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2. OVERVIEW Biomass isbasically anorganicmaterial, which includes wood, cropresidues, solid waste,animalwastes, sewage, and waste from foodprocessing Biomass gasifier benefits rural poor andthe industrial sector on regular basis and isunderstood easily by every dayusers, whether it is a Farm orHouse, Hospital or a Clinic or a Factory 3. WHAT IS BIOMASS GASIFIER Biomass Gasifier is a thermo-chemical reactor where Biomass gasification takes place which is a conversion of solid fuels (Wood & Agricultural waste etc) into a combustible gas mixture normally called "Producer gas". 4. INVENTION OF DR.SUDHIRPULORIA Product:Biomass Gasifier Range: Rs.3000 Rs.15000 Types: Simple natural gasifier Forced draft 5. Simple Natural Gasifier Price:Rs 8000 Pay Back Period: 100 days Wood consumption : Very high Smoke/Fume: Very high Fuel used: Agro based ( Cotton, soyahusk) 6. Forced Draft Price:Rs 15000 Pay back period: 60 days Wood consumption: Less as compared tosimple natural gasifier Characteristics: more systematic ash removal system from down works on ac blower where primary and secondary combustion takes place 7. ADVANTAGES Thesesystems basically convert woodybiomass /agricultural wastes like rice-husk,coconut waste etc into a combustiblegas which can be used in a number ofways:1. Burnt like a convenient gaseous fuel through appropriate burners in case of thermal applications.2. Fed into gasoline engines (S.I. Engines) to replace gasoline etc. 8. CHALLENGES Availability of land Construction Collectionof agro waste for theproduction Viable only in the rural areas where ampleraw material is available 9. OPPORTUNITIES IDENTIFIEDIn villages- this model can be substituted in the aata chakki shopsIn Naxalite area the power supply is absent. Hence, government can subsidize the gram panchayat to have this model as a substitute for the generators which are expensiveIt can replace fuels like:1. Coal2. Kerosene3. Electricity 10. USP Uses natural resource like solar energy-saving energy and cost Uses machinery parts available in the ruralmarket 11. PROJECT FUTURE Futureis bright as the natural resourcesare depleting at a faster pace. Especiallycoal and hence it can be substituted Also, electricity demand is high and thesupply is comparatively low. Thus, thismodel can help in fulfilling the differencein demand and supply 12. Benefits to the society Offersa sustainable option to all the ruralpeople because they can run the gasifierand all the farm waste Nowadays all the farmers burn their farmgrasses to clean it for the next use So 1 acre of farm land waste can sustain50 families


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