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  1. 1. Behold a Breathtaking Place, Alaska By Special Needs At SEA
  2. 2. There are only few places in the world that offer a comprehensive and fun-filled experience to travelers, and Alaska is one of them.
  3. 3. While Alaska teems with natural beauty, travelers must have enough time to visit every site and do every adventure. Its uninhabited wilderness, scenic landscapes, and parks and trails are very impressive and invite travelers from all corners of the world including the disabled travelers.
  4. 4. Thus, if you have a family member with a special need, plan a trip to Alaska and explore the beauty and magnificence of this region.
  5. 5. Glacier Excursions Glaciers are the hallmark of Alaska. The tourists can cruise on a small boat to get up close with these different and wonderful glaciers. Prince William Sound is one of the best places for glacier viewing.
  6. 6. One would find a large number of huge tidewater glaciers here, which shear off and explode into the sea making thunderous sounds. The tumbling of glaciers into the sea is truly an unforgettable view.
  7. 7. Other popular glacier sites are Harriman Fjord and College Fjord. For a truly unique experience while you are on your trip to Alaska, get a cruise to experience the calving and crashing of glaciers into the ocean.
  8. 8. Visit to Glacier Bay National Park is an indispensable part of glacier excursions. It is because the site doesnt only offer scenic views, but wide-ranging and exciting activities and adventures as well.
  9. 9. This place provides kayaking adventures and an opportunity to meet a myriad of marine wildlife. While there are endangered humpback whales, sea otters, Stellar sea-lion in the water, one would find a large population of bears, wolves, moose, mountain goats and Sitka black tail deer here.
  10. 10. Denali National Park Dubbed as Mount McKinley, Denali National Park is the most popular natural park in Alaska. Denali encompasses spectacular wide river valleys, high alpine ranges, tundra, and glacier-draped mountains.
  11. 11. It is a center of wildlife where one would see wolves, elk and grizzly bears. If you are an avid bird watcher, this is the perfect place for bird watchers as it is a home of over 167 species of birds. Another well-known attraction here is the dozens of energetic huskies, which is quite fascinating for dog enthusiasts.
  12. 12. El Dorado Gold Mine All that glitters is really gold at El Dorado Gold Mine, Fairbanks. It is one of the oldest gold mines in the world where people came in search of gold and now, tourists from different cities, states, and countries visit this mine to experience gold extraction.
  13. 13. Due to the enthusiasm of tourists, this mine has been altered into a tourists destination and is no longer purely a mine. Many tourists take home the gold flakes as souvenirs, which can be converted into jewelry. Thus, when you visit Alaska, visit this mine, and enjoy gold panning.
  14. 14. Museum of Natural History (Anchorage) Museum of Natural history is also an interesting and worth visiting place. It displays bones and fossils of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Famous exhibits include how Alaska looked like during the Ice Age and the details of different landscapes, and flora and fauna.
  15. 15. Alaska offers great adventures and experience to travelers. Besides these aforementioned sites and places, Alaska holds a lot more for travelers! Hire a cruise and set off for Alaska, and you'll have a great experience to bring home.
  16. 16. If you have a disabled family member, Special Needs At Sea provides wheelchairs, electric scooters, ECVs, respiratory equipment, and other aides on cruise as well as hotels so that you, your family and the disabled family member enjoy their trip and holidays to the fullest. Website: Phone Number: 1-800-513-4515 Address: 302 NW 1st Street Dania Beach, FL 33004