bienvenue à la 2e année madame lépine madame corbière madame claudette madame topley

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  • Bienvenue la 2e anne Madame Lpine Madame Corbire Madame Claudette Madame Topley
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  • Monthly News Newsletter is sent home each month detailing concepts that will be covered. This will also be on our website. At times there will be forms to fill out and return by a certain date. Scholastic is sent home monthly with the newsletter. Please return by date listed. This is an excellent way to build a French library.
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  • French 15 mins per night Monday- Thursday ( minimum )**Books should be easy to read for your child**. French books only count for the reading sheet since we dont teach English in Grade two. Sign your childs reading sheet for each 15 minutes read. Writing program, Jouer avec les mots, will begin October 6. Students in Grade 2 do not have a weekly spelling test (dicte). There is a list of words, however, that they are expected to know how to spell by the end of Grade 2. This list will be worked on in class. A list will be made available to you should you wish to support what we have been working on in class.
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  • Jouer avec les mots Monday Students will work together in class to make words based on given letters. They will bring this list home along with a homework activity that will be due on Friday. Tuesday-Thursday -At home, students will complete the following 3 activities using these new words. 1- Place the words in alphabetical order. 2- Choose 3 of the words and find as many rhyming words as possible. 3-Write 3 sentences using 3 words from the list. Illustrate each sentence. Friday- Hand in Jouer avec les mots scribbler.
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  • Example: Lesson 1 e i c m r *MONDAY in class make words with the letters ce, me, cri, mer, rime, crime, merci Tuesday-Thursday HOME activities 1- (Alphabetical order) ce, cri, crime, me, mer, merci, rime 2- Find rhyming words Ce: te, le, je, que cri: prix, scie, ami, partie mer: fer, faire, terre, claire, ver, vert 3- Make sentences that demonstrate proper understanding of words Je joue la plage prs de la mer. (with illustration which shows an understanding of the sentence). Ce matin, je suis arriv tt lcole. (with illustration) Merci papa pour le dner dlicieux. (with illustration)
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  • French Students are expected to speak in French at all times except for Religion class. We are beginning to learn how to write sentences independently. The continued focus is writing a complete sentence with a capital letter and proper punctuation. Students have a picture dictionary in their desks, and they are encouraged to look at words provided during brainstorming or on the word wall.
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  • Math We focus on mental math strategies when completing basic math skills. Students need to know their numbers to 100 both numerically (83) and to read the word. (This includes knowing numbers in a random order). They need to be able to spell the words for 0- 20. Calendar Skills know the months, days and season.
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  • Math contd The focus of the Math curriculum is for students to be able to explain how they arrive at their answers. This is a difficult concept but its a great opportunity for students to learn and recognize that there are different ways to arrive at an answer. Ex...9+6=15 which some students solve by adding 10+5, while others use 6+6+3=15
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  • Social Studies Iqaluit, Meteghan, Saskatoon We encourage you to assist your child with basic mapping skills (directions : North, South, East and West) and locating the communities that we study all year long. Review the concept of city, province, country. There is a lot of discussion and partner work, so students can share similarities and differences.
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  • Science We try to teach our units as hands-on as possible. All four Grade 2s share materials, so each class may teach the units at different times. Units include: Hot and Cold, Liquids, Magnetism, Buoyancy and Boats, Small Creeping and Crawling Animals.
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  • Religion Grade 2 is the year that students who are baptized in the Catholic church receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist. Please attend either registration night at St. Marys on September 23 at 7 p.m. or Sacred Heart on September 30 at 7 p.m. You will need your childs baptismal certificate and $30.00 (which includes their 2 booklets). All students in Grade 2 will be expected to attend our Reconciliation retreat on November 21 st. **Parent volunteers are needed to run centers in the morning.
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  • General Info To volunteer, youll need a Criminal Record Check. Papers are available at the Office. Parents are encouraged to stay informed with the Parent Council. Please take the time to ask your child how his/her day went. Please read and sign the agenda nightly and let us know ahead of time if your child will be absent. (note in agenda or e-mail)
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  • General info We dont use textbooks in Grade 2. Students are expected to wear clean, non-marking shoes for gym class. NO flip- flops, crocs, high heels, etc. We encourage our students to bring a water bottle to class containing only water. No juice, pop, powdered drinks please. Please ensure that everything is labelled!
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  • General info Work that is sent home is to be sent back the next day even if its incomplete. Work that has a sticker on the page can remain at home. If ample time is given in class to complete work, it will be sent home as homework. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the agenda or by email. Grade 2 website Grade 2 website
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  • Grade 2 Summary from Alberta Education Parent Guide