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    Bemerton Outreach St Andrews St Johns St Michaels

    St Andrews from St Johns Tower

    March 2017 25p

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    36 Middleton Rd,

    Salisbury SP2 7AY

    Simon Kerley

    servicing and repairs

    all makes of cars,

    diagnostics, welding, MOT,

    Air Conditioning

    tel 01722 325313





    Need a Venue?

    Meetings, Parties etc


    Village Hall

    6 per hr Summer, 10 per hr Winter

    Bookings: Sabine Dawson 742843

    Gardening? Maintenance? General DIY Help?

    Do you need help with your garden

    or someone to do it for you?

    call Paul on 07840 564 973

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    Issue No: 1606


    March 2017

    As I write, winter is almost over, with its freezing fog and icy windscreen on my car to scrape clear of a morning; and all the excitement of Christmas and then the church weekend away at home, which so many people managed to join in. Yes, we all worked hard, focussing and sharing our thoughts on who we are as a church, our values, our dreams for the future, our vision of where God might be leading us next.

    But now, spring is on the way as the days lengthen and the snowdrops and crocuses start to appear. And we begin the season of Lent with our Shrove Tuesday pancakes and Ash Wednesday communion. In the past Ive used Lent to develop new habits - giving up sugar and the milk in my coffee - and to my surprise discovering at the end of the six weeks that I preferred it without that Id been missing out on the real taste by adulterating it! Other years Ive let myself enjoy more time with God; or deliberately cultivated the habit of inner thankfulness for all the little joys and pleasures of each day the morning sky, warmth, the pleasure of walking, of laughter, of tasks accomplished, of food and rest and so much more.

    This old tradition of using Lent to stop and think about our spiritual life and refresh it, is one that still has much to offer. To help us, Simon is leading a series of Tuesday evenings from now until Easter - 7.30 pm in St Andrews, looking at the Psalms and using them to draw close to God. And Bishop Nicholas has provided a framework for all in the diocese to share in daily prayer throughout Lent using the little leaflet Praying Together Lent 2017 (print copies available from church, or via the PrayerMate app on your phone or online at It is a format that everyone can use whether you have just five minutes in the midst of a busy day or half an hour to pray in a less hurried way. God knows the lives he has called each of us to and the demands and pressures they involve. But seven days without prayer makes one weak is as true now as when whoever it was first coined it. And Lent is a good time to establish (or re-establish) a life where quiet time with God has its essential, priority place in our daily living. Gillian

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    Monday to Friday 11am to 2pm St Michaels Community Centre

    Meeting for Prayers 10.30 to 10.45 each day

    Featuring - Tea & Coffee, Cakes & Biscuits, Soup & a Roll and of course space to relax, chat and meet your friends. Home to The Listening Place every Tuesday

    Haven' Every Thursday from 11 - 12.30, at St Michaels Lower Chapel We will aim to provide a space where people can safely explore issues around faith, spirituality and mental well-being, a space where any story can be told and any question asked without fear of judgement or rejection. A place we will call our Haven on the Heath. For more information: Ruth Main 01722 334995 or mobile 077513 54669 Rev Ali Bridewell 0784 7952868 or parish office 01722 328031


    On 19th March parents from St Johns School and others from the

    village are walking from Stonehenge to Salisbury Cathedral to raise

    funds for a defibrillator for the Lower Bemerton area. Support it at:

    Get your Hair Cut - Claire Shipp will lose her long locks in a public hair

    cut on April 2nd after Fun Churchto raise money for Church Funds.

    There is a sponsor form in St Michaels. Her hair will be used to make

    wigs for children with cancer.

    The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be part of the St Michaels service on Sunday 30th April. This is when we elect Churchwardens, PCC members and review accounts and activities and plan for the future. You need to be on the church electoral roll vote - there are forms in the churches.

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    Whats On in St Michaels Community Centre

    Coffee & Craft - In the Coffee & Chat Caf every Thursday evening 7.30 9.00 for anyone to drop in for a coffee and relaxed

    fellowship or to join in with making greetings cards.

    St Michaels Senior Lunch Club

    Every second Tuesday of the month

    11.45am1.30pm Lunch served at 12.15 noon.

    Freshly cooked on the premises 3.70 per person

    (Community Centre Hall behind St Michaels Church)

    Tuesday 14th March Fish Pie, with peas and sweet corn followed by crumble and custard

    NOTE: From April 11th the price will increase to 4 per person

    Learning to Draw

    Alan Winstanley will guide you through some basic techniques at the

    Community Centre Poppy Room on Thursdays from 2.30pm-5pm

    KNIT and SEW and NATTER On the 1st Friday of each month 10.30am - 12.30 in the Coffee &

    Chat Caf.

    Men's Tuesday Coffee Mornings

    Second & Last Tuesdays of the month - 14th & 28th March

    Join us in Coffee & Chat St Michaels Community Centre from 10.30 am

    More details from Alan Winstanley 333847

    Jumble Sale Saturday 11th March

    1pm at St Michaels Community Centre Setting up from 10am

    Dont forget the Shrove Tuesday Pancakes St Michaels Community Centre.

    Tuesday 28th February 6pm to full up

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    Church Flower Rotas

    St Andrews Mrs June Hatcher 501723

    St Michaels Mrs Jenny Thomas 320294

    Let June or Jenny know if you want to take a turn at decorating the church.


    Before the APCM on April 30th the full, detailed church accounts for 2016 will be available. The figures opposite are just a brief summary, which I

    hope you will look at and reflect on. Because it is important that everyone in the church understands where we stand moneywise and shares the responsibility for making mature and prayerful decisions about our income and our spending. Most of our income, after all, comes from our church members through regular giving, money we choose to leave in our wills, support we give to fundraising, time we give to doing tasks that would otherwise have to be paid for - and making the tax declaration that enables us already paid tax to be reclaimed through Gift Aid. And unless everyone understands where our church money comes from and goes to, we will not discern when we should personally put more into our church

    household budget, or how much we can afford to spend on anything.

    Our biggest outgoing is our parish share of the costs of training, paying

    and housing vicars, paying pensions of past vicars and looking after church schools. Our parish does well from it but with the diocese seeking to have 5 extra future vicars being trained each year, the costs will go up by about 4000 a year for the next few years. We give a tenth of what is given to us, to our charities and insurance, gas, electricity, water and the admin costs of running the parish all have to be paid, which would have left us over 10,000 short last year without the grant and the legacy that we received.

    There was no way we could afford from normal revenue income the work needed to deal with leaks and make St Michaels damp proof; to resolve the heating problems with new copper pipes throughout the building; and

    to install working lighting. To do all this essential work we withdrew

    money from capital investments made on our behalf in the past - which has reduced our dividend income and left us with only 8000 of accessible reserves for future emergencies or annual shortfalls. Our decisions about using the recent large legacy we have received need to be made wisely and prayerfully, listening to God and seeking His vision for us as we go forward , ready to take the risks of trusting His leading of us. We exist as a church to carry out the mission Jesus gave and fulfil his purposes to do our Fathers will and further His kingdom - using all the gifts of mind and sense and experience He has given us. Gillian

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    St Michael's Angels

    Meetings First Friday of the Month 7.30 pm

    March 3rd Lenten Meditation 41 Australian Avenue

    April 7th Easter Reflections 7 Queen Mary Rd

    Contact Linda Carley for more details 326747

    St Johns Place - Alpha Course Plus

    Following on from the Alpha Course a small group will be continuin