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Iron vs. Plastic: The Real StoryMADE BY- ROHANThe debate over which drainage pipe to choose has continued for decades. The discussion is generally centered on two piping materials

Iron Plastic

Iron or Plastic

Benefits of Plastic PipesIron pipes, the most common choice in past decades have been completely discontinued due to many reasons. Choosing plastic pipes in residential plumbing provides many benefits over pipes made of iron. Such as

Cost Savings

Energy Use and the Environment

Corrosion and Degradation

Overall, plastic costs less to produce than iron and other metals. Plastic pipes are also less expensive to transport because they weigh significantly less than metal pipes. This means that the final cost consumers pay for plastic pipes, whether for new construction or repairing existing plumbing, is much less than what they would pay to use iron pipes.

Cost Savings

Pipes made of Plastic have much thicker walls than metal pipes. This can provide a built-in insulator against heat loss in hot water supply lines. Plastic has low thermal conductivity, which means it does not conduct heat as easily as copper and iron do. This helps hot water in a plastic pipe stay hot longer, which reduces energy needs and allows the homeowner to get hot water more quickly.

Plastic pipes are also not vulnerable to sweating and condensation like copper pipes are, and they may be less prone to freezing and bursting in cold weather.

Like many plastics, PVC pipes are recyclable, which reduces the amount of waste in landfills and the amount of raw materials required for the manufacture of other products.

Energy Use & the EnvironmentPlumbing pipes made of metal can corrode over time causing leaks and costly repairs. This corrosion allows iron to leach into drinking water which may cause adverse health affects in those drinking the contaminated water.

Corrosion and Degradation

Plastic pipes, however, resist corrosion even if buried underground or in a concrete slab. All plastic pipes sold for plumbing purposes are nontoxic and have been approved for carrying potable water.PVC pipes will never rust like iron pipes. Plastic pipes eliminate any rusty or metallic taste in drinking water that other pipes can leave.

Plastic pipes will allow water to flow unhindered for a long period of time.



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