B”h THE NEJUME FOUNDATION, INC.. You know know everything everything and… and… You You can do anything… can do anything…

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  • You know everything and

    You can do anything

  • in every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy

  • many medical problems are energetic, and are simply incomprehensible from perspectives that leave energy out of the equation

  • it is not well understood how complementary and alternative therapies Energy Medicine work, and this is one reason they remain outside mainstream science and medicine

  • some argue that there is no such thing as Energy Medicinethey have not been listening to the physicists, who tell us that there is nothing but energy in the universe

  • How are the heart frequencies conducted within the body?The circulatory system

    The living matrixto the extent that we do understand how complementary and alternative therapies work - our understanding comes from the basic sciences of energetics

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    A profound discovery: The extracellular matrixis hard-wired to the cytoskeleton and nuclearmatrix. The links are both mechanical and energetic.

    Important molecules called integrins link the cellular matrix with the extra-cellular matrix and with all of the connective tissues.

  • Cells and intracellular elements are capable of vibrating in a dynamic manner with complex harmonics, the frequency of which can now be measured and analyzed in a quantitative manner. a tissue-tensegrity matrix systemis poised to couple the biological oscillations of the cell from the peripheral membrane to the DNA

    Pienta KJ, Coffey DS. Cellular harmonic information transfer through a tissue tensegrity-matrix system. Medical Hypotheses. 1991;34:88-95. Tensegrity definition: A tensegrity system is defined by a continuous tensional network (tendons) supported by a discontinuous set of compressive elements (struts).

  • definition of Energy Medicine: Energy Medicine is the diagnostic and therapeutic use of energy whether produced or detected by a medical device or by the human body. Energy Medicine recognizes that the human body utilizes various forms of energy for communications involved in physiological regulations...

  • Energy Medicine involves energy of particular frequencies and intensities and wave shapes that stimulate the repair of one or more tissues:heatlightsoundgravitypressurevibrationelectricitymagnetismchemical energyelectromagnetism

  • Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Acupuncture and other energy therapies are being practiced in major hospitals and medical centers around the USA

  • Reasons for popularity:

    Alternative practitioners usually have more time to spend with patients.Alternative methods sometimes resolve issues that conventional medicine considers incurable.Alternative methods are often much less expensive and rarely have side-effects.Alternative methods teach people about energy, a topic that is virtually absent from conventional medicine.

  • Energy Medicine comes at a time when many physicians in the USA are getting discouraged with the paperwork, regulations and legal problems

  • in the USA we are having an epidemic of cancercauses are not discussedalternatives to radiation, surgery and chemotherapy are not consistently consideredthe public is very concerned

  • complementary and alternative therapists do not treat cancerthey enhance immune functioning, and often the immune system handles the disease

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