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  • STE[A]M CPD VisitSt Marys University College


    30.01.2016 05.02.2016

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  • Professional Benefits

    Inspiration to run my own STEAM Event/Day.

    Practical guidelines I can implement in my role as PY STEAM Coordinator.

    Contacts across Europe.

  • St Marys University College

    Kieran McGeown is Course Team Leader for Technology and Design at St Marys University College teacher-training institution in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In addition, Kieran maintains links with local schools across Northern Ireland, and runs STEM-related events to which primary-age pupils are invited. Upon receiving my request to host my EU-funded job-shadowing visit, Kieran not only invited me but also put together the entire visit schedule.The reason for my wanting to visit during this particular week, was Kierans STEM-based Microbot-programming event, this occurring 4-5 February. Connected with this, Kieran arranged for me to visit two local schools, where I got to know the pupils and their teachers, and observe learning in a classroom environment, prior to the STEM extravaganza.

  • Holy Rosary Primary School

    I observed a superbly well-behaved, focused and hard-working P7 (=Y6 or Grade 5) class, and assisted with their English learning of rain-based poetry containing personification and simile, and then Maths learning of drawing angles with precision.

  • Sullivan Prep School


    P7 - MICROBOTSPrep 7 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Microbot Experience which was a two day event research project hosted by Stanmillis and St Marys University College. The children completed a series of STEM focused challenges using Microbots in which they had to write programs to manoeuvreMicrobots through an assault course before performing a synchronised dance routine complete with colourful costumes! Many thanks to Dr Ievers (Teds father) for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to be immersed in two days of technology.

    Quotes from Prep 7 Imagine if this was your job!I loved getting to be creative with Microbot art when we attached Sharpies to our robots. Everything was awesome!

    I really enjoyed getting to do programming.

  • Microbot STEM EventP7 pupils from five schools across the Belfast area assembled at Stranmillis University College (Belfasts other major teacher-training college), were introduced to the Microbot robot with programming software, and were given a set of objectives to pursue across the two days of the event (Day 2 to be held back at St Marys). For me, it was interesting how the different teachers approached the instructions: some strongly promoted following the tasks one by one, while others promoted pupils natural curiosity with more of a philosophy that making the Microbot move in any way, promoted understanding and increased knowledge.

    Whichever approach they took, the small groups of pupils (small groups from within their own class, but often working next to other schools groups) undertook the following tasks: Program the Microbot to undertake small movements. Program the Microbot to undertake a sequence of movements. Record mathematically how far the Microbot moves/turns, and use these numbers when

    further programming the Microbot to achieve precision movements. Program the microbot to dance to music (it will also be decorated!). Program the microbot to undertake a paired dance with another groups Microbot.These steps promoted pupils to develop from initial contact to full control with a meaningful goal. Adults were on hand to help, but mostly pupils worked things out for themselves.

    Organisationally, the event was superbly planned, from the schedule of bus arrival, to snacks and lunch provision, to space and equipment considerations. Very few technical glitches and these solved on the spot, so as to maintain momentum.

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  • Selection Procedure


    Sarah/Rebecca consult on how such opportunities fit into Staff Goals / the

    Strategic Plan.


    Alex Whittaker to advise.

  • Finding a placement/host

    Teacher training institutions! Already have links to local schools, can arrange entire visit schedule.

    Email schools directly. I had little success here. Talk to your managers and colleagues here and in previous




    create/opportunity/work-volunteer/erasmus-staff-mobilityBEST Use the eTwinning Website:

  • Where will you go?

    Imagine where you might go in Europe, what you might learn, and how it fits in with your professional goals and the schools strategic plan.




    D. ---Remember, you will need to research this.


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