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Darjeeling Tea coined as the Champagne of Teas has a unique blend and rich aroma which is enjoyed by people around the world.


  • 1. Benefits of Darjeeling Tea
  • 2. Mainly the recognizable trait of this tea is that itcan be found in Black, green white and oolong.The cold moist climate, soil, rainfall and theterrain gives a unique distinction to DarjeelingTea that is unavailable in any part o the world.Darjeeling Tea also coined as champagne ofteas has various flavors of tea, totally distinctfrom one another. Lets take a peek into one ofthe inventories of an established seller.What is Darjeeling Tea ?
  • 3. Castleton PremiumThe wonderful fragrant leavesfrom Kurseong valley isregarded as the finestDarjeeling Tea.The rich aromawith muscatel overtones ishard to find in other blends oftea.
  • 4. Margarets HopeHailing from the oldest and highestgrade of gardens in Darjeeling, it has adistinct Muscatel flavor. The uniqueessence will capture your spirit and makeyou want for more.
  • 5. Darjeeling 3 in 1The fragrant flavors of Castleton,muscatel delight of MargaretsHope and distinct aroma of Thurbocomes integrated into one, you willbe definitely be taken for a ride.
  • 6. BadamtamA delightful toasted fragrancehailing from Lebong valleypresents a beautiful toastedfragrance. Also the pinewoodpackaging will also be a feastfor your eyes and tongues.
  • 7. RoastedThe unique touch of fire and maltytaste provides robustness evenmaintaining the finesse that canonly be found in Darjeeling teas.Created for the discerning teadrinker who will not stop at anything but onlythe best.
  • 8. ThurboFrom the Nepalese Darjeelingborder of the Mirik valley,the silver tea leaves inducea unique flavour. The feelingof aroma and balance willleave you wanting for more.
  • 9. Goodricke Premium Darjeeling TeaFrom the mist drenchedKurseong valley,thesewonderfully fragrant leaves hasbeen regarded as the finestDarjeeling Tea. A muscatedaroma emanates from the teawith a experience thats hard to match.
  • 10. Hard pressed for choiceHard to pick among these scintillating flavors,one is better than the other, chose wisely andyou will be immersed in a memory, hard toforget and you will definitely cherish itthroughout your life.
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