Best group chat app for your organization’s team communication

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Best Group Chat App for your organizations team communication

Organizations can now have employees connect to a branch at another continent, request and receive a file, start a group conversation, assign tasks and much more instantly with just their smartphone or tablet computers.Organizations were no longer limited to working with people a same location or country. And with everyone so occupied with their smartphone, employees didnt find it tough but had yet another way to make work simpler.

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But they still had one more drawback to get rid of Subscription charges. Most of these software required organizations regularly subscribed to their services and businesses were charged based on the number of employees they have hired. The bigger the organization the heavier was their bill. Yes, the software provided for a lot, but as just subscription charges, they scratched off a pretty good amount from the companys budget.And as a solution to scrape off their subscription expenditures, businesses can now have a team communication app of their own. All they have to heed to is purchase the perfect software to create one.

As a software compatible to both mobile application and website versions,GroupRocketcomes as the perfect solutions for organizations to create thebest group chat appfor their intra-organizational communication needs.Purchase the script, have it customized to your requirements and have an instant communication app exclusively for your organization.Wonder what makes this the software to build the best group chat app on? Here are some of the few features that make GroupRocket the best.

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Secure registration As an app exclusively for your business needs, the software allows users register at it only with an authenticated email invite. Keeping your organizations chat out of reach of anyone who is not a part of it is now simple. And once registered, users can now create a profile for their own adding pictures, contact details and more.

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Private and Group chats With a profile of their own, users can now start a conversation with a fellow colleague anytime. Have a query to ask? Just text him/her through the app and have it cleared right away. Not just private chats, users can also create teams of their own or join existing ones and have a conversation with the whole team whenever necessary.

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Instant repliesWhenever a user receives a message or a file at the private chat or the team channel, the software instantly notifies them about the same so they can reply to it or join the conversation right away. Ever waited hours to receive a reply from a colleague? Not anymore. And the best group chat app also provides notifications on messages users send themselves, decreases the prankster colleagues chances of playing one on you.Users also have the feature to check a fellow colleagues availability at the app before texting him/her.

Recent mentions With several messages shared at a team chat every day, its not uncommon that users dont heed to conversations all the time. And with the softwares feature to display a whole list of recent mentions at the app, employers can now always stay updated on all everything that happens at their enterprise.

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Team managementManagers or admins can be a part of several teams and monitor their work anytime from just their smartphone or tablet computers. Managing teams would have never been this easy. Assign tasks, receive updates, remind the team on targets and the best of all, start a team discussion anytime. No more in-person team chats or long group discussions. Start one from anywhere anytime at your smartphone.And when a fellow team member couldnt be online, he can follow up on the conversation any time at the group channel.

Integrations From Dropbox and Github to Twitter and Mailchimp; GroupRocket comes integrated with several software organizations normally use and provides provisions for adding more. Need files transferred from another source? You can now share them right through the app.

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File Sharing and Retention File sharing; a major requirement for any organization comes easy with this software. From documents and images to presentations and videos, users can share files in any format. Users can also choose to limit a files access to few of their fellow colleagues and allow access to the rest.

App and Web Not just mobile applications, the software also comes as a website. And since both the versions work with sync, any update a user makes to his profile or shares a message at the group channel will immediately reflect at the web version as well. And employees wont have the need to switch between their desktop computer and smartphone to respond to a query while at work.

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Easy SearchAnd with any file shared at the app saved at it for life, users may have to spend long hours to get to a file or message they would like to access. With the simple search feature they can now get hands on any file or message anytime with complete ease.Why depend on emails when mobile apps can do a lot more than just send and receive files. Why subscribe to another business or platform when you can have one completely of your own exclusively for your business. With the app and website from GroupRocket your organization will neither have an incomplete conversation nor even a slight delay in it anymore.And as for entrepreneurs without an organization or business of their own can start a service providing a splendid communication platform for other corporate organizations.

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