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  • Biotechnology today and tomorrow Fashions come and go in science and technology as in other fields of human cndcavour. Of late. biotechnology has been doubly in vogue. On the one hand it was to revolutionize manufac- turing industry and create a new era of prosperity: on the other, it was a genie to be kept firmly in its bottle for fear that it would unleash monsters capable of destroying mankind. In the course of time, as the dust settled and the im- plications became clearer. a more ba- lanced view began to emerge and it is now po\sihle to form a reasoned judg- ment of both the promise and the limitations of biotechnology. A suc- cinct evaluation of present achievement and a prediction of future develop- ments has lately appeared under the imprint of the Committee of Scientific and Technological Policy of the Orga- nlxation for Economic Co-operation and I~c\~clo(,mcnt. The