p><p>ChairsDelivery SystemsLightsMonitor MountsCabinetsHandpiecesMaintenanceSterilisationImaging</p><p>For more information Email: 1800 225 010 Visit: </p><p>1442-25_AA_Adv Bite "led's be independent"_1A.indd 1 2/06/10 4:10 PM</p></li><li><p>News &amp; events05. States in disarrayDental Corporations $100 million Christmas present from Fortis Global Health Care Holdings. ALSO THIS MONTH: The US Dept of Heath and Human Services are revising their advice about safe levels of fluoride; the Dental Board issues interim policies on botox and bleaching; and much, much more </p><p>Saving WoodstockThe Race brothers of Race Dental Labs have built the future of dentistry in a historic town in NSW</p><p>18Cover story</p><p>Features</p><p>Your world14. Oral wealth</p><p>A new report has confirmed that if youre </p><p>poor, youve probably also got poor oral health</p><p>Your business22. At your service</p><p>Is the future of dental practices to be part of a </p><p>multi-disciplined teama kind of one-stop shop for health? And if so, is this a </p><p>good thing for dentists?</p><p>27. Sense of placeFinding the best location for </p><p>your dental practice takes more than a flick through </p><p>the real estate pages. Heres where to start...</p><p>Your tools10. New products</p><p>ART by Riskontrol; the InSafe Dental syringe; the </p><p>new Quaz Printer; the W&amp;H Lisa 500; the Alegra HS LED EDT 205 and the </p><p>Owandy-RX are all covered</p><p>31. Tools of the tradeThe long lasting Orascoptic Zeon Apollo light; the quick and easy Einstein intraoral </p><p>camera; the easy-to-use and powerful Orthophos XG3; and the Hu-Friedy </p><p>EXD 11/12 calculus detection probe are all </p><p>reviewed this month</p><p>Your life34. Passions </p><p>Dentist and rowing coach Dr David Houston, of John </p><p>Street Dental, Redcliffe, Queensland, talks about </p><p>his glory days of university rowing, and how the sport prepared him for dentistry</p><p>Contents03</p><p>Issue 63 / February 2011</p><p>14</p><p>Bite 3</p><p> Editorial Director Rob JohnsonSub-editor Lucy RobertsonContributors Sharon Aris, Nicole Azzopardi, Kerryn Ramsey, Lucy Robertson, Maureen Shelley, Gary SmithCreative Director Tim DonnellanCommercial Director Mark BrownFor all editorial or advertisingenquiries:Phone (02) 9660 6995 Fax (02) 9518 5600</p><p> 4.08, The Cooperage 56 Bowman Street Pyrmont NSW 2009</p><p>Bite magazine is published 11 times a year by Engage Media, ABN 50 115 977 421. Views expressed in Bite magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher, editor or Engage Media.</p><p>Printing by Superne Printing.</p><p>7,624 - CAB Audited as at September 30, 2010</p><p>34</p><p>10</p><p>31</p><p>27</p><p>This month</p><p>05</p><p>PH</p><p>OT</p><p>OG</p><p>RA</p><p>PH</p><p>Y: </p><p>RIC</p><p>HA</p><p>RD</p><p> BIR</p><p>CH</p></li><li><p>CareDent Pty LtdUnit 2, 27-29 Salisbury Rd Hornsby NSW 2077P: (02) 9987 4891 F: (02) 9476 6629 Toll Free: 1800 800 303E: W:</p><p>Soft and flexible wire-free InterBrush made from TPE gently removes plaque and food particles</p><p>Ideal for cleaning crowns, bridges, implants and all interproximal areas</p><p>free InterBrushsample enclosed</p><p>Now available in Woolworths, Coles, Franklins, Priceline, Caltex and leading pharmacies</p><p>The Wire-Free Interdental Brush</p><p>Retail Pack - 7100Box 6 (20 brushes) $35.75</p><p>Professional Pack - 7115Box 36 (10 brushes) $99.00</p><p>Professional Pack Customised - C7115Min 144 (10 brushes) $2.75ea</p><p>Buy 2 Get 1 Free </p><p>*Same type - Offer valid until 28th Feb 2011</p><p>*</p></li><li><p>Bite 5</p><p>A large Singapore-based private healthcare group has bought a minority stake in Dental Corporation</p><p>Just before Christmas, Dental Corporation Holdings Limited announced a strategic partner-ship with Singapore based Fortis Global Healthcare Hold-</p><p>ings Pte Ltd. Fortis Global Healthcare will invest A$100 million to acquire a minority interest in Dental Corporation. The funds will be used by Dental Corporation to continue to expand its network of pre-mium dental practices across Australia and New Zealand. </p><p>Since partnering with its rst practice in October 2007, Dental Corporation has grown to now own and operate 139 dental practices across Australia and New Zealand with annualised revenue in excess of A$250million.</p><p>Fortis Global Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd is owned by Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh. They also own a majority stake in the Indian-listed Fortis Healthcare Limited, a leading private hospital chain in India.</p><p>Fortis Global Healthcare is focused on the creation of an international healthcare business and in October 2010 became the largest primary healthcare provider in Hong Kong. Mr Mark Evans, execu-tive chairman and co-founder of Dental Corporation, said, The investment by Fortis is a fantastic outcome for our busi-ness and follows an extensive process to introduce the best strategic partner with the vision and nancial strength to assist us deliver our long term growth plans.