before we begin… try sorting these as you see fit!

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Living and non-living What are the requirements of “LIVING”?


Before we begin Try SORTING these as you see fit! Heres how Mr. Myung sorted these! VS Living and non-living What are the requirements of LIVING? It MUST have all these characteristics 1.Respond to its environment 2. Needs energy 3. Grow 4. Reproduces 5. Get rid of wastes that build up in its body The Living All living things are made of one OR more cells Try listing 3 organisms for each of the following! Unicellular Multicellular Closer look at the living Trying to see unicellular organisms Sometimes, we dont need any help! But often times, we cant see unicellular organisms with just our eyes Worlds largest single cell video Types of microscopes 1. Simple microscope 1. Single Lens 2. For example, a magnifying glass 3. Generally, 10~20x magnification Antony Van Leeuwenhoeks microscope ~270 times magnification Types of microscopes 2. Compound Light Microscope 1. Two or more Lenses 2. For example, a typical laboratory microscope 3. Maximum of 2000x magnification Types of microscopes 3. Electron Microscope 1. VERY powerful microscope used for scientific researches 2. Magnification of 10,000,000x 3. Maximum of 2000x magnification Closer look at compound light microscopes Definition: compound = more than two Therefore Compound light microscope = Microscope with more than two lenses that uses light A microscope has magnifying power and resolving power Magnifying power What is 2 x 3 = Lets suppose that we had 1. A magnifying glass that makes things look 2x bigger. 2. Another magnifying glass that makes things look 3x bigger. What would happen if we look through BOTH magnifying glasses? Magnifying power Compound light microscope that we will use uses TWO lenses at a time. Eye piece lens: 10x 3 objective lenses: LOW power: 4x MED power: 10x HIGH power: 40x Resolving power Ability to distinguish between two separate objects that are close together With higher magnification, we get higher resolving power Try to distinguish between two pieces of hair ants have. Human eyes have limited resolving power, so we use microscopes


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