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Now that the weather is improving, action on the links with the Uga golf team's headlines this issue. But there's still plenty for Gymnastics, Hoops and baseball enthusiasts.


  • UGA golf updates fan photos and profiles Hoop Dawgs wrap-up Gym Dogs prepare for SEC

    UGA golf updates fan photos and profiles Hoop Dawgs wrap-up Gym Dogs prepare for SEC

    Athensthe sports and social scene beyond the hedges

    Golf is in the airGolf is in the air

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    2 March 23, 2010

    Delta ZetaPaintball



    Drake Ayres, Hanna O'Neil and Jason Franklin Sarah Banks, Jim Martin, RJ Schmelter, Kathleen Butte and Becca Jones

    Mills Kelly and Travis Bellinger Ali McCubbin, Megan Trout and Tiffany Norton Kaley Meier and Amy Markle

    Erin Lacey and Elizabeth Dickson Brittany Ray and Marie Alexander Collin Hopk, Brad Godbee and Wes Robertson

    Emily Morrow, Carlen Elliott, Emily Day, Caroline Cates and Laura Boldt

  • Cheri LeavyThe Publisher

    Ryan ScatesThe EDITOR

    There is such a wonderful bond between Athensand the Golden Isles of Georgia. What a reciprocal re-lationship! Coastal Bulldogs flock to the Classic Cityfor athletic events especially in the fall for football. Andof course for music and food and culture too!

    And Athenians travel south to the beach through-out the year to enjoy surf and sun and sand! Many fam-ilies own homes in both places. Lots of generationshave grown up traveling to the other town all theirlives. And over the years many have joined the twotowns through matrimony and even a few franchises.The connections are endless.

    I am proud of Islander and UGA student LexieLove organizing a fundraiser benefitting the Boys andGirls Club in Athens. The UGA Rec and Leisure Pro-gram will host Swing for the Kids on April 10th at theUGA Golf Course designed by Lexies father DavisLove, III. You can register for this 18 hole golf tourna-ment by contacting Kacy Jenkins at 706.424.6565 The grand prize is a golf date withPGA Golf Pro Davis Love, III. (Thanks Dad!)

    And now that spring has sprung, it finally has has-nt it? The migration to the beach has begun.

    How fun to approach Bennies Red Barn and see avery decorated WoW Boot Camp car from ClarkeCounty parked in front. We walk in and visit with ourAthens neighbors Laura and Bobby Wilfong. After wespeak to some St. Simons friends and are seated, an at-tractive couple approaches and says, are you the Bull-dawg Illustrated people? And we met April andMichael Williams of WoW Boot Camp from Athens.

    It has continued like that for several weeks. TheAthens families pouring through townCatherine andCorky Warner, Eleanor and Alex Sams, Sarah and TomEllis, Patti and Ted McWhorter, Gena and Davis Knox,Amanda and John Dufur and Alison and David Aber-nathy. Familiar Classic City faces abound at the grocerystore, the Beachclub and Bubba Garcias.

    Not that you need an excuse to book a trip to thebeach but mark your calendar for the SEC Mens GolfTournament on St. Simons on April 17th. CoachHaacks dawgs will need a fan gallery so head on down.The match is at Sea Island Golf Club, Seaside.

    Vance and I went last year when it was at Freder-ica Golf Club, a Tom Fazio design, located on the northend of St. Simons Island next to the Sea Island Eques-trian Center. It is a beautiful spot to follow along andit was nice at the end to gather on the bank and watchthe teams finish. There were plenty of Bulldogs in at-tendance. And there were Gators and I mean bothkinds, our rival and also an alligator! Coach Haack saidthe alligator was on the bank last year for AdamMitchell because his shot was sort of in the drink.

    Seaside Course will be much the same environ-ment with an incredible setting, great golf and a fun in-timate feel but add in a spectacular ocean view!

    And while you are on the coast, play a little golfyourself. Make sure you get some Southern Soul BBQand a cocktail at Brogens. Dont miss Jazz in the Parkon the lighthouse lawn on Sundays or the freshestseafood in town at Halyards or Crabdaddys. Comecoast awhile!

