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<p>BETTA FISH</p> <p>THREE AREAS TO COVER Classification Raise Care</p> <p>DEFINITIONBetta is any of a genus (Betta of the family Anabantidae) of small brilliantly colored longfined freshwater boney fish of Southeastern Asia.</p> <p>(Merriam-Webster, 2012, p. 1).</p> <p>CLASSIFICATIONSmaller type fish (2.375inches long) Carnivore. Two main color: Cornflower Blue</p> <p>Fiery Red</p> <p>C L A S S I F I C AT I O N ( C O N T I N U E ) Male: are more beautiful than the female. Have longer fins.</p> <p>Build the bubble nest..Aggressive.</p> <p>Take care of the eggs.</p> <p>C L A S S I F I C AT I O N ( C O N T I N U E )</p> <p>Female: are less beautiful than the male.Have shorter fins.</p> <p>Produce eggs.Less aggressive.</p> <p>Not allow to take care the eggs.</p> <p>RAISEOne male in a tank. Female is allow to mate with the male when she is ready. Separate the tank during the reproduction</p> <p>period.</p> <p>RAISE (CONTINUE)</p> <p>Remove the female after mating. Allow the male to take care the eggs (2 or</p> <p>3 days).Warm water (temperature 25-31oC).</p> <p>Tanks size. (small or big).</p> <p>RAISE (CONTINUE) There are 12 steps to build the tanks.</p> <p>CARESFoods. (carnivore, eat variety of food).1. Feed once or twice a day. (left over food</p> <p>spoil the water).2. Fray eat micro worms(2 or 4 drops); morning and evening (repeat 2 or 3 weeks).</p> <p>CARES (CONTINUE)Four steps to keep Betta healthy :1. Provide a suitable bowl or aquarium for</p> <p>your Betta fish.2. Feed your Betta fish adequate and appropriate food.</p> <p>CARES (CONTINUE)3. Keep the fish bowl or aquarium clean.4. Reduce sources of stress for your Betta</p> <p>fish in order to keep it healthy.</p> <p>CARES (CONTINUE)Causes Betta to die:1. Starvation.</p> <p>2. Chilling.3. Nitrite &amp; Ammonia poisoning.</p> <p>4. Sick.</p> <p>CARES (CONTINUE)Symptom of sick Betta: 1. Not cheerful 2. Fins not open. 3. White fuzz on the body or fin/s. 4. Yellow spot on the body.</p> <p>CARES (CONTINUE)5. Red bumps.6. Strange color spot.</p> <p>7. Not interested in eating.</p> <p>CARES (CONTINUE)Deceases that attack Betta:1. Fin rot.</p> <p>2. Velvet.3. Ich.</p> <p>CARES (CONTINUE)Treatment and ways to avoid sick Betta1. Provide clean warm water. 2. Right amount of food. 3. Right temperature. 4. Recognized whats wrong (sick or not sick)</p> <p>CARES (CONTINUE)5. Isolate the sick.6. Clean the bowl regularly.</p> <p>7. Diagnose the illness.8. Administer proper doses of antibiotics,</p> <p>if necessary</p> <p>CONCLUSIONSmall fish that that has two basic color and several others. Thy are carnivore. Live in warm water.</p> <p>CONCLUSION(CONTINUE)When they are sick we can see the symptom. Easy to treat and care for.</p>