Beta Group Daisy Chen, Fatima Aviquivil, Dawn Presler, Scott Nelson, Geoff Zapata.

Download Beta Group Daisy Chen, Fatima Aviquivil, Dawn Presler, Scott Nelson, Geoff Zapata.

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  • Beta Group Daisy Chen, Fatima Aviquivil, Dawn Presler, Scott Nelson, Geoff Zapata
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  • Agenda Group Roles Project Overview and Goals Scope of Project Metadata Schema Scenario 1 Scenario 2
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  • Group Roles Daisy Chen Human Resources Fatima Aviquivil Search & Navigation Dawn Presler End User Scott Nelson - CMS Geoff Zapata - Integration
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  • Beta Overview Beta Co. has offices in the U.S. and Europe. Employees travel between and relocate to various campuses. Employee relocation is desirable. Employee retention is also desirable.
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  • Beta Goals Support our intranets virtual tours of our campuses in the U.S. and Europe. Tour gives overview of surrounding community as well as campus. Also gives in-depth overview of company campuses, facilities, and policies.
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  • Beta Goals (cont) Our need was to create metadata using SchemaServer in order to support a virtual tour on our company intranet Our inspiration: the Virtual City Tour found at
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  • Freiburg Online
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  • Self-guided tour Follow directional
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  • Out of Scope Workflow Check-in/-out of documents Personalization Design Implementation Approval process
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  • Application / Policy Training Accessibility (section 508) Compliance Steering Committee Login integrated with logon Publication process
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  • Metadata Schema
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  • Metadata Schema (cont) Content Classes DataAccess Campus Buildings ConferenceRoom Departments CollegesSchools CommonsArea EmployeeDirectory LivingArrangements LocationInformation Navigation Parking ContentMgmt DisplaySpecifications Feedback RelocationProcess UserProfile Vocabularies 2yr_Colleges 4yr_Colleges Accessibility AptNames BuildingNames CampusLocations CommonsAreaNames ConferenceRoomEquipment DepartmentNames DeviceNames DocumentNames ForSale HighSchoolNames HotelNames Housing JobTitles ParkingLotNames ParkingTypes Transportation WalkwayNames Worker Level
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  • Metadata Schema (cont) Accessibility AccessRights Apartments BestBets BreakRoom BuildingName Buildings BusLines Cafeteria Campus Accessibility College Comment CommonsAreaAmenities CommonsAreaBenches CommonsAreaName CommonsAreaOpenLawn CommonsAreaTables ConferenceRoomEquipment ConferenceRoomOwner Contact Creator DateCreated Date.Expired DateSubmitted Department Identifier JobTitle Language LastName Libraries LightRail LocationName Maps Medium MiddleSchool MovingAllowance MovingBeginDate MovingEndDate MovingProcedures MovingSupervisor Approval NextUpdateDate OwnedBy ParkingCapacity ParkingCosts ParkingEmployee ParkingGuest Description Device DisabledAccess Documents Editable By Elementary EmailAddr EmployeeID Entertainment Events FAQs Feedback FirstName Format ForRent ForSale GuestServices HasVersion HighSchool Homepage Homes Hotels Elements ParkingLotName ParkingNearby ParkingType Password ReligiousCommunities Restrooms SeatingCapacity Services Source SupervisedBy Supervises Team Title TrainLines Universities UpdatePeriod URL ViewableBy Walkways Weather WorkerLevel WorkoutFacilities
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  • Metadata Schema (cont)
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  • Scenario 1-Employee Changing Job Locations Fatima is looking to relocate Needs to review the area in order to make decision Needs to locate and review Reimbursement Policy in CMS
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  • CampusLocations Europe Athens, Greece Paris, France (or City of Love) United States of America Chicago, IL (or Windy City) Seattle, WA (or Emerald City) Navigation Homepage LocationName Maps Documents FAQs Feedback Where in the World will I move?
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  • Colleges/Schools College Elementary HighSchool MiddleSchool Universities LivingArrangements Homes Apartments ForRent ForSale Hotels LocalInformation Weather Religious Communities Events Entertainment BusLines LightRail Services TrainLines
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  • Navigation Homepage LocationName Maps Documents FAQs Feedback RT Policies Reimbursement Relocation Approvals Im moving! Next steps
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  • Scenario 2 Employee visits new branch office Mr. Bean needs to give a presentation in Betas San Francisco office next week. He has never been to that branch office before. He wants to take a virtual tour of the campus so that he is familiar with which building he will be visiting, he can choose a conference room, know how to get to the building from the freeway, and the best parking lot to find a parking spot in.
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  • Campus Buildings ConferenceRoom Parking Navigation (to access maps) What classes and elements will pertain to Mr. Beans information needs?
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  • Beta Q & A