</p><p>The Fortis investment will allow us to continue to expand in Australia and New Zealand and should present opportuni-ties in Asia through the Fortis network.</p><p>Dr Ray Khouri (B.D.S.), executive di-rector and co-founder of Dental Corpora-tion, adds, It is a tremendous opportu-nity to partner with an organisation with </p><p>core values and vision so closely aligned with our own. This will inevitably result in a further enrichment of positive health-care outcomes to our patients.</p><p>This business alignment will add value to both our existing business operations and the dentists within the Dental Corpo-ration Group through the sharing of intel-lectual property and a cross pollination of ideas on an international platform.</p><p>Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh, executive chairman of Fortis Global Healthcare, said: Dental Corporation is a premier dental care brand in Australia within an industry which is highly fragmented and individualistic. We believe that there are tremendous opportunities for expansion in Dental Corporation, both in Australia, New Zealand and beyond, and we will support the management and profes-sionals in realising such growth. </p><p>Dental Corp. co-founder Dr Ray Khouri says the Fortis investment will add value.</p><p>Dental Corp gets $100m Christmas present</p><p>New scientific assessments and actions on fluoride</p><p>The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have announced changes to their recommenda-tions about levels of uoride in drinking water. HHS is proposing that the recommended level of uoride in drinking water can be set at the lowest end of the current optimal range to prevent tooth decay, and EPA is initiating a review of the maximum amount of uoride allowed in drinking water.</p><p>In a joint press release, the agencies said these actions will maximise the health benets of water uoridation. HHS proposed recommendation of 0.7 mil-ligrams of uoride per litre of water replaces the current recommended range of 0.7 to 1.2 milligrams. This updated recom-mendation is based on recent EPA and HHS scientic assessments to balance the benets of prevent-ing tooth decay while limiting any unwanted health effects. These scientic assessments will also guide EPA in making a determina-tion of whether to lower the maxi-mum amount of uoride allowed in drinking water, which is set to prevent adverse health effects.</p><p>The new EPA assessments of uoride were undertaken in re-sponse to ndings of the National Academies of Science (NAS). At EPAs request, in 2006 NAS re-viewed new data on uoride and issued a report recommending that EPA update its health and ex-posure assessments to take into account bone and dental effects. In addition, HHS also considered current levels of tooth decay and dental uorosis and uid con-sumption across the US.</p><p>05</p><p>News bites</p></li><li><p>6 Bite</p><p>Australian dentists now have access to the latest advances in quality LED-equipped handpieces, which can be used on just about any dental unit without costly upgrades to the delivery system</p><p>New handpiece makes LED affordable</p><p>-dec this month launched the European-designed and manufactured Alegra self-generating LED+ high speed handpiece from W&amp;H. The Alegra joins the popular W&amp;H Synea LED, which pioneered the concept of LED-</p><p>equipped handpieces in 2007.W&amp;H Product Manager at A-dec, Mr Shal Haz, said </p><p>feedback to date from dentists making the switch to W&amp;H LED handpieces, was that they would never go back to a conventional halogen or non-illuminated handpiece.</p><p>Mr Haz said W&amp;H was the rst to incorporate LED technology into dental handpieces and despite the later advent of other forms of LED type lighting systems, W&amp;Hs new LED+ technology was clearly superior in the quality of light produced. The LED+ technology used in the new Alegra high speed represents yet another breakthrough from W&amp;H as the handpiece generates its own power (through an internal dynamo) to produce energy for the inbuilt LED.</p><p>This means dentists can have the absolute best daylight quality light-equipped handpiece without the need for spending additional money on bre optic couplings or light-equipped motors. This can add up to a signicant saving across an entire surgery.</p><p>W&amp;H has patented its method of producing LED and has by far the best light output and highest colour rendering index of any dental light source available.</p><p>The quality of light is especially invaluable to the examination of soft tissue and suspect lesions on acclusal surfaces and also for colour matching of composites and veneers as the light produced by the LED+ is the same colour as natural daylight.