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  1. 1. Website: Title: Professional Training & HR Management PPT Ka ya ology. o is I dias leadi g o li e repository of prese tatio s/PPTs o arious k o ledge a d skills areas. These presentations impart you professional skills which help in career growth and success. These presentations are full of practical and real life examples which help you gain insights into complex management concepts. They impart learning in an interesting manner by making use of scriptures, mythology, movies, famous personalities and past & current events/ incidents. In all modern day organizations, the managers are often required to impart professional training to the new recruits and our website becomes a hub to get all the knowledge. You can use our PPTs and use them for multiple purposes. They are many PPTs which are ready to use and can be used directly to impart the required professional training. Besides manager, we also understand the growing need by students for grooming themselves into professionals. There is everything available for them on the site to learn and do. Today almost every organization has Human Resource department. The managers in these departments have to continuously update themselves with organizational changes. When that happens they have to update themselves and our portal has everything in terms of knowledge to keep you updated. They can see the videos, PPTs and go through books to train the new joiners in their organizations. We have hundreds of knowledge filled PPTs to keep them abreast with the latest and manage the business functions well. Besides e at Ka ya oloy. o o ti uously try to ri g the latest a d ost i de a d PPTs a d thats why we continuously update them. We have thousands of CEOs and managers registered with us and this shows that our repository is one of the best in terms of knowledge.
  2. 2. We request all our readers to visit our website and register for free to access the PPTs. Contact Detail Deepak Kumar Tel no -98991 90519 Website: