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<p>Bellaplex: Getting Your Skin Collagen Right</p> <p>Skincare Wrinkle CreamBellaplex: Getting Your Skin Collagen Right</p> <p>Why doesnt your expensive collagen-containing cream work? Its commercials showed smooth-skinned models that claimed to use this cream. Now, you are using it and nothing seems to happen on your skin. </p> <p>Wrinkles still feature prominently.</p> <p>A research has revealed that collagen has big molecules. They cannot penetrate the skin pores. This explains your creams non-performance. Its collagen simply sits on your skin surface, forming a moisture film. Your face becomes smooth and soft. You think the cream is working.</p> <p>When you wash your face it gets back to its aging fate. This happens daily. At last, you realize that the cream is not working. It only provides a temporary moisture film to your skin.</p> <p>According to dermatologists, aging skin needs repair from within.</p> <p>Thats why you need a scientifically advanced formula that sinks deep inside your skin and does the needful.</p> <p>According to Bellaplex reviews, this age defying moisturizer has stolen the limelight for its wonderful ability to reduce the appearance of aging signs on the face. </p> <p>How does it do this?</p> <p>Simple - say dermatologists. It does not feed the skin with collagen. Instead, it stimulates the skin cells to produce their own collagen. Its like this: when you cannot get food from outside, make your own food! </p> <p>Makers of Bellaplexs formula have infused the moisturizer with collagen boosters and skin nourishing elements, along with adequate sun protection factor. </p> <p>They work together to activate the skins natural collagen producing mechanism. The nourishing elements give skin cells the much-needed boost to function normally. SPF present in the formula sees to it that further aging signs are not formed by protecting the skin from its biggest enemy, the sun. </p> <p>How to use Bellaplex?You need no extra effort to use this product. Simply replace your normal moisturizer with this age defying one, suggest experts. Cleanse and tone your skin as you normally do. Then slather a fine layer of Bellaplexs age defying moisturizer as the last step of your daily skin care routine.</p> <p>Massage the product with gentle upward strokes of your fingers. Wait for a minute to let your skin absorb the formula completely.</p> <p>Users of this formula report that they find concealers and thick layers of foundation useless after some time. Their skin complexion improves to such an extent that they become confident of flaunting their bare face. </p> <p>It is important to use the product on clean skin, advise experts. Otherwise, dirt and excess oil in the pores can mix with the formula and block them. This can lead to breakouts. Dirty skin also hinders complete absorption of the formula.</p> <p>So, as experts put it, the best way to use this formula is during your daily skin care routine. It is safe to use this product in the morning and at night, before hitting the bed.</p> <p>Bellaplex risk free trial You can easily get a jar of this marvelous moisturizer on 30-day risk free trial online. The offer helps you familiarize with the product before you buy it. This way, you develop trust in it, as you can see its performance.</p> <p>It is good to have faith in a treatment to get the maximum benefits, say doctors. Trying the age defying moisturizer gives you a chance to see how it works on your skin. </p> <p>The trial offer also gives a provision to return the jar if you dislike the product. Reviews of Bellaplex show that the trial offer is a rage. Women who tried the moisturizer ultimately bought it.</p> <p>Our Toll Free Numbers</p> <p>Country Toll Free NumberUSA/CANADA (800) 545-8294AUSTRALIA 1800157410NEW ZEALAND 0800452982GREAT BRITAIN 08002796212Email ID customerservice@bellaplex.comWebsite: </p>