</p><p>This feature, together with the optimal position of the LED light near the head and W&amp;Hs extremely narrow head prole provides a much clearer view of the oral cavity than other handpieces. Not only that, but W&amp;H handpieces, including the latest Alegra LED+, are the among the most powerful and quietest available, making them easier to use for the dentist and more comfortable for the patient.</p><p>Mr Haz said W&amp;H invented the modern handpiece in 1895 and had never stopped innovating. W&amp;H is the most </p><p>respected handpiece manufacturer in Europe and while its designs have often been emulated by others, they have never been matched in quality, features and reliability.</p><p>W&amp;H instruments are simply second to none in performance, which is why they are so widely used in private practice, hospitals and teaching institutions around the world.</p><p>In recognition of this, A-dec has chosen W&amp;H as the original equipment supplier of handpieces for A-dec dental units, which feature inbuilt electronic touchpads that can be automatically programmed to the individual handpieces attached to the dental unit.</p><p>W&amp;H also produced the rst exclusive B-Type benchtop sterilizer for the dental market the W&amp;H Lisa, and A-dec has just released the newest version, the Lisa Automatic.</p><p>In addition to its exclusive B-Type cycles, the Lisa Automatic automatically senses load size, resulting in quicker cycles for small loads and eliminates the potential for errors in manually determining the required cycle lengths for larger loads, Mr Haz said.</p><p>More information is available from A-dec dealers. To nd your nearest one, go to or phone A-dec toll free on 1800 225 010. </p><p>06 </p><p>News from our partners</p><p>Diamond Sapphire</p><p>Ruby</p><p>Expe r i en</p><p>WEBSITE SOLUTIONS FOR DENTISTS</p><p>The Alegra represents another breakthrough in LED technology.</p><p>SMS Reminders and RecallsSave 15 hours*</p><p>monthly administration</p><p></p><p>Find out more about EXACTVisit us at the 34th Australian Dental CongressBrisbane Convention &amp; Exhibition CentreThursday 31 March Sunday 3 April 2011Booths 22, 23, 33, 34</p><p>Australia Oasis National Support Centre, Suite 1137 Heatherdale Road, Ringwood, Victoria 3134, Australia Phone: 1300 889 668 Email: sales@soeidental.comNew Zealand Unit A3, 34 Triton Drive, Albany, North Shore 0632, New Zealand Phone: 0800 930 171 Email:</p><p>*Based on statistics from recent case studies</p></li><li><p>SMS Reminders and RecallsSave 15 hours*</p><p>monthly administration</p><p></p><p>Find out more about EXACTVisit us at the 34th Australian Dental CongressBrisbane Convention &amp; Exhibition CentreThursday 31 March Sunday 3 April 2011Booths 22, 23, 33, 34</p><p>Australia Oasis National Support Centre, Suite 1137 Heatherdale Road, Ringwood, Victoria 3134, Australia Phone: 1300 889 668 Email: sales@soeidental.comNew Zealand Unit A3, 34 Triton Drive, Albany, North Shore 0632, New Zealand Phone: 0800 930 171 Email:</p><p>*Based on statistics from recent case studies</p></li><li><p>Dental Board tackles Botox and BleachingThe Dental Board of Austra-lia issued two new interim policies, regarding use of Botox and teeth whitening or bleaching. Whilst advis-ing that it will continue to monitor both products, the board says the policies have been issued as an interim measure. The boards Botox policy supports the use of botulism toxin (Botox) by registered dentists with education, training and com-petence for the treatment of Temporomandibular joint disorder/dysfunction.</p><p>The issues surrounding the use of botulism toxin (Botox) and dermal llers are </p><p>complex and the regulatory environment that existed across states and territories prior to the commencement of the national registration and accreditation scheme varied, the board said in announcing the policy.</p><p>When announcing the policy on teeth bleaching, the board said, Teeth whiten-ing/bleaching, is an irrevers-ible procedure on the human teeth and any tooth whiten-ing/bleaching products con-taining more than six per cent concentration of the active whitening/bleaching agent, should only be used by a registered dental practitioner with education, training and competence in teeth whiten-ing/bleaching. </p><p>FDA ip ops on amalgamAlthough its been about 18 months since they last pro-claimed it safe, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been hearing evi-dence about whether amal-gam llings are safe. The new hearings have come about after four consumer advocacy organisations have mounted a challenge to the FDAs March 2009 ruling. They cite a range of new studies that point to neurological conditions and even Alzheimers disease as consequences of some pe...</p></li></ul>