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<ol><li> 1. Biostatistician Jobs Title: Biostatistician: Help The Society and Earn Pocketful Contributing to a social cause and getting a lump sum salary in return is a rare opportunity. The combination of mathematic and statistics can create this magic in real. Biostatistician Jobs gets this taste of fulfillment. The average age of the global population is growing rapidly and new health problems are cropping up every day. The pharmaceutical companies are in a continuous process to find cure for those diseases. They are also trying to make the existing medicines more efficient with fewer side effects. And for this process they recruit teams of scientists and to help them with the process analysis there is the statisticians. Developing medicines includes a process called Clinical Trial. It is a biomedical and a behavioral test done on human subjects to determine the effect of the medicines or any therapy. It requires for a statistical study of the process and that is where biostatisticians become relevant. The job of a biostatistician is to provide the doctors or the scientists with mathematical analysis of the tests that verify the effect and the outcome of a new medicine. Apart from being a intellectually job it also offers quite an amount as salary. Biostatistics is a specialized field of work. One has to have a background of statistics and mathematics. Lets have a brief overview of the responsibilities of a biostatistician. First of all, a biostatistician prepares data through which the respective company can evaluate various aspects of newly created drug. Second, they have to maintain a statistical record for future reference and to provide them to the company or any client. Third, a biostatistician analyses data to support the research process. To be precise, a biostatistician takes care of all the statistical and mathematical part of a research. Biostatistician Jobs is not only satisfying but also rewarding. But it is hard to find the right job when there is a vacancy. To solve this issue JobAnts has brought forth a smart solution. They have created an exclusive database of Biostatistician Jobs where one can find the right vacancy. One can search jobs by location, experience etc. There are some unique features that can help ones resume stand out from the rest. The jobseeker can upload a video or an audio file and through that can talk about oneself. It shows the eagerness of the candidate and also adds genuineness to the candidates profile. Through their facebook app one can communicate directly with the companies. Not only the candidates but the employers do have some advantages. The pain of sorting out the right resumes out of hundreds of resumes has been simplified by JobAnts. So finding the best opportunities in your own town is just a click away. Follow this link to view more details:- </li></ol>