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Crowd to Go is an innovative crowd-based delivery solution which offers a very sophisticated quality service. Crowd to Go advocates the use of bikes among the Crowdies for which it will make a more convenient and faster way of delivering. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Bike Delivery ServiceYour packages delivered. GuaranteedStudy have shown that there are about four billion trips increase using a bike as reported by National Household Travel Survey, meaning, people is now making cycling as the mainstream of having a convenient transportation especially on short distant travels.

Convenient transportation was yet a big deal especially for companies who offer delivery services and want to please their customer in delivering their orders fast in comfort of their homes. Therefore, businesses have found that bike delivery service was then to mark a more competitive delivery solution.

There are lots of benefits or advantages of using bike for transporting packages, especially for those businesses who wants to lessen their expenses and gain further profit without affecting the quality of service in satisfying their customer. The following are some significant paybacks of using bike: Bikes reduce the business delivery expenses such as maintenance costs and peoples payroll. Bikes are not affected with fuel costs. Bikes can overrun bumper to bumper traffic. Bikes can reach more customers because it can pass through even on dense or narrowed areas. Bikes can be parked anywhere, dont have to worry even for parking fees. Bikes can enter any cities 24 hours a day, unlike other Shipment, such as cars or trucks, cities have set very strict time windows for loading and unloading.

Aside from delivery efficiency purposes of using a bike, we further want to instill a good reputation to our beloved customers. Having a bike delivery service is not just a plus for business but also a great subsidy to the community and people: Bikes do not produce noise that might cause to disturb someone because it does not have engine. Bikes are ultimately environmental friendly, it does not consume fuel and so it does not produce air pollution, unlike cars and trucks that ever since have been the huge drawback. Using a bike also provides a health benefits, you are automatically get exercised when using a bike.

There might be bunch and more benefits of using a bike, and Crowd to Go is just a company who also advocates these benefits of bike delivery service. Crowd to Go is an innovative crowd-based delivery solution that offers fast, efficient, secured, and a premium kind of delivery service and yet very affordable that even start-up businesses can put a competitive delivery service for their customers.

Crowd to Go believes that through crowd sourcing and such bike delivery service we can move your packages fast and on its finest in front of the customers doorstep. For more info just visit us at