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BERR Industry Factory & Plant Relocation Management Engineering Services


  • 1. The art of

2. The art of EngineeringPLANT RELOCATIONBERR INDUSTRY, All Industrial Services provides a complete turn-key service for every stage ofindustrial and commercial plant relocation, from dismantlement and relocation plan development tomatch marking, heavy machinery moving, rigging, relocation, re-installation and start up.With our vast experience and our utilization of the latest technologies, equipment and techniques, R.Baker & Son can quickly, seamlessly and safely handle your relocation project from start to finish.We have performed everything from the relocation and machinery moving of a few pieces ofequipment to the relocation of an entire line of an industrial plant.Our experienced service-engineers provide the following activities: Planning, organization and supervision of entire relocation process Assistance and supervision of disassembly, transportation and reconstruction Implementation of upgrades, optimization strategies and other improvements Procurement and delivery of additional components and spare parts 3. The art of EngineeringRELOCATION WORKS FULL SITE SURVEY METHOD STATEMENTS AND RISK ASSESSMENTS RELOCATION MANAGEMENT RELOCATION PLANNING HEALTH & SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT PLANNING RELOCATION WORKS REPORTING DECOMMISSIONING ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL DISASSEMBLY MATCH MARKING OF MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL AND PIPING PARTS PACKAGING DUE TO INTERNATIONAL STANDARTS LIFTING & LOADING OPERATIONS TRANSPORTING UNLOADING & REPLACEMENT MAINTENANCE & EQUIPMENT MODIFICATION EQUIPMENT SETTING ADJUSTMENT & ALIGNMENT MECHANICAL REMOVALS & INSTALLATION ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION MECHANICAL LINES INSULATION ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL TESTS AND MEASUREMENTS COMMISSIONING & STARTUP OPERATIONSThe typical stages of our factoryrelocation services will include thefollowing aspects: 4. The art of EngineeringRELOCATION WORKS GAS and STEAM TURBINES NATURAL GAS and DIESEL ENGINES GENERATORS HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATORS STEAM GENERATORS, BOILERS STEEL CHIMNEY AND FILTERS ALTERNATORS TRANSFORMATORS POWER PLANT EQUIPMENT INDUSTRIAL PLANTS CHEMICAL PROCESS & PLANTS PAPER and GLASS FACTORIES TEXTILE FACTORIES STEEL FACTORIES AUTOMOTIVE FACTORIES FOOD PROCESS AND MACHINES MACHINE LINES & PRODUCTION LINES OTHER HEAVY DUTY MACHINES & PROCESSES 5. The art of EngineeringDISASSEMBLY - ASSEMBLY 6. The art of EngineeringDISASSEMBLY - ASSEMBLY 7. The art of Engineering 8. The art of EngineeringREPLACEMENT WORKS 9. The art of EngineeringREPLACEMENT WORKS 10. The art of Engineering 11. The art of EngineeringMECHANICAL ERECTION WORKS 12. The art of EngineeringMACHINE LINE REPLACEMENT WORKS 13. The art of EngineeringINSULATION WORKS 14. The art of EngineeringELECTRICAL ERECTION WORKS 15. The art of Engineering 16. The art of Engineering+90 532 163 62 90+90 216 395 20


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