Better LinkedIn results in 5 Minutes a Day with Updates

Download Better LinkedIn results in 5 Minutes a Day with Updates

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Follow these two simple guidelines and your LinkedIn updates can do your marketing for you. Click to find out what they are and get better LinkedIn results.


  • 2 Ways to Use LinkedIn Updates for Better Results in 5 Minutes a Day If youre on LinkedIn and not getting the results you want, keep reading because Ill share how LinkedIn updates can be the missing link. You can have the best product or service and a fabulous website, but if youre not putting yourself out there and sharing updates on LinkedIn, you are really doing yourself a disservice. I was inspired to write this weeks article after hearing so often lately how my LinkedIn network loves the updates I post and seeing how they are a workhorse that helps me grow my business. LinkedIn updates, used effectively, can serve three very important functions: 1. They keep you top of mind with your audience by increasing your visibility and giving you the opportunity to engage with them and nuture your relationship. 2. LinkedIn updates position you an an expert in your field, as a go-to person. 3. LinkedIn updates position you as a thought leader. And one of the key elements of using LinkedIn updates effectively is having the right mix content and promotion. We have all had contacts who promote themselves and their businesses with every updatenever providing valueand know how quickly we disconnect from them, hide or ignore them. On the other hand, if all you post are content updates, but no promotional updates, your
  • business can stagnate because you arent offering your ideal clients a way to take the next step with you. Another key element to use LinkedIn updates effectively is to be consistent. This means posting on a regular basis, so you build trust and credibility and are seen as legitimatethat you are who you say you are. A great tool that makes it easy to post consistently (and do it in just 5 minutes a day when you use my LinkedIn Results System) is HootSuite. When you follow these two guidelines, your LinkedIn updates can do your marketing for you. Here are some examples of recent opportunities that have found me because of my LinkedIn updates. Ive met people at networking events and connected with them on LinkedIn. Over time they see my consistent, value-rich and compelling updates that keep me top of mind with them and they contact me to explore working together. Ive attracted media opportunities with major websites. In a recent interview with a top media site about how to use LinkedIn effectively, my interviewer said, I see your LinkedIn updates all the timetheyre great! My updates positioned me as an expert and thought leader and cultivated the relationship before the interview even started. Or, I connect with another LinkedIn member in a LinkedIn group, they schedule a call with me to explore working together and in the meantime they get to know, like and trust me still more through my updates. So you see how using LinkedIn updates effectively can help you get better results on LinkedInand in just 5 minutes a day! If youre interested in getting more details on how to quickly and easily get better results from LinkedIn, click here to schedule your complimentary LinkedIn Results strategy session with me to explore that and to find out what you can do to have a results breakthrough. I have a limited number of appointments available and request that only
  • people who are serious about dramatically increasing their results on LinkedIn schedule a time to talk. ========== 2014 Marketing mentor Christine Hueber teaches business owners and entrepreneurs around the world how to create and manage profitable LinkedIn marketing that easily gets them more clients. Get her FREE report Top 10 LinkedIn Success Secrets for Entrepreneurs at