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gas turbine


  • BHEL Heavy Duty Gas Turbines

    - Recent Developments

  • Recent developmentsRecent developments

    Up-rated Models

    New Models

    Large Advance class Gas Turbines

    Areas of Improved design

    Advanced materials and coatings


  • UpratedUprated VersionsVersions

    FrFr--6B 6B PG6581BPG6581B FrFr--9E 9E PG9171EPG9171E FrFr--6FAe+6FAe+ PG6111FAPG6111FA

  • New ModelsNew Models

    FrFr--6C 6C PG6591CPG6591C FrFr--9FA 9FA PG9351FAPG9351FA FrFr--9FB PG9371FB9FB PG9371FB

  • PG6581 B PG6581 B ImprovementsImprovements

    Increased Shaft speed Increased Shaft speed 51635163 Increased firing temperature Increased firing temperature

    1140 deg C1140 deg C Improved turbine sealingImproved turbine sealing Reduced compressor leakage Reduced compressor leakage

    Brush sealBrush seal 1313thth stage air for cooling Stage 2 stage air for cooling Stage 2

    NozzleNozzle Improved N#1,B#1Improved N#1,B#1 High performance exhaust High performance exhaust

    diffuserdiffuser Split Accessory BaseSplit Accessory Base

    PG6561 PG6581Output, kw 39620 42100

    SC Heat Rate, kcal/kwhr 2700 2680

    Exhaust Flow, tons/hr 519 530

    Exhaust Temp, deg C 532 548


  • PG6581B PG6581B Stage 1 NozzleStage 1 Nozzle

    Enhanced cooling of Enhanced cooling of platforms and platforms and aerofoilsaerofoils..

    Improved leakage control Improved leakage control chordalchordal hinge and hinge and additional additional splinespline seal.seal.

  • PG6581B PG6581B Stage 1 BucketStage 1 Bucket

    New Bucket profileNew Bucket profile Optimized cooling Optimized cooling

    configurationconfiguration Existing GTD111DS Existing GTD111DS

    material and coating material and coating technologytechnology

  • PG6581B PG6581B Stage 1 ShroudStage 1 Shroud

    Redesigned internal Redesigned internal cooling systemcooling system

    Improved leakage controlImproved leakage control HR 120 materialHR 120 material

    Circumferential Circumferential braided seal locationbraided seal location

    ImpingementImpingement SleeveSleeve

  • PG6581B PG6581B Stage 2 NozzleStage 2 Nozzle

    Optimization of cooling Optimization of cooling ( 13 stage bleed air).( 13 stage bleed air).

    Existing material and Existing material and coating technology.coating technology.

  • PG6581B PG6581B Stage 2 BucketStage 2 Bucket

    Enhanced cooling of airfoil.Enhanced cooling of airfoil. Contoured tip shroud for Contoured tip shroud for

    creep life improvement.creep life improvement. Nickel Base alloy material.Nickel Base alloy material.

  • PG6581B PG6581B Exhaust DiffuserExhaust Diffuser

    Improved performanceImproved performance Minimum design changesMinimum design changes Enlarged exhaust plenum Enlarged exhaust plenum

    bottom and extensionsbottom and extensions Enlarged internal diffuser Enlarged internal diffuser

    profile ring extensionprofile ring extension

  • PG9171E PG9171E Latest EvolutionLatest Evolution

    PG9171E PG9171E+

    Output, kw 123400 126100

    Heat Rate, kcal/kwhr 2545 2545

    Exhaust Temp, deg C 544 543

    Exhaust Flow, tons/hr 1502 1505

  • PG9171E PG9171E Latest improvementLatest improvement

    Turbine Sealing Turbine Sealing improvementimprovement

    Improved First stage Improved First stage shroud shroud

    One piece design, HR120 One piece design, HR120 material with cloth material with cloth splinesplinesealseal

  • PG9171E PG9171E Latest ImprovementsLatest Improvements

    Improved 2Improved 2ndnd Stage Stage Shroud SealingShroud Sealing

    Non pressurized Non pressurized diaphragmdiaphragm

    Brush SealBrush Seal

  • PG9171E PG9171E Latest ImprovementsLatest Improvements

    High performance exhaust High performance exhaust diffuser.diffuser.

