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  • The Biomedical Engineering Society, or BMES is both a professional and social organization for students interested in biomedical engineering. The organization strives to promote camaraderie and coherence between members of the biomedical engineering community, to increase awareness of the growing field of BME, and to open the doors of opportunity to our members.

    Membership is open to all students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin regardless of their area of study.

  • President: Abhijith Kudva (

    Vice President:Armin Aliefendic (

    Treasurer:Maria (

    Webmaster: Oliver Zhou (

    Secretary: Tony Sun(

    Public Relations: Farha Butt (

    Publicity: Ross Malik(

    Social Coordinator: Laura Puckett (

  • If you want to join BMES, come to any of our meetings. Meetings are held bi-monthly on Wednesday nights beginning September 10th at 7:00 pm RLM 7.104. And remember, there's free food! Dues are $12 a year or $20 a year, including a BMES t-shirt. T-shirts alone are $10.

  • Sept 17 - Bowling at Union Underground 6-8pm

    October 10 - Movie Night in conference room in the NEW BME BUILDING!! beginning at 7 pm.

    November 7- Broomball with Beta Mu Epsilon November 28- End of semester party!! BBQ! Mmmm..TASTY!

    Also, be on the look out for our service events too!

  • Just $3 to play for the entire season!

    IM Football begins September 14- 1 game a week at wed @8 pm. CO-ED B league

    Volleyball begins : October 13 - 1 game a week @7pm. CO-ED C League.

    Please come out and join your athletic BMES teams!

  • October 16th (Thurs): Grilled cheese sandwich. This is our flagship fundraiser. It is a quick grab and go grilled cheese sandwich that we make on the spot. They are delicious and engineers love it!

    November 14th (Fri): Taco Cabana Fundraiser. Come on out with your friends to the Taco Cabana on MLK and enjoy a great Taco C meal! A certain percentage of the receipt goes towards BMES.

    We will send out reminders as well as information about our other fundraising opportunities as well!

  • Fireside Chats: Great way to get to know your BME professors outside the academia world. We pay for about 6 to 7 members to go have lunch at Posse East and have a relaxed conversation about anything and everything.

    Guest Speakers: During our meetings through out the year , we will have guest speakers from all spectrums of the BME world. Industry, grad students, med school and law school student who took BME and are now in their respective fields, will come give you a little bit of dos and donts .

  • The Freshman Rep position is still open.

    Requirements: Outgoing, ready to take on responsibility, and of course be a freshman.

    Email Abhi at after 9pm today to sign up. First 5 people to sign up will be on the ballot.

    Prepare a 1 min speech about why we should select you. We will see who survives and who gets voted off!

  • 1 Chair of President.2 Chairs of VP 2 Fundraising Chairs.

    Responsibility: Help the officer put events together and make sure everything is set and runs smoothly .

    Application deadline: Email to Armin or slip it underneath ENS142B door by the Monday before next meeting. Decisions will be announced during the next meeting.

  • Sept22nd -24th.

    Engineering Career Fair! Open to all!

    One of the largest student run career fairs in the nation.

    Volunteer at EXPO as a corporate liaison.

  • Reminders:

    Next meeting on Sept 24th @ 7pm. RLM 7.104

    Chair Applications due by Monday 22nd. Email Armin at or slip underneath ENS142B.

    Freshman Rep!

    EXPO 2008!!!



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