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Project for my class. How does it look? Please tell me honestly, on my FaceBook or dA. Or email me.


<ul><li> 1. By Karee Vann<br />1st Block<br />Final Project<br />BILLY TALENT<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Who is Billy Talent?<br />NAME: Billy Talent (as of 2001)<br />GENRE: Punk Rock/Canadian Rock/Post-Hardcore/Rock<br />BAND MEMBERS:<br />Benjamin Kowalewicz (vocals)<br />Ian DSa (guitar)<br />Jon Gallant (bass)<br />Aaron Solowoniuk (drums)<br />BAND ORIGINS: Between Meadowvale and Streetsville of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.<br />CURRENT ALBUM: Billy Talent III (2009)<br />INFLUENCES:Influences include The Clash, Buzzcocks, Janes Addiction, Rage against the Machine, Fugazi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Refused, and At the Drive-In.<br />SIMILAR ARTISTS: Include Harvey Danger, Senses Fail, From First to Last, The Living End, Saosin, The Offspring, Thursday, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Rise Against, The Gamits, My Chemical Romance, Reuben, Inward Eye, and Social Code.<br />FOLLOWERS: Include The Explicits.<br /> 3. How Did they Come Together?<br />Kowalewicz and Gallant were part of the band To Each His Own at first, Kowalewicz, who eventually moved up to vocals, on drums and Gallant, who later replaced Kowalewicz on the drums, on bass. After joining up with Solowoniuk, they applied for their schools talent show, where they met DSa, currently part of the band Dragonflower, back stage. They band together for a short while under the name The Other One, eventually changing the name to Pezz, who they came to be known as. Until 1999.<br /> 4. BAND MEMBERINFORMATION<br />Name: Benjamin Ian Kowalewicz<br />Role in the Band: Lead Vocals<br />Birthday: December 16, 1974<br />Instruments: Can play Drums and Guitar.<br />Education: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School<br />Relationship Status: In a relationship<br />Children?: None<br />Band History: To Each His Own, The Other One, Pezz, Billy Talent<br /> 5. BAND MEMBERINFORMATION<br />Name: Jonathan Eric Gallant<br />Role in the Band: Bass, back up Vocals<br />Birthday:July 23, 1976<br />Instruments: Bass, Guitar<br />Education: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School,<br />Humber College<br />Relationship Status: Married<br />Children?: Yes, son, Xavier Jeffrey Gallant<br />Band History: To Each His Own, The Other One, Pezz, <br />Billy Talent<br /> 6. BAND MEMBERINFORMATION<br />Name: Ian Michael DSa<br />Role in the Band: Guitar, back up Vocals<br />Birthday: October 30, 1975<br />Instruments: Guitar <br />Education: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School<br />Relationship Status: In a relationship<br />Children?:None<br />Band History: Dragonflower, The Other One, Pezz, Billy Talent<br /> 7. BAND MEMBERINFORMATION<br />Name: Aaron Solowoniuk<br />Role in the Band: Drums<br />Birthday: November 21, 1973<br />Instruments: drums, percussion, Pearl Masters, Sabian<br />Education: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School<br />Relationship Status: Married<br />Children?: Yes, daughter named Willow<br />Band History: To Each His Own, The Other One, Pezz, Billy Talent<br /> 8. The Canadian PEZZ<br />Pezz lasted them until 1999, which, during the time they were called such, they had released one album and two demos. The first demo, Demoluca released in July of 1994, their second soon after, Dudebox, in January of 1995, and then their first full-length album, Watoosh! in 1998. Canadian Pezz ended in 1999 due to legal trouble with the Memphis Tennessee Punk Band. American Pezz had released their first recording under that name in 1990, and their first full-length in 1995. Management for Canadian Pezz threatened a lawsuit and sued $5000 from BYO Records in Los Angeles from the American Pezz. Lawsuit was dropped and in 2001,the Canadian Canadian Pezz dubbed themselves Billy Talent.<br /> 9. DEMOLUCA<br />Released in July of 1994<br />Tracks included: Free At Last and Just A Thought<br />Called such after a friend, Jason Deluca.<br />Released in January of 1995<br />Tracks included:Dudebox and Turner<br />Called such after a friend, Dave Tedesco, had stopped by during recording.<br />DUDEBOX<br /> 10. FIRST ALBUM!!!<br />WATOOSH!, recorded at Great Big Music, was released in 1998.<br />Didnt reach mainstream sells due to Canadian Pezzs popularity in Torontos independent record scene.<br />Tracks included: M&amp;M, Fairytale, Nita, Mothers Native Instrument, Bird In Basement, Recap, When I Was A Little Girl, Warmth of Windows, Square Root Of Me, Absorbed, and New Orleans Is Sinking.<br /> 11. WATOOSH! MUSIC SAMPLE<br />SONG: NITA<br />GENRE: PUNK ROCK/ CANADIAN ROCK<br />ARTIST: PEZZ<br />YEAR: 1998<br /> 12. Where Did The Name Billy Talent Come From?<br />After ending their journey as Pezz, Kowalewicz and friends dubbed themselves Billy Talent in 2001, the name coming from the guitarist in the book Hard Core Logo by Michael Turner.<br />They have released four albums to date under that name: Billy Talent, Billy Talent II, Billy Talent III, and Billy Talent: 666 Live, along with two deluxe albums:Billy Talent III Deluxe Edition and Billy Talent: 666 Live Deluxe.<br /> 13. BILLY TALENT Music Sample<br />SONG: TRY HONESTY<br />ALBUM: BILLY TALENT<br />GENRE: PUNK ROCK/ CANADIAN ROCK<br />ARTIST: BILLY TALENT<br />YEAR: 2003<br /> 14. Discography<br />Demoluca (Demo) Unknown 1994<br />Dudebox (Demo) Unknown 1995<br />Watoosh! Atlantic 1998 <br />Try Honesty EP Self Released 2001<br />Try Honesty / Living In The Shadows (Single) Atlantic 2003<br />Billy Talent Atlantic 2003<br />The Ex (Single) Atlantic 2003<br />River Below (Single) Atlantic 2004<br />Devil In A Midnight Mass (Single) Atlantic 2006<br />Red Flag (Single) Atlantic 2006<br />Fallen Leaves (Single) Atlantic 2006<br />Billy Talent II Atlantic 2006<br />Surrender (Single Promo) Atlantic 2007<br />Billy Talent 666 Live WEA, WEA 2007<br />Surrender (Single Promo) Atlantic 2007<br />Billy Talent III Warner Music Canada 2009<br />Devil On My Shoulder (Single, Promo) Warner Music Canada 2009<br />Rusted From The Rain (Single, Promo) WEA - 2009<br /> 15. Imagesof theGroup<br /> 16. Works Cited<br />Information was taken from the following websites:<br /><br /><br />Auth.Grolier.Com<br /><br /><br /><br /> [their OFFICIAL pages]<br /><br /><br /></p>


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