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BINOCULAR VISION & STRABISMUS QUARTERLY (ISSN 1088-6281), the "loftiest scientific journal in the world"is published at an altitude of 9100 feet above sea level, in the shadow of the Continental Divide, in SummitCounty, Colorado, by BINOCULUS PUBLISHING, PO Box 3727, 740 Piney Acres Circle, Dillon CO 80435-3727USA; Tel and FAX 970-262-0753. A Medical Scientific E-Periodical. Webmaster: Justin Patnode, Webez.netInternet Services, Dillon, Colorado. Official publication date January 1, 2007.

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The designation of individual issues is by the quarter, not the season, because seasons are never the same,but opposite, in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The seasons are however designated on the coverwith the Northern season on the top and, inverted below, the current season in the Southern hemisphere.

Bin ocula r Vis ion & S trab ism us Qu arte rly EDITORIAL BOARD First Quarter of 2007, Vo lume 22 (No.1): PAGE 2

Leonard AptRobert W. ArnoldE.S. Avetisov, RussiaJohn D. BakerP. Vital Berard, FranceFrank Billson, AustraliaMichael C. BrodskyJorge A. Caldeira, BrazilAlberto O. Ciancia, ArgentinaKenneth J. CiuffredaDavid K. CoatsJeffrey CooperJan-T H.N. de Faber, NetherlandsJay M. EnochCaleb GonzalezMichael H. Graf, GermanyDavid GuytonEugene M. HelvestonRichard W. HertleCreig S. HoytDavid G. HunterEdouard Khawam, LebanonLionel Kowal, Australia

Stephen P. Kraft, CanadaKrystyna Krzystkowa, PolandJoseph Lang, SwitzerlandMalcolm L. MazowHenry S. MetzJoel MillerJames L. Mims IIIScott E. OlitskyGian Paolo Paliaga, ItalyEvelyn A. PaysseZane F. PollardJulio Prieto-Diaz, ArgentinaEdward L. RaabMichael X. RepkaJames D. ReynoldsDavid L. Romero-Apis, MexicoAlan B. ScottKurt SimonsAnnette Spielmann, FranceDavid R. Stager, Sr.Martin J. Steinbach, CanadaDavid S.I. Taylor, EnglandGuillermo Velez, ColombiaBruce C. Wick

M. Edward Wilson, Jr.Kenneth W. Wright


Shinobu Awaya, Japan

Henderson Almeida, Brazil

Bruno Bagolini, Italy

Albert W. Biglan

William N. Clarke, Canada

John S. Crawford

Robert A. Crone,


Eugene R. Folk

David A. Hiles

David Hubel

Bela Julesz

Herbert Kaufmann, Germany

Philip Knapp

Burton J. Kushner

Pinhas Nemet, Israel

J.V. Plenty, United Kingdom

Robert D. Reinecke

William E. Scott

R. Lawrence Tychsen


Fresnel Prism and Lens Co. Page 1 (front cover)Burton J. Kushner's Grand Rounds Collection Pages 4-5

Gunter K. von Noorden's History of Strabismology Pages 4-5

Eugene M. Helveston's Surgical Management of Strabismus Pages 4-5

British, Irish and American Orthoptic Journals Page 13

... the belief that ones view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions ...-Watzlawick, 1976

EDITOR ISSN 1088-6281 First Quarter of 2007Paul E. Romano, M.D., M.S.O TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume 22, Number 1

MEDLINE Abbr. Binocul Vis Strabismus Q NLM ID: 9607281

6 The History of Binocular Vision and Strabismus Quarterly10 Advice and Information for Authors11 Brian D. Stidham, M.D., Memorial Lectureship12 2007 Meeting Calendar14 People and Places; News and Announcements

15 EDITORIAL: Here We Go, Charging Full Throttle and Headlong Into the Internet.Binocular Vision and Strabismus Quarterly Stops the Presses! All But Totally and Re-Establishes Its Old Website at

BINOCULARVISION.NET for Continuing E-Publication of this Now E-Periodical

Paul E. Romano, M.D., M.S. Ophthalmology


17 Relative Scotomata in the Normal Eye of Functionally Amblyopic Patients. A Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) Microperimetric Study

David A. Johnson, M.D., Ph.D.

49 Long Term Vision Outcomes of Conventional Treatment of Strabismic and Anisometropic Functional Amblyopia

Pam Garoufalis, BOrth(Hons), Zoran Georgievski, BAppScOrth(Hons) and Konstandina Koklanis, Ph.D.


57 Strabology Report of the 2nd Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Day:An Extravaganza in Las Vegas, November 2006Meeting Organized and Directed by Kenneth Wright, M.D.

Meeting Reported by Sonal Farzavandi, FRCS

BINOCULAR VISION & STRABISMUS QUARTERLYThe First and Original International Scientific Periodical devoted to

Strabismus and AmblyopiaCited Online in MEDLINE and EMBASE; Cited in INDEX MEDICUS and INDEX BINOCULUS

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Binocular Vision & A H istory of Bin ocular Vis ion Qu arte rly First Quarter of 2007Stra bism us Qu arte rly Vo lum e 22 (No .1):An eye medical scientif ic e-periodi ical Pa ges 6-9

Page 6

A History of this scientific periodical, Binocular Vision & Strabismus Quarterly.A Celebration of Our 20th Anniversary

The year was 1984. Parkssub-specialty ofpediatric ophthalmology, which had absorbed thepreviously free standing, but much less marketablesubspecialty of ocular motility/strabology, in theUnited States, for sure, was growing rapidly. Thiswas the era before managed care intruded. It wasthe very last of the good years to be a physicianand/or an academician.

Our sole suspecialty periodical was the Journalof Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus which hadbeen founded as the Journal of Pediatric Ophthal-mology (only) by Editor Samuel V. Abraham in1964 (the very first year your Editor started hisophthalmology training!). With the advent of theAmerican Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology(and [later] strabismus) in the early '70's it was nowfully owned by its New Jersey publisher, Slack.With the requirement of submission of all papersfrom the annual AAPOS meetings, the waitingtime in 1984 for publication of an article in theJPOS was two and a half years! Even though thejournal was subsidized by the AAPOS, Slackwould not enlarge the journal enough or even at allto handle this demand, in spite of significant profi


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