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  • BETTER TOGETHER Aligning Resources and Partners in CA Regions
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  • Objectives Your ETA Team Understand the Breadth of ETA Workforce Funding in CA Think Through Opportunities for the Board to Look Broader Connect the Job-Driven Work of CAs Boards to National Vision Carol Padovan Federal Project Officer, CAs Workforce System Jeffrey Chism Federal Project Officer, Discretionary Grants Bryan Rogers Regional Director, State Systems
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  • National Vision
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  • 4 Organize Community Resources SIX GUIDING PRINCIPLES Deepen, Sustain Employer Partnerships Make Easier to Acquire In- Demand Skills Transform Registered Apprenticeships Spur Innovation @ All Levels Promote What Works Optimize Alignment of Systems, Funding Job-Driven Workforce Solutions
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  • 5 Re-Employment/Long-Term Unemployed Innovation in Services, Maximized Flexibility Veterans, Disconnected Youth, Vulnerable Populations Credentials & Career Pathways Industry-Sector Alignment Federal and other Partners Focal Areas
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  • Region 6 Priorities
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  • Strategic Investment & Alignment
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  • Aligned Performance Management Measurements
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  • Customer-Centric Service (Re)Design
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  • Building of the Field
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  • ETA Resources in California
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  • 12 Formula and Discretionary Resources CA FORMULA Workforce Investment Act Youth$119,122,833 Workforce Investment Act Adult$114,152,207 Workforce Investment Act DW$157,376,202 Wagner-Peyser$ 79,586,271 Labor Market Information$ 2,512,037 $472,749,550 Formula PY14
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  • 13 Formula and Discretionary Resources
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  • 14 Discretionary Investment Areas Re-Employment/Long-Term Unemployed At-Risk Youth Ex-Offenders Innovation in Service Design Community College Curriculum/High-Growth Credent. Apprenticeship
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  • 15 TAACCCT Round 4 Grant Purpose Build community college capacity to provide accessible training programs Increase attainment of industry recognized credentials in high growth industries Innovate design/delivery of instruction that leads to improved outcomes Details $450M; All States; Single Institutions up to $2.5M; Consortia up to $15M Closes July 7; Issued April 16 Eligible Applicants: Community Colleges Required Program Collaboration with System: Engage and collaborate with LWIBs, AJCs, State agencies that administer TAA, other WIA required AJC partners
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  • 16 Face Forward 2 Grant Purpose Improve workforce outcomes of court-involved youth 14-24yo Attainment of education and industry-recognized credentials Use of career pathways Juvenile justice strategies for diversion and record expungement Details $44M; 4 grants of $5M; approx. 16 grants up to $1.5M; up to 39-month projects Closes May 2; Issued March 13 Eligible Applicants: CBO or FBO with 501(c)3 status Required Program Collaboration with AJCs or Local WIBs
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  • 17 H-1B Ready-to-Work Grant Purpose / Focal Points Support high-performing job-driven partnerships Re-employ long-term unemployed workers Work-Based Training That Enables Earning While Learning Specialized services leading to rapid employment in occupations/industries for which employers use H-1B visas to hire foreign workers. Details $150M; 20-30 Awards from $3M - $10M; up to 48-month projects Closes June 19; Issued February 19 Eligible Applicants: Public and Private Partnerships Required Program Collaboration with: Workforce System, Training Providers, Businesses and Non-Profit Business Intermediaries
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  • Resource Alignment
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  • 19 System Backbone System Builder Grant Steward Effective structure Grant management Outcomes Strategic partnerships Collaborative funding/design Greater systems approach Positioned work that leverages the system towards solutions and community advancement Connecting Investments: System Roles
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  • 20 Connecting Investments: Leveraged $ Hawaii example Bay Area Health Care Central Vly Oregon WA Aloha: 6/40 SF Healthcare Lean State Functional Alignment Co-Enrollment
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  • 21 Connecting Investments: CA Waivers Customized Training and OJT sliding scale Up to 90% covered by WIA funds; private or public employers Could be used for layoff aversion activities Rapid Response and Local Funds for Incumbent Worker Training as Layoff Aversion Summer Youth Program waivers Allows co-enrollment with TANF funds Work Readiness as only credential; design framework flexibility
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  • 22 Connecting Investments: CA Waivers Other waivers may be applied for Only a handful of requirements may not be waived. Review the Database TEGL 2609, Change 1
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  • 23 Connecting Investments: Policy Flexibility Appropriations Act Permits contracting for cohort training with eligible providers In place since 2010 Check Your Policies Accidental Inflexibility leading to less opportunity EDD Regional Advisors and ETAs Carol Padovan as resources
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  • 24 Join Us for More Learning Region 6 Targeted Technical Assistance Three Series of Webinars Strengthening Customer Service Design State and Local/Regional Alignment Strengthening Workforce Systems Capacity