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  • Biesanz Woodworks Botanical GardenEscazu, San Jose, Costa Rica


    Brazilian Rosewood Khat

    Cocobolo Qat

    Fabaceae Central America Celastraceae Africa

    Coffee Miracle Fruit

    Caf Fruta Milagrosa

    Synsepalum dulcificumRubiaceae Ethiopia Sapotaceae West Africa

    Changes the taste of everything

    Dalbergia retusa

    Highly figured, very dense wood, sinks in water

    Catha edulis

    Mild narcotic used in Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia

    Coffea arabica

    Will make lemons taste sweet for 15 minutes

  • Cocoa Peach palm

    Cacao Pejiballe

    Malvaceae Latin America Arecaceae Central and South America

    Incienso Lemon Eucalyptus


    Leguminosae Central and South America Myrtaceae Australia

    This tree was snapped in half - no visible damage nowA highland variety of Myroxylon balsamum. Dense wood; beautiful flowers; traditional incense, flavor for aguardiente

    Theobroma cacao Bactris gasipaes

    Chocolate comes from the fermented seeds; edible pulp Oily fruit; also produces heart of palm

    Var. of Myroxylon balsamum Corymbia citriodora

    Leaves have citronella; perfume; insect repellent

  • Stevia Chocolate Mint

    Sweetleaf Menta chocolate

    Asteraceae North and South America Lamiaceae Europe

    Dutchman's Pipe Gardenia


    Aristolochiaceae Central America Rubiaceae Africa, Asia, Oceana

    Gardenia jasminoides

    Attracts flies with odor and traps them for 24 hours Perfumed flowers

    Stevia eupatoria & 200+ others Mentha piperita cv.

    Strong sweetener, no calories Smells like a Peppermint Pattie

    Aristolochia grandiflora

  • Cannibal Fruit Quassia

    Castao de agua Hombre grande

    Malvaceae Central and South America Simaroubaceae Brazil

    Abyssinian banana Tea tree

    False banana Arbol de t

    Musaceae Africa Myrtaceae Australia

    Anti-fungal, anti bacterial

    Pachira aquatica Quassia amara L.

    Appetite enhancer; anti parasite; hangover remedy

    Ensete ventricosum Melaleuca alternifolia

    Fruits only once and dies. Grows 700 to 1600m altitude

    Ornamental; edible

  • Shampoo Ginger Torch Ginger

    Maracas Bastn del emperador

    Zingiberaceae India Zingiberaceae Indo Pacific

    flower - it exudes a perfumed, clear, slimey juice CondimentAlso for toothache; indigestion; sprains; baking

    Swiss Cheese Plant

    Malinche Mano de tigre

    Fabaceae Africa Araceae Mexico to Panama

    cause blistering, loss of voice due to oxalic acid

    Zingiber zerumbet Etlingera elatior

    A perfumed hair conditioner. Run your hand up the

    Monstera deliciosa

    Edible fruit takes one year to ripen; unripe fruit can

    Edible shoots, fruit, and roots; perfume, shampoo

    Delonix regia


  • Lemongrass

    Chaperno Zacate limn

    Fabaceae Central America India


    Annatto Dragonfruit

    Achiote Pitaya

    Bixaceae Americas Mexico, Central and South America

    Bixa orellana Hylocereus costaricensis

    Bright red waxy food coloring; hair dye; lipstick

    Cooking herb; antifungal; preservative for ancient

    Fragrant flower blooms only at night; eating may result in pseudohematuria (red pee). Fruit reminiscent of kiwi.

    Rare and overharvested; beautiful flowers, dense wood

    Cymbopogon sppLonchocarpus phaseolifolius

    This tree planted in 2002

  • Vetiver Surinam Cherry

    Indian Swamp Grass Pitanga

    Poaceae India Myrtaceae Brazil

    Yos Mueco

    Euphorbiaceae Neotropics Boraginaceae Southern Mexico to Costa Rica

    Sapium sp. Cordia collococa

    Pioneer tree; good for reforestation in harsh conditions

    Non invasive, 3-4 meter deep roots hold soil, closely planted, makes a hedge that slows water runoff, allowing silt to settle out. Very useful! Roots are the perfume base note in Chanel #5

    Feeds birdsFeeds birds and monkeys

    Chrysopogon zizanioides Eugenia uniflora


  • Brugmansia Dumb cane or Diefffenbachia

    Reina de la noche Lotera

    Solanaceae South America Araceae

    irritation, excessive drooling, and localized swelling

    Black bamboo

    Bambu negra Cortez negro

    China Bignoniaceae Mexico to Argentina

    in sunlight Contains lapachol, topical antibiotic and disinfectant

    Toxic; a host of unpleasant symptoms, including oral

    Phyllostachysnigra Tabebuia impetiginosa

    Lumber, food, musical instruments; becomes blacker Rare; Beautiful flowers; very hard wood; anti cancer

    Poisonous; can be fatal. Intensely perfumed. Sometimes ingested for recreational or shamanic intoxication as the plant contains the tropane alkaloids scopolamine and atropine.

