biomes. terrestrial aquatic lg. region --- terrestrial or aquatic regions encompassing many...

Download Biomes. terrestrial aquatic Lg. region --- terrestrial or aquatic regions encompassing many interacting ecosystems Place w/similar climate, soil, plants,

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  • Biomes

  • Lg. region --- terrestrial or aquatic regions encompassing many interacting ecosystemsPlace w/similar climate, soil, plants, and animals, regardless of where it occurs on Earth.

    A biome is commonlynamed for its plant coverBiomes

  • Terrestrial Biomes

    1) Tropical Rain Forest2) Tropical Dry Forest3) Tropical Savanna4) Desert5) Temperate Grasslands6) Temperate Woodland/Shrubland7) Temperate Forest8) Northwestern Coniferous9) Boreal Forest10) TundraAquatic Biomes

    1) Intertidal Zone2) Riparian3) Pond4) Coral Reef5) Kelp Forest

  • Biotic factorsAbiotic factorslivingNot livingaircloudssun

  • Climate

    long-term pattern of weather conditions in a specific area.

    Avg. temp.RainSunlight windhumidity

  • The 3 main zones are PolarTropicaltemperate climates.

  • The angle of the Suns rays affects a biomes climate.

    Earths tilt affects seasonal change in biomes.

  • Still with the organization..BiosphereEcosystemCommunityPopulationThe part of Earththat contains allecosystemsCommunity and its nonliving surroundingsPopulations thatlive together in a defined areaGroup of organisms of onetype that live in the same areaBiosphereHawk, snake, bison, prairie dog, grass, stream, rocks, airHawk, snake, bison, prairie dog, grassBison herdspeciespopulationcommunityecosystembiospherebiome

  • Organism

  • Population

  • Community

  • Ecosystem

  • Biome

  • a species that has is KEY to its ecosystem.Keystone Species

  • Remember.habitatnichecompetitionpredation

  • Remember.Symbiotic RelationshipsmutualismcommensalismparasitismShark and Remora

  • Biomes Poster Project



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