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If you looking for North India's best vocational training provider? Then your search is over. Cetpa Infotech Pvt. Ltd - Best vocational training provider since 2004. So, join India's best vocational training provider and enhance your skills and build bright career.


<p> Best Vocational Training in Noida </p> <p>Vocational training </p> <p>Vocational Training (education based on </p> <p>occupation or employment), also known as career </p> <p>and technical education (CTE) or technical and </p> <p>vocational education and training (TVET) is </p> <p>education that prepares people for specific trades, </p> <p>crafts and careers at various levels from a trade, </p> <p>a craft, technician, or a professional position </p> <p>in engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, arc</p> <p>hitecture, pharmacy, law etc. Craft vocations are </p> <p>usually based on manual or practical activities, </p> <p>traditionally non-academic , related to a specific </p> <p>trade, occupation , or vocation. It is sometimes </p> <p>referred to as technical education as the trainee </p> <p>directly develops expertise in a particular group of </p> <p>techniques. </p> <p>Need of vocational training </p> <p> It betters employment opportunities. </p> <p> It provides expertise, especially in niche </p> <p> occupation. </p> <p> It raises labor productivity It raises a workforce which </p> <p> measures up to </p> <p> international quality </p> <p> standards. </p> <p> About 92% of the workforce does not have skill </p> <p> training. Vocational training </p> <p> can bridge that </p> <p> gap. </p> <p> CETPA </p> <p>CETPA, the Acronym of "Computer </p> <p>Education &amp; Technology Promotion </p> <p>Association", believes in quality </p> <p>because knowledge matters. </p> <p> About cetpa </p> <p>CETPA INFOTECH PVT LTD is one </p> <p>of the IT education and training </p> <p>service provider brands of India </p> <p>that is preferably working in 3 most </p> <p>important domains. It includes IT </p> <p>Training services, software and </p> <p>embedded product development </p> <p>and consulting services. It is the </p> <p>acronym of IT Technology Training </p> <p>and education. The company is </p> <p>operating from various branches in </p> <p>India like Noida, Roorkee, Lucknow </p> <p>and Dehradun. </p> <p> CONTACT US </p> <p>CETPA Roorkee </p> <p>#200, Purvawali, 2nd Floor </p> <p>(Opp. Railway Ticket Agency) </p> <p>Railway Road, Ganeshpur, Roorkee - </p> <p>247667 </p> <p>Contact Us: +91-9219602769, 01332-</p> <p>270218 </p> <p>Fax - 1332 - 274960 </p> <p>CETPA Noida </p> <p>C-24, Sector-2, Near Nirula's Hotel </p> <p>Noida -201301, Uttar Pradesh </p> <p>Contact Us: 0120-3839555, +91-9212172602 </p> <p>CETPA Lucknow </p> <p>#401 A, 4th Floor, Lekhraj Khazana, </p> <p>Faizabad Road , Indira Nagar, </p> <p>Lucknow - 226016 Uttar Pradesh </p> <p>Contact: +91-9258017974, 0522-6590802 </p> <p> CETPA Dehradun </p> <p> 105, Mohit Vihar, Near Kamla Palace, </p> <p> GMS Road, Dehradun-248001,UK </p> <p> Contact: +91-9219602771, 0135-6006070 </p>