    Brugmansia candida Dieffenbachia bowmannii

  • Twinberry Wild Tobacco

    Guayabillo Gitite

    Myrtaceae Central America Solanacae Central and South America

    tree grow large

    Night blooming Jasmin Florida toadwood

    Seis de la tarde Cascua

    Solanaceae Sapinidaceae

    Robin, or Yigirro.

    Feeds birds; excellent base for orchids; grows from cut branches. Fruit and flowers appear on the trunk

    Cestrum nocturnum

    Intensely fragrant evening flower, possibly poisonous to eat. Grows from cuttings

    Favorite food of the national bird, the Clay Colored

    Extremely rare, very handsome. Only in CR does this

    Acnistus arborescensMyrcianthes fragrans

    Cupania glabra

  • Cardamom

    Cardamomo Balsa

    Zingiberaceae Asia Malvaceae Brazil to Mexico

    We planted this tree in 2001

    Brazilian Red Cloak Papyrus

    Pavn Papiro

    Acanthaceae Venezuela Cyperaceae North Africa

    Megaskepasma erythrochlamys

    Ornamental Used to make paper

    for the seed pods and orchid-like flowers.

    Amomum elettaria Ochroma pyramidale

    Cyperus papyrus

    Used in coffee, baked goods, cooking. Look at the base Very light wood; very fast growing

  • Lipstick palm Zamia

    Sealing wax palm

    Arecaceae Sumatra Zamiaceae Tropical America

    Uruca Red Banana

    Meliaceae Musaceae Indonesia

    200,000,000 years old, predating flowering plants. Poisonous; conifers; produce motile sperm; host blue green algae.

    Trichilia Havanensis Musa Zebrina

    brides would carry a flowering branch to churchTiny fragrant flowers herald the dry season. Rural

    Cyrtostachys renda Zamia spp.

  • Cecropia

    Guarumo Ortiga

    Moraceae Urticaceae Sur America; America Central

    Yos Mueco

    Euphorbiaceae Neotropics Boraginaceae Southern Mexico to Costa Rica

    Sapium sp. Cordia collococa

    Pioneer tree; good for reforestation in harsh conditions Feeds birdsFeeds birds and monkeys

    Cecropia peltata Urera baccifera

    Often hosts ant colonies as a defense; reliable food Used for paper; to remove kidney stonessource for wildlife, pioneer tree

  • Breadfruit GuavaCastao Guayaba

    Moraceae Malaysia Myrtaceae Mexico, Central, South America

    Jambu Nipplefruit, Tittyfruit

    Manzana de Agua Pichichios

    Myrtaceae Malaysia and Indonesia Solanaceae South America

    Artocarpus altilis Psidium spp.

    Fruit. Beautiful tree; leaves a carpet of magenta on the ground when it flowers

    Used for asthma; colds; cockroach replellent; antifungal; etc. Poisonous

    Syzygium malaccense Solanum mammosum

    Breadfruit is one of the highest-yielding food plants, with a single tree producing up to 200 or more fruits per season.

    Nutritional "superfruit" very rich in Vit A and C; seeds have omega-3, omega-6 and fiber. Good for wildlife.

  • Frangipani

    Sacuanjoche Sotacaballo

    Apocynaceae Tropical Americas Leguminosae Tropical Americas

    Persian Shield

    Escudo de Persa Zorillo

    Acanthaceae Myanmar Solanaceae Central America

    Cestrum racemosum

    A riverside tree with great erosion control. Feeds fish, reptiles, etc from its abundant harvest. Ornamental


    Strobilanthes dyerianus

    Strong perfume; poisonous

    Zygia longifoliaPlumeria spp.

  • Incienso Tonka Bean

    Chirraca Almendro de montaa

    Leguminosae Central and South America Fabaceae Tropical Americas

    Pomegranate Blood Tree

    Granada Targu sangredrago

    Lythraceae Middle East Euforbicea

    Punica granatum Croton draco

    Used to prevent bleeding of the gums.

    Var. of Myroxylon balsamum Dipteryx panamensis

    Fruit; source of Grenadine; Ayurvedic medicine

    Rare, with a narrow distribution. One of the heaviest woods in the world, sinks in water. V. important great green macaw tree.

    A highland variety of Myroxylon balsamum. Dense wood; beautiful flowers; traditional incense, flavor for aguardiente

  • Banyan

    Cristbal Higuillo

    Leguminosae America Tropical Morcea America Tropical

    Lemon Mangosteen

    Corteza Amarilla Jorco

    Bignoniaceae South America Mexico to Peru

    Tabebuia ochracea Garcinia intermedia

    Rare. Very hard beautiful wood; used for marimbas and oxcart wheels because of the beautiful sound

    Wild fig; important tree for wildlife, especially bats. Smaller leaves than the other figs, used for bonsais

    Platymiscium pinnatum Ficus pertusa

  • Orange Jasmine

    Rutaceae Acanthaceae

    Mardi gras Pencil Tree

    Sticks on fire

    Zingerberaceae Mexico to Peru Euphorbiaceae Africa

    Murraya paniculata Schaueria calycotricha

    fragrant flowers; analgesic; tool handles; hedges

    Renealmia alpinia Euphorbia tirucalli

    Perfume; edible Poiso