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Top 10 B2B eCommerce Software

#1 Contalog

Contalog is one of the key players in providing B2B eCommerce software solutions. With Contalog, you can integrate your warehouse, inventory and order details. Smart stock replenishment, product categorization, customer specific pricing and etc are the integral part of Contalogs B2B eCommerce platform.

#2 SAP Hybris

Hybris is an upcoming B2B eCommerce software which supports all your complex business buying and selling needs and lets you manage multiple buyers and user roles. Seamless integration with back-end helps procurers for easy sync.

#3 Netsuite (Suite commerce) Netsuites B2B eCommerce portal is built for multi-channel enterprise and streamlines inventory and order process. Netsuit's B2B portal software supports multiple languages, tax rates and multiple currencies for better customer convenience. Netsuits dynamic product presentation helps in providing a breezy product comparing experience.

#4 GoEcart GoEcart is a leading B2B eCommerce solution provider that facilitates advanced for omni channel ecommerce, inventory and order management features. GoEcart also enables in-store pickup and returns for online and telephone orders. Its reporting module helps in knowing sales data top to toe.

#5 Aplicor Aplicors B2B portal software is a cloud enabled application built for small and medium sized businesses. It allows customers and suppliers to see instantly any changes or updates made by your company.

#6 Insitesoft Insitesofts enterprise B2B eCommerce portal provides solutions for manufacturers and distributors requirements. Apart from PIM integration, it also provides Sitebuilder for web content management, promotion mechanisms, flexible product listings, subscription based product offering and much more.

#7 Sparkpay Sparkpay is one of the best B2B eCommerce software which allows management of multiple stores from single admin. This B2B ordering portal provides your clients the ability to re-order from saved carts and past orders.

#8 Shopvisible ShopVisible is a comprehensive B2B eCommerce platform that helps in handling different selling scenarios for multiple distributors and extended sales force. Shopvisibles eCommerce solution offers product catalog management for easy navigation.

#9 Nexternal Nexternal B2B eCommerce portal provides a dynamic pricing control system that allows you to maintain client-specific pricing. Apart from multiple payment support, Nexternal supports related conveniences like invoice generation and shipping service integration etc.

#10 Clarity-Ventures Clarity eCommerce portal gives accurate information on inventory and order tracking so there are no worries of delays in order processing and shipment. Global shipping, inbound marketing, Email marketing and business intelligence report are the highlights of Clarity eCommerce.

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