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<ul><li> 1. Billboard DesignsThe guardianThe sense of freedom is expressed in this advertisement by the use ofcolourful, random swirls of arrows, the nonsensical randomness shows thatthere is no code of conduct, no rules to say what can or cannot be done.However there is some order to it, as 3 arrows directly point advertisement works, because of the installed sense of freedom (witha somewhat rebellious tone), the viewer is overcome to do something thatis not controlled by anyone else. With the only thing that the billboard ispurposefully pointing to being the name of the newspaper, this is the firstidea that comes into the mind of the viewer: To buy the newspaper thattold them to be free. Which is ironic really, however discussing thehypodermic needle effect will be saved for another day.</li></ul> <p> 2. The IndependentImpressive Photography makes thisadvertisement truly eye-catching. The mainuse of colour being blue is reflected in boththe image and the colour of the title. Thewhite foam is also linked to the whitebackground to the text to the side of it.This is a typical slagging off of thegovernment, a well-known MP shown in ahumorous fashion surrounded withhypercritical notes.This advertisement attempts to connect theNewspaper with the feeling of independencemaking a very literal and straight-forward linkto the name of the Newspaper.Note: The majority of these advertisementsprovoke a certain sense or feeling.e.g. Freedom, Independence 3. The Daily Telegraph It Pays To Think BigThis advertisement attempts to connect the Newspaper with the feeling of progression and big thinking.Included are pictures of famous, generally likeable figures in modern history.The advertisement almost rides off of their success. Showing almost that someone so big can come out of avery humble background, the advertisement suggests that if someone were to read this newspaper thenperhaps they could be this successful.The billboard presents awe-inspiring ideas, creating a mixture of feelingssuch as nostalgia, progression and success. The simple layout of thebillboard instantly directs these positive feelings to the name of thenewspaper. 4. The TimesThis is a very literal, presentational advertisement; unlike the majority of others whichwork in a more so metaphorical sense.This advertisement shows some very easy on the eye, relaxed colours; showcasing arange of their products presumably to an older audience.Again this advertisement gives off the impression of freedom, the idea thatyou can have your say in society being a rather large aspect of life being soimportant that this advertisement can gain some very easy momentum. 5. The Daily MailEverything about this image oozes class, sophistication and wealth. Showing something that iscompletely unnecessary yet wanted.The bold use of colours and mirror imaging only reinforces the somewhat over-vanity of this piece,which is of course, the whole idea of indulgence. The clever wording quickly links the newspaper toindulgence, yet with the product being a Newspaper; it is affordable, therefore very attractive.Bringing a very light-hearted apparel to the News, the image itself is contradictive thereforefunny as it takes a particular object and placing it in an unreal environment, for example, akangaroo running a Casino. Yet the way it is designed makes the audience smile, fulfilling itspurpose so that the idea of smiling and being happy is linked to the Newspaper.The text almost jumps with the elephant, which I personally dislike as it makes the Black textDaily rather hard to read. 6. ExpressThe Daily SunApart from the immense visual quality of this piece of work, it is within itself very thought-provoking. It moves away from the standard, old, boring, ubiquitous feel of the usual text-based billboard advertising with a very real injection of creativity.It would be very hard for myself to create such a piece so it is almost instantly out of thequestion.The phrase We speak you language relates to the target audience which would appealto them as the kind of paper that they would like to read.This advertisement is clearly running off of the success of a national team in order to representthe newspaper as being successful. The way in which it supports a local football team createsa link with the audience in the local area; this link represents ideas, views and beliefs whichwould be similar to the locals. This will appeal to local people as the kind of paper that theywould like to read. 7. The SunThe Sun is very patriotic in how they come across in the majority of their advertisements, above are three images Ihave collected, they all relate to Britain. This is a very good theme to go across when selling newspapers in Britain, asthe majority of the population will be routing for and wanting to support Britain, by transferring these positivefeelings onto their newspaper, potential readers will automatically see The Sun in a positive light. </p>