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<p>Bernadette G. Gordon, Page 2</p> <p>Bernadette Gloria Gordon</p> <p>5163 51st LN W Bradenton, Florida 34210</p> <p>Phone: 941.284.6702</p> <p>E-mail:</p> <p>`Collaborative, organized, detail oriented, dedicated, and enthusiasticCore Strengths Diligent, earnest, positive, and persistent with the ability to speak and write effectively Ability to acclimate quickly to challenges and changing environments</p> <p> Amiable, professional, and articulate; compassionate and positive towards achieving professional/educational goals</p> <p> Candid, sincere, inquisitive, and rational in situations requiring problem-solving</p> <p> Analytical, detailed, precise, able, and hard-working in cultivating and maintaining successful learning environments while providing rigorous and relevant curriculum Demonstrated experience in developing curriculum aimed toward fostering reading across the content areas and developing and maintaining faculty, staff, and student rapportEducation</p> <p>Doctorate of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy, Florida State University, seekingGraduate Certificate, Program Evaluation, Florida State University, seeking</p> <p>Master of Education, Educational Leadership, University of South Florida</p> <p>Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of South FloridaAssociate of Arts, Political Science, Manatee Community CollegeCertifications and EndorsementsFLORIDA CERTIFICATION, Exp. June 30, 2018</p> <p> English 6-12</p> <p> Educational Leadership (all levels) ESOL Endorsement</p> <p> Reading Endorsement</p> <p>Professional Experience HighlightsINTERIM ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, October 2015-January 2016</p> <p>Johnson Middle School, Bradenton, FL 34208</p> <p> Supervise assigned personnel, conduct annual performance appraisals Oversee the administration of all testing at the schools</p> <p> Supervise extracurricular activities</p> <p> Assist in providing students and staff a safe and effective learning environment.</p> <p> Work with staff to establish a plan for personal and professional growth</p> <p> Business Partner Liaison, seek and support school business partnerships</p> <p> Provide curriculum and instructional leadership</p> <p> Ability to recognize and solve school problems/areas of weakness</p> <p> Maintain and model high standards of professional conduct</p> <p> Set high standards of performance for self, others, and School District of Manatee County Confer with students, teachers, and parents to resolve problems which inhibit learning</p> <p> Be visible on campus and in classrooms, as well as at community events and functions</p> <p> Use effective strategies to communicate with a variety of audiences.</p> <p> Use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to guide individuals and groups towards task accomplishments</p> <p> Participate in PTO and SAC meetings</p> <p> Other duties and tasks as assigned and/or neededINSTRUCTIONAL SPECIALIST, July 2014-present</p> <p> Middle School Instructional Specialist, focusing on Title I and Priority Schools Support school-based leadership in SIP writing, teacher support, etc.</p> <p> Student Pull-Out for FSA preparation</p> <p> Participate in schools Instructional Leadership Teams-pull and prepare data for meaningful discussions, Data Team with a focus on: SuccessMaker, Write-to-Learn, Attendance and Discipline, Study Island, Failure lists, as well as others</p> <p> Collaborate with the Region IV Differentiated Accountability Team on walk-throughs, teachers/school support</p> <p> Present professional development to schools upon request</p> <p> Support and implement the Superintendents vision of IS in schools and the importance of the ILTCONSULTING/COMMITTEE PANELIST, 2009-present College Board SAT Test Panelist/Consultant, 2016-present</p> <p> FTCE English 6-12 Subject Matter Expert (SME), 2012-present</p> <p> FLVS External Curriculum Reviewer (Consultant), 2011-present</p> <p> ACT Test Panelist/Consultant, 2009-presentTITLE I TEACHER ON ASSIGNMENT, Dec 2011-June 2013 K-12 Instructional Coaching at Title I schools in reading, writing, and CCSS. Facilitated professional development and trainings, Curriculum writing/support, as well as other support requested by school administration and/or the district, </p> <p>reviewed School Improvement Plan and Data, part of decision making processes in how to move forward Collaborated with the Region IV Differentiated Accountability team at various Title I elementary and middle schools-walkthroughs, data collection, brainstorming next steps, reviewing data, etc. Trained in walk-throughs, feedback, conferencing by consultant Mark Rolewski</p> <p>TEACHING EXPERIENCE, August 2000-December 2011, August 2013-June 2014Johnson Middle School Bradenton, FL, 2013-2014 Reading Department Chair, 2013-2014 7th Grade Language A IB-MYP (English Language Arts), 2013-2014Southeast High School Bradenton, FL, 2000-2011Reading Department Chair, 2010-2011Intensive Language Arts 11-12 (Reading) Teacher, 2009-2011</p> <p>FLVS Adjunct English I/II Teacher, 2007-2008 International Baccalaureate English II Teacher, 2001-2005 </p> <p>Teacher of English I, English I Honors, English II, Great Books, 2000-2009Professional Development Trainer and/or Facilitator Sustaining Strategic Readers Trainer</p> <p> NGCAR-PD+ Trainer</p> <p> ACT Test Training FAIR Secondary Trainer Clinical Educator Trainer</p> <p> District CCSS &amp; PARCC Trainer</p> <p> Jeff Andersen Mechanically Inclined Trainer</p> <p> Close Reading </p> <p> FCAT 2.0 Writing Strategies and grading</p> <p>Curriculum Development/Previous Experience Local (district) End of Course Assessment Writer, 2014-15 Leader/Curriculum Writer FCAT Saturday Boot Camp for LRJMS, 2014</p> <p> Wrote