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An introduction to working for BF education and life in China.



  • WELCOME FROM THE CHAIRMANI would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to British Fortune. Our aspiration is to be the leading provider of international education programmes to Chinese students. The success of our programmes will be determined by the quality of our teaching staff and I am delighted that you have chosen to join us as we open our first centres in China. Our students will be looking to us to supply a challenging but successful pathway to leading universities in the UK. It is therefore our intention to provide a rigorous academic environment with the opportunity to achieve fluency in the English language and to have exposure to a diverse extra-curricula programme. Our teachers have been carefully selected to meet these demanding requirements and I am confident that, with your support and commitment, we will achieve our objectives. This booklet has been designed to provide you with a useful introduction to British Fortune and I hope that it will act as the starting point for a successful and rewarding career with us.

    Peter MartinChairmanBritish Fortune Group

  • 2 Welcome from the Chairman Chairman, Peter Martin welcomes the new academic team to British Fortune.

    4 The British Fortune vision Our vision for creating the highest standard of UK education in China.

    6 Designing the Beijing School We reveal the early architectural designs of the BF School in Beijing.

    8 Our BF School locations A brief introduction to the exciting and diverse cities where you will be teaching.

    10 Teaching and learning technologies Introducing the technologies you will be using as British Fortune teachers.

    12 Your professional development How we will help you kick-start your career with BF and beyond.

    13 Opportunities in China Make the most of what China has to offer, learn the language and travel the country.

    14 Introduction to Chinese Culture Practical and cultural advice for settling into your new life in China.

    15 Learning Mandarin A few key words and phrases to get you started on your arrival in China.

    16 Meet the team Meet the group and sub-company staff in the London and Beijing offices.

    18 Frequently asked questions Academic Director Laurence Parker-Brown answers key questions from the teachers.





    10 16

  • STRATEGYOur core strategy for achieving this is to offer an academically rigorous iGCSE curriculum over two years allowing students to develop their English language fluency, their base of academic skills and also their awareness of the nuances between British and Chinese education. To support this we may offer students in selected centres the chance to study for three years between the ages of 11 and 14 on the CIE Cambridge Secondary 1. Having completed iGCSE we will support A levels be it in the UK or in China and will offer extensive guidance with their UCAS applications.

    MISSION STATEMENTWe aspire to be the highest quality providers of the British education model in China equipping students to make Russell group university applications.

    We aim to do this through outstanding teachers and excellent resources all within a hardworking and supportive management structure.


    LAURENCE PARKER-BROWN Academic DirectorBF Education


    2. CAREER ASPIRATIONSOur second aim is to demonstrate the wealth of opportunities that our education can deliver to their personal and professional lives. One aspect of British Fortune we will come to pride is our determination to make students aware of the exciting careers they can have in the future and how we can start building the knowledge and skills they need to be lawyers, doctors, movie directors or even teachers in the future. As such please use every opportunity to highlight all the thousands of jobs that are available for people ready to work hard and develop their intellectual and social skills. We are anecdotally aware that many students on the Chinese curriculum do not invest in their education because they cannot see where their classes lead and how what their future can hold. British Fortune students should be constantly enlightened on the opportunities that are possible for them in a global employment market and how our programme invests in their career potential.

    3. ANGLO-SINO COOPERATIONWe are excited to send you to China in the knowledge that you will be treated as important guests in a country where education is treated with the utmost respect and social status. Likewise this is a truly exciting opportunity for all of us to build small but lasting relationships with communities across our two countries. Our students will be interested to hear

    1. ENGLISH LANGUAGEFirstly we recognise that all of our students will be non-native English speakers with limited prior exposure to quality teaching of English as a foreign language. As such it is our duty to embrace this challenge of educating Chinese students in English with constant enthusiasm, empathy and innovation. Our first logical goal must be to achieve the deepest fluency in as many students as often as possible. This means making every lesson an opportunity to develop the students

    collective abilities to listen, to read, to discuss. We have every belief in you as professionals to evolve and share strategies and resources that make learning English, even through academic subjects, a fun and life-changing experience. We must convey total respect to all the students as they are expressing themselves in a second language and think how lucky we are that we werent asked to do A levels in French as teenagers!

    all about British history, geography and cultural life. Likewise they will want to demonstrate all the same aspects that excite them about their own country and will welcome you to experience each element. As such we will always have the mindset of respect, interest and appreciation of what is similar, what is different and what will happen in the future to build social, economic and political ties between the UK and China.

    4. TECHNOLOGYMy own hyperbole aside we live in an age of remarkable technological breakthrough and we can only extrapolate that the future holds even more advances in science, communication and trade. British Fortune students must be given every opportunity to embrace what technology can do for them in their education, their extracurricular life and their future careers by working with and learning how to use a range of media and resources. As such we will supply the physical products and the opportunity inside and outside of class to write blogs, film documentaries, edit video and market on social media for the educational and enrichment opportunities that they yield.

    5. DEBATEAn aspect of British education that will be new to many Chinese students is the notion that they will be asked to assert opinions on a range of topics. They will also find it harder to intellectually challenge the views of colleagues and indeed teachers than a typical British counterpart at the same age. As such we will work on this and develop in them the language and public speaking confidence to air their research and opinions in a

    coherent and eloquent fashion. They will also be challenged intellectually and in prose to find areas of development in their favourite subjects where there are existing debates and to start to form the informed positions on these topics which often differentiate between the successful and the unsuccessful UCAS applicant.

    Finally we will only achieve all this by investing in you - the team members who will be the focus of the student

    experience at British Fortune centres. As Academic Director I want to support you all as colleagues, as professionals and as innovators that are encouraged to examine all aspects of their work towards the dream of being totally proud of each terms work. Much of this guide is in the spirit of welcoming you to this project and illustrating who you can turn to for advice on making this a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

  • Although the designs are yet to be finalised, the centre is likely to include the following:

    THE LIBRARYThe focal point of the BF Centre will be the library, which is likely to span the front of the centre. This is a space for students to relax and study together and will be stocked with both English and Chinese learning materials.

    THE CLASSROOMSThere will be five main teaching rooms with a capacity of 20 students, each equipped with the latest learning technologies. (Read more about our classroom technologies on page 10).

    STAFF AREASThere will be private offices for the centre head and subject leaders and shared offices for all teaching staff.


    LEE MARKHAMBrand DirectorBritish Fortune Group

    As the brand and communications team it is our job to bring the British Fortune vision to life through our communication channels - our marketing materials, our website and even the schools themselves.

    The BF education centre in Beijing needs to tell students and parents as soon as they arrive that this is the best of British education in China. And so we have enlisted British Architectural firm, John McAslan and partners who have designed buildings for British institutions such as Lancaster University, University of Manchester, Goldsmiths College and Dulwich College.

    On these pages are some early design ideas from McAslan.

  • Beijing has been the capital of China for 850 years; it is one of the four great ancient capitals of China. The area of the school is 40 minutes from downtown Beijing. It is close to the airport, the ar