    Some dont believe it until the calendar makesit official. For others, the arrival of March Mad-ness or the sound of a cracking baseball bat is rea-son enough to believe it. Over on MilledgeAvenue, you know its here with one word: sun-dresses.

    No matter your method of meteorology, thereis no denying that springtime has arrived inAthens.

    Though the kudzu is still dormant, a fewdozen Diamond Dawgs fans brought life to KudzuHill at Foley Field for Georgias SEC opening seriesagainst Auburn. Also, it was hard to miss the fa-miliar black tarps that lined River Road andMilledge as spring fraternity band party seasoncommenced this past weekend.

    For your humble correspondent, nothing pro-claims the arrival of spring like getting out to thegolf course to chase a white ball around the woodsfor an afternoon.

    Luckily, the fine folks over at Jackson Spald-ing Public Relations hosted a media day at theUGA Golf Course in preparation for the StadionAthens Classic at UGA. The Nationwide Tourevent is going to be great for the Athens area, andStadion is making sure that the event will haveplenty of local competing in the field. Sponsorsexemptions have been guaranteed to Jay McLuenof Danielsville, UGA grad Paul Claxton and twotop performers from the current UGA mens golfroster.

    I have to be honest here. When Jud Doherty,president of Stadion, walked to the podium to an-nounce the sponsors exemptions, I had to fight tokeep my hopes from getting too high. I mean, whowouldnt want to give a roundabout 11 handicap-per who was MVP of his high school golf squadin 2006 a shot at competing with the big boys inMay?

    Well, apparently the powers that be passedme over this year. In a quest to prove my playingabilities to myself, I left the presser at the club-house and headed out to the course to post a scorethat would get Coach Haack and Stadions atten-tion. With publishing magnate Vance Leavy as myscorecard attest, I posted a score that was defi-nitely newsworthy. Unfortunately we have to paythe printer by the letter to publish this paper, andmy score just took up too much valuable copyspace to print here, but if you email me I will sendit to you. I already sent it to Coach Haack, and Imwaiting on his invitation to join the Georgia Golfteam with bated breath.

    In the meantime you can find me outside en-joying Athens much-anticipated emergence fromwinter. Sunshine and outdoor sporting events notonly make for great times with friends, but alsobetter quality photos for the paper! Next time youare out and about in Athens be sure to keep alookout for Bulldawg Illustrated photographers onthe prowl for fan photos and profiles. Until nexttime, enjoy the sunshine and Go Dawgs!






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    Athensthe sports and social scene beyond the hedges

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    Special thanks to UGA sports communication for use of some photos

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  • 4 March 23, 2010

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    JefF DanTzler

    Georgias royal tennis program enjoyeda milestone weekend from March 12-14

    On Friday, the 12th, the Bull-dogs, then ranked ninth, trailedNo. 6 Kentucky 3-0. The way ten-nis scoring goes is: one point isawarded for who wins the best ofthree pro-set (first to eight gamesby two) doubles matches. Thencome six best of three singlesmatches. It takes four points towin, and a 7-0 makes for a cleansweep. Georgia came stormingback to even things with the Wild-cats at 3-3, winning a pair of threesetters. With the match on theline, Winder native Drake Bern-stein, who was fighting the flu,captured the clincher at No. 5 sin-gles in three thrilling sets, rallyingfrom a 5-4 third set deficit to win7-5. The incredible victory wasGeorgias 70th straight at the DanMagill Tennis Complex.

    With a perfect SoutheasternConference record and the incredi-ble home winning streak on theline, the Dogs came back on Sun-day the 12th to take a thriller fromVanderbilt 4-3. Senior Jamie Hunthad the clinching win at No. 3 sin-gles, emerging victorious 6-5 in thethird to extend the Bulldogs Athensvictory string to an amazing 71matches. And for the premiercoach in the country, the iconicManuel Diaz, it was career victoryNo. 500. Taking over in 1988 forthe greatest Bulldog ever, the leg-endary M