the Summer School English curriculum for the 2013 N&amp;D Transition Program</p> <p> Taught Summer School for the last eight years</p> <p> Helped to design an alternate reading remediation plan for Johnson Middle, 2013-14</p> <p> Wrote the Reading and Writing plan for Johnson Middle School, 2013-14 school Southeast High School FCAT Boot Camp and ACT Boot Camp Facilitator/Curriculum Writer</p> <p> N&amp;D Transition Summer School co-planner and English Core Team Leader</p> <p> Curriculum Team, District, 2012-13-English II</p> <p> Manatee Core Curriculum Team, District, 2007-09-English I and English II</p> <p> Small Learning Communities, 2004-2011-FLC and VPA</p> <p> English II Pre-IB Curriculum/Syllabus, 2001-2005</p> <p>Data</p> <p>2013-2014 School Year Statistics at Louise R. Johnson Middle School</p> <p> 70% of my students made gains on the Reading FCAT 2.0 Teaching six 7th grade English Language Arts classes, three of which are advanced and three are regular classes. In addition, I teach all of the level 1s and 2s in 7th grade. LRJMS has consistently scored number one on the districts ELA Benchmark Assessment all year.Overall Results</p> <p>Period Number</p> <p>Quarter 1 Overall %Quarter 2 Overall %Quarter 3 Overall %Overall</p> <p>IncreasePercentage Student ImprovementPercentage Student Decline</p> <p>Period 156%54%64%Yes71%24%</p> <p>Period 252%55%55%Yes37%53%</p> <p>Period 373%70%80%Yes71%24%</p> <p>Period 477%79%84%Yes64%32%</p> <p>Period 575%79%82%Yes60%33%</p> <p>Period 656%59%59%Yes55%45%</p> <p>Overall Percentage (My Classes):</p> <p>Quarter 1-65%</p> <p>Quarter 2-66%</p> <p>Quarter 3-70%Overall School Percentage: </p> <p>Quarter 1-67%</p> <p>Quarter 2-69%</p> <p>Quarter 3-74%</p> <p> Four of my six classes moved levels, while all six of them made and maintained gains by the end of the year.Period Number</p> <p>Quarter 1 Overall %Quarter 2 Overall %Quarter 3 Overall %</p> <p>Period 1 (regular)56%54%64%</p> <p>Period 2 (regular)52%55%55%</p> <p>Period 3 (advanced)73%70%80%</p> <p>Period 4 (advanced)77%79%84%</p> <p>Period 5 (advanced)75%79%82%</p> <p>Period 6 (advanced)56%59%59%</p> <p>2012-2013 School Year Statistics with Title I</p> <p> Unfortunately, the nature of my work doesnt provide me with data since I was at various schools, trainings, etc. However, I provided training and coaching to the 4th grade team at Samoset Elementary in writing starting in December 2012. I worked with the team from January through February whenever possible (ranging from one to five times weekly depending). Samoset saw an improvement in scores. Samoset improved the school average from 2.8 to 2.9. The number of students earning a 3.5 increased from 16 to 23. And the number of students earning a 4.0 or higher increased from 7 to 16. Although Samoset did not meet the state mandated scores, the gains that were made are notable. Although not a passing score, 73 students earned a 3.0+ compared to 65 in 2012. Principal Pat Stream thanked me for all of my efforts in working with her school. 2011-2012 School Year Statistics at Southeast and with Title I</p> <p> 65% of students in my ILA classes at Southeast (through December 2011) met state graduation requirements either by passing FCAT with a score of 300+ or by meeting the ACT concordant score of 18 or higher. This is not only an increase over last years percentage, but accounts for four months as a classroom teacher AND the work I did throughout the school year at Saturday school and through ACT Boot Camps.</p> <p> 25% of students that I worked with at Title I schools met graduation requirements either by passing FCAT with a score of 300+ or by meeting the ACT concordant score of 18 or higher, although many more made measurable gains despite not reaching the minimum graduation requirement. These percentages are based on data made available to me which is not complete. 25% is a number that I am happy with considering the brief time I spent with Title I coupled with the fact that I was not the primary classroom teacher. My role was to bring reading strategies to teachers in classrooms, as well as ACT boot camp style test preparation. </p> <p>2010-2011 School Year Statistics at Southeast 62% of students in my ILA classes met graduation requirements either by passing FCAT with a score of 300+ or by meeting the ACT concordant score of 18 or higher. This percentage is an increase over last year and does not include students who attended my after-school boot camps.</p> <p>2009-2010 School Year Statistics at Southeast 47% of students in my ILA classes met graduation requirements either by passing FCAT with a score of 300+ or by meeting the ACT concordant score of 15 or higher.</p> <p> 71% of students increased their score by making measurable gains on the FCAT Retakes in October of 2009.Professional Committees/Organizations/Awards</p> <p> Johnson Middle School Manatee Education Foundation/Gettel Teacher Appreciation Award Recipient, Spring 2014</p> <p> Superintendents Gold Coin of Excellence for benchmark scores, May 2014</p> <p> FCTE Joan F. Kaywell Award Committee Member, 2012-15 2011 Just Read, Florida! High School Reading Teacher of the Year district nominee International Reading Association (IRA)</p> <p> Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)</p> <p> National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)</p> <p> Phi Kappa Phi National Honors Society National/Florida Council of Teachers of English (NCTE and FCTE) 2009 National Career Academy Coalition Workshop PresenterReferences Cynthia Saunders, Deputy Superintendent of Instruction, 941.708.8770 ext. 2220 Carl Auckerman, Director of Personnel, 941.708.8770 ext. 2239</p> <p> Rosa Daughtry, Principal of Sugg Middle School, 941.306.8526</p> <p> Jenny Yonahara, Teacher, Southeast High School, 941.773.6812</p>