  • PG6111FA PG6111FA Key featuresKey features

    Increased Firing Increased Firing temperaturetemperature

    Increased air flowIncreased air flow Higher pressure ratioHigher pressure ratio Robust rotor design, Robust rotor design,

    No startup dwell timeNo startup dwell time

  • PG6111FA PG6111FA -- PerformancePerformance

  • Advance Class TechnologyAdvance Class Technology

    Quantum jump in firing temperaturesQuantum jump in firing temperatures Higher efficiencies ( Simple & CC )Higher efficiencies ( Simple & CC ) More power from single unitsMore power from single units Superior metallurgy Superior metallurgy Novel Cooling techniquesNovel Cooling techniques Novel sealing methodsNovel sealing methods Improved emissions Improved emissions Better topping machines for a combined cycleBetter topping machines for a combined cycle

  • Advance Class TechnologyAdvance Class Technology

    EE-- FF-- HH--

    Firing temperature C Firing temperature C 11241124 1400 ~ 14501400 ~ 1450

    Exhaust temperature CExhaust temperature C 543543 610 NA610 NA

    Combined cycle eff. % Combined cycle eff. % 52 52 58 6058 60

    Power ( GT) MW ( FrPower ( GT) MW ( Fr--9) 9) 126.1 126.1 279 ~300 279 ~300

    HGP Cooling HGP Cooling Air Air AirAir SteamSteam

    Blade Casting Blade Casting DS SC DS SC SCSC

    Simple cycle Simple cycle effeff % % 33.733.7 3838 NANA

    NoxNox ppmppm 42/25 25/15 42/25 25/15 25/1525/15

  • FAFA Technology Provides Both Increased Technology Provides Both Increased Output and Increased EfficiencyOutput and Increased Efficiency

    Combined Cycle Plants With Two Gas Turbines



    60000 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800

    F Technology

    E Technology
























    Rating MW

  • Flow back of F Technology into mid range Gas turbinesFlow back of F Technology into mid range Gas turbines Evolutionary design based on proven technologiesEvolutionary design based on proven technologies

    Built on 6BBuilt on 6Bs track records track record Flow down of F technologyFlow down of F technology

    Advanced class GAS TURBINE in the 40 MW range.

    Gas Turbines : New Models PG6591CGas Turbines : New Models PG6591C

  • 030

    Comparision of 6B vs 6C


    18 Stage compressor18 Stage compressor


    10 combustion 10 combustion chamberschambers

    Std/DLN1 CombustorStd/DLN1 Combustor

    3 Stage turbine3 Stage turbine


    12 Stage compressor12 Stage compressor IGV and 2 variable IGV and 2 variable

    stator bladesstator blades

    6 combustion chambers6 combustion chambers DLN 2 CombustorDLN 2 Combustor

    3 Stage turbine3 Stage turbine

  • 030

    Comparision of 6B vs 6C

    Fr-6B Fr-6C

    Model PG6581B PG6591C

    ISO Rating MW 41.7 45.4

    Heat Rate Kcal/kwhr 2695 2348

    Air Flow kg/sec 143 122

    Pressure ratio 12.2 19.6

    Firing Temp. c 1140 1327Exhaust Temp. c 547 581GT Speed rpm 5163 7100

  • 030

    Comparision of 6B vs 6C Key Benefits

    Improved operability Improved operability Fast and reliable startFast and reliable start NoxNox turn down to less than 50 %turn down to less than 50 % Improved performanceImproved performance 5% improvement in efficiency over 6B5% improvement in efficiency over 6B 7.5 % improvement in output over 6B 7.5 % improvement in output over 6B 3 stages of guide vanes for higher part load 3 stages of guide vanes for higher part load

    efficiencyefficiency Low Low NOxNOx emissions 15 emissions 15 ppmppm NOxNOx and 9 and 9 ppmppm COCO

    LayoutLayout Axial exhaustAxial exhaust F class modular arrangement of skidsF class modular arrangement of skids

    All compressor blades are field replaceable without rotor removal

  • 030

    Description Fr 9FA

    ISO Rating 255600 MW

    Heat Rate 2332 Kcal/KWH

    Simple Cycle Efficiency 36.9 %

    Combined Cycle Efficiency up to 56.2%

    Air Flow 647 kg s/sec

    Firing Temp. 1327 cExhaust Temp. 602 cPr. Ratio 16.5

    RPM 3000

    Overall Wt.(Turbine Base 280 T

    Overall Dimensions( Turbine ) 11.0 x 5.0m x 5.0m

    Rotor Wt/Length 77T / 10.0 m

    Gas Turbines : New Models Gas Turbines : New Models PG9351FAPG9351FA

  • Gas Turbines : New Models Gas Turbines : New Models PG9371FBPG9371FB

    Fr-9FB : PG9371FB

  • Fr-9FB : PG9371FB

    Gas Turbines : New Models Gas Turbines : New Models PG9371FBPG9371FB

  • 030

    Plant Layout

  • Sealing TechnologySealing Technology

    Better sealing technology through use ofBetter sealing technology through use of Honey comb seals. Honey comb seals. Brush seals.Brush seals. Cloth seals.Cloth seals. AbraidableAbraidable coating seals. coating seals.

    Rotating Part

    Stationary Part

    The Labyrinth Seal

  • Sealing LocationsSealing Locations

    At present in F machinesAt present in F machines

    Further advancementFurther advan